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Kemi L. Jan 06, 2017

Is it possible to go out of the country during summer break while training for the army/air force?

My friend wants to know in the future in the case that he actually decides to go into the army, is he allowed to go out of the country while in training? #army #us-army-military...


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Yerin O. Nov 22, 2016

What isthe GPA requirement for West Point Academy?

I'm interested in West Point Academy, but I don't know their average GPA requirements for high schooners. #military #us-army-military #rotc #united-states-army...


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kirankumar S. Jun 23, 2016

I want to become a businessman or be in the army in the future, which is best?

i am confused in my future what is better in carieer #college #business #student #military #us-army-military...


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Syed A. Jun 22, 2016

I want to build my career in Army. What should I do after class X?

I am a class 10 student. I want to serve myself to my country. So my ambition is to become an Army officer. #military #army #us-army-military #armed-forces...


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Shaik T. Jun 22, 2016

Can anyone provide me information about TES in army?

Can anyone provide me information about TES in army? #military #army #us-army-military #armed-forces...


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Remy U. May 10, 2016

What kind of technologies should I learn if I want to be in the army?

Carlos G - 5th Grader - Boys & Girls Club of Austin Area #military...


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Claiborne F. Oct 23, 2015
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Josh M. Jun 22, 2015

What is the significance and how to become and army airborne ranger

I am a freshman in city charter high i am interested in joining the airborne rangers right out of high school i would like somebody who is a ranger veteran to tell me the significance and what its like to be a ranger. also how do i become a ranger how do i sign up and what is it like....

#army #us-army-military #military

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Eric J. Apr 08, 2014

What's a good decision after getting out of the Military?

I was always deciding into being in the U.S Army or Marines something like that, so I was always thinking being in the Military to do service for years or do some years and become a police officer after the Military. #law-enforcement...