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Career Questions tagged Military Service

Davaun’s Avatar
Davaun Oct 31 105 views

What was your experience like in the military?

I'm interested in military service and would like to learn more!

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Oct 26 104 views

Are there a lot of scholarships for pilots in the military?

Any suggestions?

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Mar 13, 2018 797 views

Is it better to go to college first then military or military then college. Or can you go to school while you are in the military? And do you have any scholarships for going right into a officer.

I really want to go into the military but don't know if it would better me to go to college first or after. #military-service #military

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Jan 17, 2018 581 views

How difficult is it to land a job as a pilot in the Air Force?

I am currently going through JROTC, and I am looking to go into the officer candidate program. I would like to get into the Air Force Academy, and I think that will better my chances. I have already started the long and grueling application progress, and have gotten into contact with my...

Mei Wei’s Avatar
Mei Wei Jan 16, 2018 490 views

If I were to join the military for tuition assistance as an Asian female going for a Pharmacy degree, which branch would be more suited for me?

I've been thinking about joining the military for tuition assistance, since my scholarship will expire after next year but my degree is 6yrs. I've heard a lot about the hurdles that women have to overcome in the military, primarily sexual harassment, and I wanted to know if I joined which would...

Drew’s Avatar
Drew Jan 12, 2018 531 views

What classes should I take to join the Navy.

I would love to join the navy because I want to help america on the sea and land the best way I can #navy #military #military-service

Brady’s Avatar
Brady Jan 03, 2018 653 views

If I want to be a navy seal what course is good for me

I want to be a navy seal.
#navy-seal #military #military-service #navy

Dominick’s Avatar
Dominick Nov 16, 2017 714 views

I'm in 8th grade and curious about joining the military. What advice could someone offer me?

I would like to pursue a career in the military, but I'm needing to get some advice.

#military #military-service #army #navy #career

HEMANTH’s Avatar
HEMANTH May 05, 2016 694 views

How do I become an MNC manager, or an army officer?

I want a plan. #management #military #manager #army #military-service

Hercules ’s Avatar
Hercules May 04, 2016 839 views

What college course could military services give me?

I asked this question because I'm interested in the military
#college #military #military-service