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Richard S. Jan 17, 2018 304 views

How difficult is it to land a job as a pilot in the Air Force?

I am currently going through JROTC, and I am looking to go into the officer candidate program. I would like to get into the Air Force Academy, and I think that will better my chances. I have already started the long and grueling application progress, and have gotten into contact with my...

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Janina A. Jan 14, 2018 222 views

Are there any good colleges for aviation in O'ahu?

I'm interested in air traffic control, and would like a good education without having to leave home. #aviation #oahu...


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Aliyah A. Mar 13, 2018 306 views

Would it be a smart choice to base the college you go to on whether or not it has programs relating to the job you want to have?

Finding a college that has an aviation program is really difficult, however, there are a select few that do have this option. Would it be a wise decision to attend a college just because it has this program, or would it be a better idea to attend any college that stands out to me and figure out...

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Aliyah A. Mar 12, 2018 245 views

How can a woman become a pilot in such a male dominated field?

I’ve always loved planes, they’re never scared me, in fact, I’ve always felt safe in them somehow. I want to be a pilot, but knowing that the chances of them choosing a man surpasses the chance of a woman being chosen is frightening. I mean, how many times have you boarded a plane and heard a...

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Janina A. Jan 14, 2018 279 views

What are some potential difficulties in becoming an air traffic controller?

I feel that ATC would be a perfect career for me, but I don't think that I completely understand the hardships, and difficulties that come along with the job. #aviation...


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Prabha K. Dec 25, 2017 345 views
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Neilson J. Nov 23, 2017 462 views

If you are an Aircraft mechanic can you fly planes?

I am asking this question because i want to go in the #aviation field of aircraft #mechanic and i love the idea of #flying #planes too. #aircraft-mechanic...


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Julie R. Nov 12, 2017 454 views

Can you have another job while being a Pilot?

I want to be a pilot, but I also am wondering if I should have a backup plan or a second job to cope with whatever happens just in case being a pilot isn't enough. How would I prepare for that? (I'm still in high school) #aviation #commercial-pilot...


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Meredith D. Nov 05, 2017 279 views

If I am studying abroad in Berlin, Germany what is the best way I can keep my flying stills up to date?

How do I get involved in Germany with aviation? Are there any special places I should be flying over? Thanks #aviation #study-abroad...


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Meredith D. Nov 05, 2017 450 views

What is the best way to gain flight hours if you are in college and not studying anything in aviation?

As a college student, away from home, and financially strained, what is the best way to gain flight hours during the school year? I think I might want to go into a career in aviation, but I only have my private pilot's license. How do I best prepare myself for a job as a pilot, when I am not...

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danush A. May 02, 2016 410 views

How do I become a pilot?

I'm from J B nagar school in India, and am currently studying in the 10th grade. I'm interested in becoming a pilot and could use some guidance. #pilot #education #career #aviation...


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Nathan V. Sep 29, 2017 426 views

What are some tips on how to effectively dual-major?

I am considering dual-enrollment in Aviation flight science and aviation maintenance, how could I maximize my time effectively? #planes...


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Nathan M. Sep 01, 2017 377 views

Is it true that there is going to be or is a shortage of pilots?

I keep hearing from family, friends, etc that there is going to be or is a shortage of commercial pilots, just wondering if the demand is actually as severe as the truth. #aviation...


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Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 1055 views
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Ryan B. May 30, 2017 600 views

What is the cheapest and easiest method to become an airline pilot

I'm currently a junior in high school and plan to attend a 4-year university to get my bachelors in computer science. I know that most major airlines require at least a 4-year degree, but it doesn't matter what they major in. I could go to a more popular aviation school such as Embry-Riddle...

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Kevin S. May 30, 2017 593 views

What can I do to improve my chances at entering a decent college?

I'm in the 11th Grade and I am unsure about which college I can get into. The college I'm looking for is one that is known to most people and has many available majors, but does not require the highest of grades(B-C area). Another thing I wonder is if the college can provide the necessary...

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Bakkiyalakshmi R. May 06, 2016 537 views

how do I become a pilot?

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shaheen S. May 20, 2016 477 views

i want to become a pilot, what shall i do?

My dad and I have dreamt of me becoming a pilot since I can remember. [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career #aviation #airline-industry...


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Ockeem L. Feb 24, 2017 634 views

What would be a great career plan from someone perusing a career in aviation?

I am trying to figure out a great career plan for becoming a pilot. #aviation #pilot...


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Ockeem L. Feb 24, 2017 588 views

What are some degrees that i could get that involves aviation?

I am consider what career path i would like to take on. #aviation #aviation-industry #commercial-aviation...


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Melissa A. Feb 17, 2017 557 views

Is it worth paying a decent amount of money to participate in a job fair?

I have an opportunity to attend a job fair, but for one day, the amount seems to be a little extreme. I just wanted to know are these expenses worth it considering the connections one may make. Especially when the job fair is Women in Aviation and my Master's degree is in Criminal Justice in...

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Kaylee S. Feb 16, 2017 619 views

Are their any programs for wannabe pilots?

I'm looking to either shadow a pilot or intern, but I wanted to know if their were any programs for wannabe pilots for High School students that I could join. If not, where would I start to begin shadowing a pilot? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane...


KGOTSOFALO M. Feb 10, 2017 553 views


I am currently doing two tasks simultaneously which is Aircraft mechanic as an apprentice and Industrial engineering part time at Unisa. just wanted to get advices from expert as i am still young and eager to learn more. did i do something good that will bring good rewards by doing two things...

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Amit C. Nov 14, 2016 782 views

For an undergrad freshmen students, how can they get internships in their related fields. Is it possible to get internship in the first year without any experience or broad knowledge?

I am an engineering student who want to make career in aeronautical engineering. I want to make my base strong and know as much as i can but the problem is i don't have much knowledge in this field. Also, i have heard we can get experience and practical knowledge from internships....

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Jordan W. Oct 29, 2016 1395 views

How hard is it to maintain a family life as a pilot

I'm aware that pilots not only have a dangerous job, but a demanding one. How hard is it to maintain a relationship with a spouse, children, and extended family while spending hundreds of hours in the air #aviation #aerospace #family #aircraft #pilots...


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Jordan W. Oct 29, 2016 408 views

What are some colleges that offer courses in helicopter flight/maintenance as opposed to planes

I live very close to Middle Tennessee State Univesity which has several courses speacialing in small planes, and I know dozens of other colleges cover generic aerospace. However, my interest lays in rotary wing craft and google searches have come up void. #aviation #aerospace #pilots #flight...


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aravind K. Aug 29, 2016 603 views

specialization course after completing B.E Aeronautical engineering..!

Hello ,I am an b.e ( aeronautical ) graduate. I want to work as technical employee preferably in aircraft engine,airframe,ATC. How can I go for that kind of job ?.is there any specialization course in India after completing B.E? If yes means kindly tell me course type and best providing...

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Shaik M. Jun 23, 2016 2610 views

Which course has a better future between Aeronautical Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

I am a class 9 student. Want to do something in aviation field. My friends suggested me to choose anyone course from these in future. Could you please suggest me which one is best among this two and what are the available courses in this branches? #aviation #aerospace-engineering #aeronautics...

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Mohammed W. Jun 18, 2016 527 views

Which one is good between Diploma after 10th or Vocational Courses in 11-12th?

I am class 10 student. A bit confuse about choosing a course after 10. Guide me with your valuable advice. #doctor #engineer #teacher #educator #police...