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Career Questions tagged Pilot

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Feb 23 81 views

What are the steps to becoming a pilot?

What are the steps to becoming a commercial pilot after graduating high school? How long does it take to become a pilot?

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Cameron Feb 02 130 views

What skills or training do I need to have in the US Navy as a fighter pilot?

What is the perfect thing to do in the navy or when do I join and start as a fighter pilot in the US Navy

Michaelfelix’s Avatar
Michaelfelix Jan 30 106 views

What is the best way to build flight time as a commercial pilot besides being a flight instructor and how do you get the opportunities for other jobs?

I'm currently in the 11th grade and I have my private pilot license and am considering ATP Flight School for the rest of my training. Once I'm done there, I'd like to find a job besides instructing to build time.

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 28 131 views

How much time do you get to spend at home with your family?

If I want to become a pilot will I still be able to spend a lot of time with my family? How many days do you at home get between flights. Do pilots have breaks like in school for example winter break, summer break. and holidays. Do you have to go to college or is it some type of flight school....

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cecilia Jan 12 193 views

Would you recommend becoming a commercial pilot?

which aspects of your job is your favorite? Which aspects of your job do you not like?

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Parkin Dec 13, 2022 213 views

What are some helpful steps for starting a pilot career?

I am a high school senior and starting to plan my future career.

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Austyn Dec 06, 2022 223 views

How do you get started as a pilot ?

I know you have to take classes and training, but how do I get started with that? Who do I contact? Are there any recommended contacts/schools?

Ismaeel’s Avatar
Ismaeel Nov 20, 2022 215 views

How can I get a job or shadow.....?

Hello. How are you doing? I'm a high school student and the December break is coming up. My dream is to be a commercial pilot actually. I need help finding a holiday job or something similar, perhaps even shadowing a professional.
I hope you're having a great day.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Nov 06, 2022 179 views

How old do I have to be to be the manager of my own airline?

I want to start my own airline and become a pilot at the same time in South Africa

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Ben Nov 02, 2022 316 views

How to start your piloting career?

At what age did you start your pilot career? Did you start in college, after college, or when you were younger? How did you start? What steps did you take? I want to get started as soon as possible.

Drayton’s Avatar
Drayton Oct 31, 2022 184 views

Should I go to college to become a pilot?

I want to become a pilot (commercial, private, etc), my dad was a pilot and went to college. But now to become a pilot you don't have to go to college. So should I?

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Mia Oct 26, 2022 178 views

Are there a lot of scholarships for pilots in the military?

Any suggestions?

Kristopher’s Avatar
Kristopher Jul 06, 2022 327 views

How is being a commercial pilot Questions.

1. Does it get scary at times? you feel safe while flying ?

3.How do pilots deal with stressful situations?

sakshi prasad’s Avatar
sakshi prasad Jul 05, 2022 247 views

confused about what to pursue in college

hi, I am a student currently studying in class 12th with major subjects as math, physics and chemistry. I'm really confused about the career should pursue further. I'm interested in being a commercial pilot but taking aeronautical engineering as an ug course will leave me with minimal options....

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jake Apr 29, 2022 303 views

What is your least favorite thing about your job?

What things o you dislike about being an air traffic controller?

jake’s Avatar
jake Apr 27, 2022 238 views

What would a typical day for an air traffic controller be?

I would like to know what the day to day activities of this job would be.

Kirill’s Avatar
Kirill Apr 26, 2022 469 views

I want to become an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in the US Air Force and I have some questions.

1. To become an ATC, do I need to simply enlist, or do I need to go to ROTC or the Air Force Academy? 2. What training is required to get the job? 3. Do you think that computers and other machines will soon make the job more automatic? 4. What are some tips that can help someone on the job?...

Brenttyn’s Avatar
Brenttyn Mar 10, 2022 224 views

Going out of flight school with a private helicopter pilot's license, what are some jobs in which I'd be eligible to still make a wage?

#aviation Originally, I had applied to the Coast Guard Academy to become a helicopter pilot and got hours that way, but recently was rejected. My backup plan is to go through a private pilot school and get my license that way. The issue I am running into is how to go about still gaining hours,...

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Feb 20, 2022 321 views

What are some of the struggles of being a pilot and how did you overcome them?

#pilot #aviation

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Deacon Jan 04, 2022 357 views

Would it be a good idea to fly in the military to become a commercial pilot?

#pilot #aviation

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Linda Nov 17, 2021 343 views

what are the qualifications needed to become a pilot

#pilot i need help with a career essay for my LO exam.

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Hope Nov 17, 2021 270 views

What does a pilot do?

I'm 13 years old #pilot

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Kevin Sep 28, 2021 272 views

Do pilots ever sleep?

I get very sleepy when its boring and wondered if pilots ever sleep, who takes over, how does auto pilot work, how long do you sleep, and if there’s a schedule or shift. #pilot

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Sep 28, 2021 364 views

How long do you stay at the destination before you have to fly back?

My dream goal is to travel everywhere I can and every time Im on a airplane I’ve always wonder how long does the airplane pilot stay at the destination before they fly back? #travel #pilot

Griffin’s Avatar
Griffin Sep 16, 2021 352 views

Are there ways to become a pilot without going into the military?

#pilot #aviation #airline-industry

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DD Aug 28, 2021 498 views

Pilot after BBA

I was a science student with Math , Physics and Chemistry as my main subjects in 11th and 12th but I had chosen BBA for my undergrad . Is there a possibility I can go to become a Commercial pilot after my BBA? #pilot #airline-industry

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Niyaaz Aug 06, 2021 440 views

What are the careers which are in demand and has a good remuneration now and in the future

#electrical engineering #engineering

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nosisa Jun 22, 2021 1088 views

how many years do i have to study to become a pilot

#pilot #airline-industry #teaching #any #aviation

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Jardil Jun 19, 2021 257 views

How much does a airline pilots earn pe year

Im lusanda from phoenix Brookdale doing grd 10

The dream I want to achieve is to be an pilots I'm dark skinned ,kind ,shy I'm 15 years old #pilot

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Avya May 17, 2021 666 views

How much does it cost to become a cadet pilot?

In India , cadet pilot training .
How much does it cost ?
Which airlines have scholarship ? #airplane #pilot #scholarship #cadet- #military training #flying