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What is the difference between talent acquisition and recruitment?

What are the core differences between talent acquisition and recruitment? What are the pro's and cons? Also, how does it play into Human Resources?
Thank you in advance!! (:
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5 answers

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Liezl’s Answer

They are synonymous terms at my company. The goal of a recruiting team is to attract external talent. The recruiting organization is one specific team within a human resources organization. Hope that helps!

Thank you! This certainly helped me understand the field better. Have a great day! Joan B.

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Divya’s Answer

What are the core differences between talent acquisition and recruitment?

Talent acquisition refers to the process of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. The talent acquisition team is responsible for identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates (google definition).
To clarify further:
Identifying: Think about processes to source candidates (e.g. finding talent on LinkedIn, outreach via LinkedIn messaging, and so on). Also job boards such as Indeed, etc that candidates visit to reference job opportunities - recruiters typically source via these multiple talent platforms.
Acquiring: In this stage, recruiters would typically reach out to candidates, build out a pipeline for a job opening, enter candidate details in an applicant tracking system (e.g. PeopleSoft: Front end of Peoplesoft is integrated to website that candidates typically visit to apply to jobs: e.g. company website). ERP platforms such as PeopleSoft enable both identifying and hiring candidates.
Assessment: Think of tests you need to take to qualify for certain roles, again testing workflows and websites are integrated with ERP systems such as PeopleSoft/ SAP).
Hiring: Once the above workflows have been completed, candidates are hired into the system and their data is logged in the enterprise software for data management, referenced by compensation, etc.
Recruitment is a subset of Talent Acquisition processes higlighted above, and would fall into the Identifying and Acquiring buckets.

What are the pro's and cons? Also, how does it play into Human Resources?
There are no pro's and con's as these processes are tailored to enable companies to identify the best talent. There are metrics that companies track, such as time to fill, etc that are indicators of the effectiveness of each phase of talent acquisition outlined above. Human Resources is broader than Talent Acquisition and generally also covers other areas of an employees lifecycle, for e.g., Talent Acquisition, Benefits, Compensation, HR Data Analytics, Learning and Development, etc.

Thank you for this detailed answer! It certainly answered my questions! Have a great day (: Joan B.

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Tiffanie’s Answer

Hi! I found a really great site that gives a great definition and difference between the two.

Talent Acquisition is a proactive and a cyclical process that is geared towards building a positive employer brand, creating a feasible talent pool, and foreseeing future hiring needs.
Recruitment is a linear process that deals with hiring candidates to fill open positions within an organization quickly. When compared to talent acquisition which is more of a proactive and continuous process, the recruitment process is reactive and momentary.
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Andrea’s Answer

+1 to Liezl's answer. If you're interested in talent acquisition (TA), I would consider focusing on the type of company. A start-up company that is growing quickly will focus more heavily on building it's TA organization, hiring and developing recruiters with a vast array of skills that work directly with the business leaders and managers. As the company matures, typically HR Business Partners will work more directly with the business on a broader range of HR topics including recruiting.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this! Joan B.

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Chuck’s Answer

In the simplest sense they are really the same thing. "recruitment" may indicate the science of "finding" people (i.e. sourcing) where as Acquisition could be seen as the full motion of finding, offering, and hiring (maybe even onboarding). But again, I mostly see them as the same thing and are often interchangeable.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this! Joan B.