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Keo N. May 02 80 views

Can I attend two universities?

I committed to two colleges but college 1 starts in the summer 2021 and the college 2 starts in the fall 2021. I am planning on only staying at college 1 for the summer term and then dropping out. I plan on continuing at college 2 from fall till the end of my sophomore year. I plan on using my...

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Estefania M. Apr 27 68 views

How can I find a biological engineering job in a small startup company?

I am a Biological Engineering major graduating this August from Purdue University and am having a hard time finding a full time job since I do not have any internship/ work experience. #engineer #jobs #first-job #work #human-resources #internships #biology...


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Hannah P. Jan 19 132 views

What are we besides being called "Human"?

I am 17-years old and the school that I go to is called "West Valley High" home of the wolfpack. #high-school...


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Bharat K. Jan 12 154 views

For AFROTC, do you get to complete a Master's degree or are you immediately forced to become an officer?

I want to complete an engineering degree and then follow into intelligence, but I am not sure whether I will get the opportunity to get that master's if I complete ROTC. Can someone help? #military...


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Maria E. Nov 25, 2020 133 views
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Xavier P. Oct 15, 2020 161 views

What is the perfect time to start working as a profesional ?

I’m really passionate and dedicated in what i do, I will like to learn chemistry and physics also human anatomy....


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Ramsey P. Aug 03, 2020 275 views

What is it like working in HR?

A was browsing a list of careers on the internet, and I came across Human Resources. It definitely sparked my interest, so I did some more research. I could really see myself going into HR, but i would like a little more information. For example, what does a typical day consist of? Do you make...

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Tyson M. Jul 29, 2020 138 views

When going into the nursing field what can be the most difficult thing you face

I’m a very #outgoing person I would love to find a #internship program to go into maybe even for #human-resources since I do so great speaking to people I have a high interest in helping people as well which is why I thought to go into...


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Nancy O. May 17, 2020 573 views

What a safe job site to find internship job/career?

I am looking for an Information technology internship job /volunteer to gain experience. I have used some job sites to find a job (career builder, indeed, snagajob) , but I got scammed. Someone, please provide me a safe job site. #internship #technology #job #human-resources #tech...

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Ian M. Apr 23, 2020 224 views
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Nancy O. Apr 21, 2020 234 views

Should I get CompTIA A+ Certification?

I wonder if companies required certification for entry-level IT students, or, Is it possible for me to get a job without it. Is it worth it? I did some research and it said it's really good to have it just in case. #honestopinon #technology #job-search #career #job-application #internship...

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Hana L. Apr 20, 2020 193 views

What are potential summer jobs or internships available that would look good on my future resume and offer me valuable experience?

I am an undergrad psychology BA student. I want a job or internship that relates somehow to psychology or that will give me relevant experience for clinical psychology/interpersonal skills that would benefit me in the future. What are some ideas of something that I could do? #psychology...

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Kakwi K. Apr 07, 2020 620 views
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Micaiah M. Feb 24, 2020 233 views

Do you feel content with your work?

I know everyone has their ups and downs, but in general, can it get depressing? Does working with people fascinate you enough to enjoy working? #clinical-psychology #counseling #psychology...


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Angela P. Feb 24, 2020 180 views

When can l start the volunteer ?

I consider myself to be efficient, responsible and organized able to work in a team. Also, in customer services. I have intensive knowledge of administration, which has then, lead #human-resources me to conduct a team leader role in Spain. I am looking to continue with my skills and experience...

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Barbara F. Feb 05, 2020 201 views

What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?

I am a sophomore at The Borough of Manhattan Community College. My professional aspiration is to become a human resources manager. I consider myself determined, motivated and an accountable student with highly leadership skills. Looking forward new opportunities to gain experience and achieve...

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Gabrielle B. Jan 30, 2020 187 views

Where should I start with new degree in Community Development?

As a soon to be graduate obtaining a degree in Community Development, with a concentration in Community Services, where should I look, in terms of organizations or companies to start my career. #community-management #career #human-resources...

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Britney B. Jan 27, 2020 214 views

Looking for someone flexible with experience?

I'm currently a student at NAIT taking business with a concentration in Human Resources. I have 5+ years of experience in retail as an assistant manager. Great with customer service skills and want to get out into the workforce to help others. #business #career #career #networking...

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C L. Nov 30, 2019 254 views

How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry? Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job? What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals? Thanks! #human-resources #career-details #business...