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Career Questions tagged Commercial Pilot

Kristopher’s Avatar
Kristopher Jul 06 134 views

How is being a commercial pilot Questions.

1. Does it get scary at times? you feel safe while flying ?

3.How do pilots deal with stressful situations?

sakshi prasad’s Avatar
sakshi prasad Jul 05 127 views

confused about what to pursue in college

hi, I am a student currently studying in class 12th with major subjects as math, physics and chemistry. I'm really confused about the career should pursue further. I'm interested in being a commercial pilot but taking aeronautical engineering as an ug course will leave me with minimal options....

Avya’s Avatar
Avya May 11, 2021 180 views

Can you guide me to become a pilot in India

I want to become a pilot . My family & me are not having a complete guided idea in pilot course .
Can you please guide me to become a pilot
I'm currently in 10th class . I want to know want to do next to become a pilot in India .
#becomingpilot #flying #airplane #commercial-pilot

maryam’s Avatar
maryam May 05, 2021 189 views

what are the steps to follow me for to become a commercial pilot

. I'm in 10 th standard .my sslc public exam is going well, only one exam is lefting .my amibition is to become a #commercial-pilot ,so that i'm taking science in higher secondary school .BUT I DON'T KNOW after that what are the steps for me for to become a #pilot #commercial-pilot .I hope...

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Cherlyn Mar 15, 2021 228 views

how long does it take to become a pilot?

#pilot #commercial-pilot

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Cherlyn Mar 12, 2021 427 views

how hard is it to become a pilot?

#pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane #aviation #pilots #flights #flying

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Feb 01, 2021 267 views

What is your favorite airplane to fly?

I plan to start a professional pilot degree program as a #pilot #aviation #commercial-pilot and my goal is to eventually fly for Southwest Airlines.

Beverly’s Avatar
Beverly Oct 29, 2020 243 views

Pilot Requirements

can a tourism graduate be a pilot? if not what are the courses that can be a pilot? #pilot #aviation #commercial-pilot

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Oct 21, 2020 268 views

What are some things you need to become a pilot ?

#pilot #student #commercial-pilot

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carter Aug 27, 2020 317 views

what college should i go to to be a pilot

#pilot #commercial-pilot #flying

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Shannon Aug 12, 2020 887 views

Is it possible to Job shadow a pilot while in 7th grade?

I really want to be a commercial pilot and I am 12, and it has always been a dream to become a pilot. I live in Johannesburg (close to OR Tambo International airport) and I really want to study aeronautics, aviation, and my favorite subject is Geography. #pilot #aviation #student...

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Aug 04, 2020 307 views

Do you get to choose different locations to fly to when your a commercial pilot working for a airline?

I would like to know how being a commercial pilot is really like.
#aviation #commercial-pilot

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jul 30, 2020 280 views

How many years does it take to get to a commercial pilot?

I’m a high school student, I love the idea of seeing different places and I think I can to that through being a pilot I still have more to learn.

Ganapathi’s Avatar
Ganapathi Nov 18, 2017 886 views

What to take in engineering to become a pilot!??

I want to become a pilot and i dont know which subject to take in engineering can u suggest me??#aeronautics #pilot #commercial-pilot #engineering

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Nov 12, 2017 880 views

Can you have another job while being a Pilot?

I want to be a pilot, but I also am wondering if I should have a backup plan or a second job to cope with whatever happens just in case being a pilot isn't enough. How would I prepare for that? (I'm still in high school)
#aviation #commercial-pilot #college-advice

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 30, 2017 744 views

What college should I attend to be a commercial pilot and how can I improve on my career?

As a high school student, I been dreaming to be a commercial pilot and do not know what college to pick or any majors. I would like to work for Delta someday but do not know how. #commercial-pilot #career-details

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 03, 2017 2277 views

What electives should I take if I want to be a commercial pilot for a big company like Delta, AA, etc. somewhere in the future?

I am in 8th grade and I want to be a commercial pilot. My choice for electives are coming up and I want some advice from someone on which electives I should take. At the moment, I am in the level 1 (advanced) classes for both English and Algebra 1. I will be taking Geometry Honors next year as...

Ockeem’s Avatar
Ockeem Feb 23, 2017 775 views

Is the military a good place to start your career of becoming a pilot.

I have been presented with the chance of going but i wounder if its a good choice. #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane

Kaylee ’s Avatar
Kaylee Feb 16, 2017 832 views

Are their any programs for wannabe pilots?

I'm looking to either shadow a pilot or intern, but I wanted to know if their were any programs for wannabe pilots for High School students that I could join.

If not, where would I start to begin shadowing a pilot?
#aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane #military-pilot

vishnu’s Avatar
vishnu Jun 23, 2016 937 views

Which subject to choose to become a pilot?

pilot, aeronatics, aerospace #engineer #teaching #teacher #professor #scientist #college-minor #lecturer #commercial-pilot #student-pilot

dustin’s Avatar
dustin Jun 07, 2016 1112 views

Where can I job shadow a airline pilot in Indiana?

I am a student in highschool who has hopes of becoming an airline pilot. I want to learn more about being a airline pilot. #airline-industry #commercial-pilot

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 25, 2016 1548 views

Which types of degrees for aviation/piloting are available?

Is it better to get an Associate or Bachelor's degree in aviation/piloting? #college #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot #flight-instruction

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 22, 2016 16722 views

What classes should I take in high school that would help me in becoming a professional pilot?

One website told me to take computer applications, mechanics, and physical education. #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #high-school-classes #commercial-pilot #flight-instruction #flight-school

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 22, 2016 2382 views

What are my chances for getting a job at an airline if I go the civilain route/flight school?

I'm wanting to know if I would have a better chance in getting a job for an airline if I go the military route? #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #air-force #commercial-pilot

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 19, 2016 808 views

What are your main responsibilities as a flight engineer?

What do flight engineers do? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #flight-engineer

André’s Avatar
André May 18, 2016 799 views

What is the best possible path to become a professional pilot?

I want to know if taking a college aviation course is much better than attending a flight school. And if not, if it would bebetter to attend college doing another course and learning to fly in flight schools. #college #aviation #commercial-pilot

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 17, 2016 1038 views

How outgoing do you have to be to be a pilot?

I can talk easily with anyone, but overall I'm not a social person. Will I need to be a super outgoing person or just have good communication skills in order to be a pilot? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #flight-instruction

Holly’s Avatar
Holly May 17, 2016 1902 views

What's the lowest and the highest annual income a professional pilot can earn?

I am thinking about becoming a commercial pilot and would like to know how much I may make if I do go into aviation. #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew May 04, 2016 1971 views

Did you have to go to flight school, as well as college?

Well, I know that you have to go to a 4-year-college to become a pilot, but I was wondering if after you go to college, do you also attend flight school and for how long? #pilot #commercial-pilot #military-pilot #airplane-pilot #helicopter-pilot