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levi F. Apr 22 102 views

How do I become a pilot or/and a Engineer?

I want to be a Fighter Pilot, and have a job after as a pilot or as an Engineer #aviation #job #pilot...


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Max W. Feb 21 759 views

How can I start preparing to become an airline pilot?

I'm in grade 8 and would like to know if there's any way I can start preparing already, and what I should be focusing on. Also, is it possible to switch the airline your working for? (I live in germany but am a british citizen and would like to work for ba). Any tips would be appreciated!!...

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Mark B. Feb 01 78 views

What is your favorite airplane to fly?

I plan to start a professional pilot degree program as a #pilot #aviation #commercial-pilot and my goal is to eventually fly for Southwest...

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Marco F. Jan 28 135 views

Is work as an entry level aerospace engineer hands-on and experimental or hands-off observational?

#aerospace #aviation #engineer #entrylevel #aeronautical # #airline-industry #work #handson #stemcareers #technology I am a high school junior, and I am really considering pursuing a degree/career in aerospace engineering. I love physics and math. I am just worried about how much I'll actually...

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yeshwanthi M. Dec 27, 2020 82 views

Why u should love the app

as u can get jobs for young ages with a great pay online #aviation #aviation #navy #general...


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Brady B. Nov 05, 2020 102 views

I am in 9th grade, and I am interested in many career choices. The one that has me the most intrigued is an Air Force Pilot. My question is, what would a day in the life of a fighter pilot be like?

In school, I am most interested in Math, Science, and Language Arts. Some of my hobbies include, sports, playing guitar, hunting, fishing, and playing video games. A topic that I am passionate about is that of Aviation, and Aeronautical Engineering. I have an idea of what I want to do ( USAF...

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Beverly L. Oct 29, 2020 77 views

Pilot Requirements

can a tourism graduate be a pilot? if not what are the courses that can be a pilot? #pilot #aviation...


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Ryan B. Oct 21, 2020 81 views

As a air traffic controller, is it very stressful leading the planes through the air if there are many in the area.

My grandpa used to be a air traffic controller and from what ive heard about it, it seems like it is a job that might be fit for me....


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Carter M. Oct 21, 2020 94 views
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Shannon M. Aug 12, 2020 302 views

Is it possible to Job shadow a pilot while in 7th grade?

I really want to be a commercial pilot and I am 12, and it has always been a dream to become a pilot. I live in Johannesburg (close to OR Tambo International airport) and I really want to study aeronautics, aviation, and my favorite subject is Geography. #pilot #aviation #student...

#airline-industry #commercial-pilot

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Chelsea K. Aug 04, 2020 133 views
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Chelsea K. Jul 30, 2020 130 views

How many years does it take to get to a commercial pilot?

I’m a high school student, I love the idea of seeing different places and I think I can to that through being a pilot I still have more to learn. #aviation...


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Jorden C. May 15, 2020 193 views

which ASVAB test would I have to take in the army to be come a pilot???

I would like to know what test/how many test I would have to take #aviation...


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Jorden C. May 07, 2020 192 views

How do I become a med flight pilot AFTER flight school???

I really want to be a med flight pilot,and I need some more info on how to get employed by med flight. #pilot...


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Yanni Emmanuel P. May 03, 2020 160 views

Does it really need to be a Degree Holder before getting the PPL?

I'm going to college next year and I'm taking the Aviation course, I like asking questions to the professionals about the career I'm talking . #career #college...


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Javier F. Mar 13, 2020 167 views

Do you need to have hands on experience to be prepared for aviation mechanics?

I’m average height , and like to get things done no matter how big the obstacle is, I’m persistent and have a lot of will power, but is that enough to be ready for aviation mechanics #aviation...


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Dylan M. Jan 27, 2020 300 views

Is it possible to Jon Shadow a airline pilot?

I have a assignment for my class to Jon shadow a career I plan on pursuing and I want to be a pilot my nearest airport is the Detroit metro airport. Any help appreciated! #aviation #airline-industry...


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Roman K. Aug 20, 2019 173 views

Why do you need a DOT certificate/license to be a Flight Attendant Supervisor, but do not need one to be just a regular Flight Attendant

A trainee in a job training program learning Office Administration skills that will move onto the Advanced Transportation Program, with the career goal of being a Flight Attendant. #career #aviation...


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Nikyle B. Jul 07, 2019 525 views

What types of math will you be faced against as an aviation mechanic?

I'm planning on starting college classes to become an aviation mechanic & just wanted to know what types of math would I encounter? It's not really my strong-suit & I know that for a fact... #math #aviation #college...