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Do you feel content with your work?

I know everyone has their ups and downs, but in general, can it get depressing? Does working with people fascinate you enough to enjoy working? #clinical-psychology #counseling #psychology...


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When can l start the volunteer ?

I consider myself to be efficient, responsible and organized able to work in a team. Also, in customer services. I have intensive knowledge of administration, which has then, lead #human-resources me to conduct a team leader role in Spain. I am looking to continue with my skills and experience...

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What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?

I am a sophomore at The Borough of Manhattan Community College. My professional aspiration is to become a human resources manager. I consider myself determined, motivated and an accountable student with highly leadership skills. Looking forward new opportunities to gain experience and achieve...

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Where should I start with new degree in Community Development?

As a soon to be graduate obtaining a degree in Community Development, with a concentration in Community Services, where should I look, in terms of organizations or companies to start my career. #community-management #career #human-resources...

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Looking for someone flexible with experience?

I'm currently a student at NAIT taking business with a concentration in Human Resources. I have 5+ years of experience in retail as an assistant manager. Great with customer service skills and want to get out into the workforce to help others. #business #career #career #networking...

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How to start a career in HR

Where can you gain some experiences in HR industry? Do you really need a degree in HR in order to land a job? What are some tools/software commonly used by HR professionals? Thanks! #human-resources #career-details #business...


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Research in Human Resources Law

How can I get a training in the field of specialization in professional driving I have a driver certificate professional transport of persons taxi 10 years experience I also have a driving license truck and experience 2 years I want to complete my specialty in Canada How can this I am married...


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What is a day on the job being a psychiatrist?

I am a senior student at Brenna High School who is interested in being a psychiatrist. I often wonder what it is like and what the job entails. #psychiatry...


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Why did you decide to choose this job/line of work?

#medicine #human-resources #doctor #career-path Admin note - The CV Staff made edits to the question for clarity. Original question - "why you'll take this...

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Do you have to pay for food at your job, or do you get it for free?

#management #marketing #law #human-resources #management Admin note - The CV Staff made edits to the question for clarity. Original question - "if you have to pay for the food or you get it for...

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what is life

What is my purpose and what are humans made for...


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How can I use my resources better.

How and other ideas....


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