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Career Questions tagged Talent Acquisition

Joan B.’s Avatar
Joan B. Oct 19 486 views

What is the difference between talent acquisition and recruitment?

Hello, What are the core differences between talent acquisition and recruitment? What are the pro's and cons? Also, how does it play into Human Resources? Thank you in advance!! (: talent-acquisition recruitment recruiting human-resources...


montessa E.’s Avatar
montessa E. Mar 02, 2017 651 views

When it comes to selecting a candidate are there any potential warning signs that signal they might not be a good fit?

My instructor did a role-play with another instructor on how to conduct an interview. The class ran out of time, we weren't able to go over the warning signs. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a "bad" interviewee. human-resources talent-recruiting...


montessa E.’s Avatar
montessa E. Feb 24, 2017 917 views

What is the HRIS software program?

I am asking because I'm currently in school for an associate's degree in Human Resources. I have not come across this software program at all during my schooling. I'm wondering what it is, the functions of the software program, and are there any classes to take in order to use the program? I've...

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