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Career Questions tagged Airplane Pilot

Jack C.’s Avatar
Jack C. Apr 03, 2017 1866 views

What electives should I take if I want to be a commercial pilot for a big company like Delta, AA, etc. somewhere in the future?

I am in 8th grade and I want to be a commercial pilot. My choice for electives are coming up and I want some advice from someone on which electives I should take. At the moment, I am in the level 1 (advanced) classes for both English and Algebra 1. I will be taking Geometry Honors next year as...

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Daniel A.’s Avatar
Daniel A. May 18, 2016 574 views

What has your experience been like with regards to Crew Resource Management, training for CRM, as well as your overall perception of the other pilots you work with?

I am a junior level college student majoring in Aviation-Professional Flight. I am currently working on my commercial pilot certificate with a goal of getting to the airlines. I have learned a lot about human factors in a crew environment and I want to get a little more perspective of what the...

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Matthew M.’s Avatar
Matthew M. May 04, 2016 1797 views

Did you have to go to flight school, as well as college?

Well, I know that you have to go to a 4-year-college to become a pilot, but I was wondering if after you go to college, do you also attend flight school and for how long? pilot commercial-pilot military-pilot airplane-pilot...