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Maria E. 19 hours ago 15 views

Pro and Cons of being a Nurse

What are the different nursing jobs? What are the "best" nursing jobs? #nursing #nurse #nurse-practitioner #registered-nurses...


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Maria E. 11 hours ago 10 views

Pro and cons of Psych Nurse

What is it like to be a Psych Nurse? Is it a growing field?...


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Maria E. Nov 25 24 views
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Denieka P. Nov 25 23 views

What kind of jobs could a recent criminology bachelor's graduate get?

I am in my last year of college and I've been looking at jobs for criminology but they aren't many. I don't want to do policing, I want to do something else in the criminology field other than being a cop or detective....


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Maria E. Nov 25 26 views
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Jazzmin P. Mar 18, 2015 723 views

Is there a specific path, or steps that someone must follow to become a creative writer?

Hi! I am a high school senior who loves history and who never stops writing. I used to strongly want to be a writer, but through the years I was slowly discouraged. However, I reevaluated the career today and it still interest me. Are they any steps or is there a certain path I have to follow...

#fiction #writer #novel-writer #creative #writers

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Maria E. Nov 25 17 views

What is residency like ?

What is residency like for future doctors? What struggles did you face? What did you like about it?...


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Maria E. Nov 25 12 views

Physical therapist vs Dermatologist?

I think PT is a great job but the debt after school is BIG! I think Dermatology sounds like fun and like you'll never be bored. What are some of the differences? #fun #schooling #college #school #physical-therapist #therapists...


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Maria E. Nov 25 10 views

Pros and cons of Optometrist

I really want a job in the medical field; is an optometrist a good choice? #salary #job-market #job...


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Maria E. Nov 23 27 views

How are people in the medical field treated in the military?

I was thinking to be a military physical therapist because they help pay off your student debt and I know that's is something all PTs hate about their job. #pre-med #graduate #savings...


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Iris G. Nov 23 42 views

Is GPA important when getting into the coding field?

#givingiscaring #coding #girlswhocode #career #gpa #united-states #jobsearching I'm just starting out college and I know a lot of people tell me that the field you get into doesn't matter for undergrads, does this also apply to seeking jobs in coding through boot camps? And is there any...

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Devon S. Nov 24 16 views

What is the CEEB code for Teachers College, Columbia University?

I am applying to doctoral programs and the application asks for a CEEB code for each university I have attended. For all my other schools, the CEEB code was found by entering the name of the school but teachers college is not recognized. I know the code differs from columbia univeristy. I have...

#application #gradschool

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Taner A. Nov 18 46 views

Any electrical engineers working in tech, such as software engr, big data, cybersecurity?

Hello, I am a junior studying electrical engineering. I am interested to learn from engineers who went into tech. what was your main reason? was it difficult to get into, and the prep you had to do? Finally, how do you cope with staring at code for a long period of time? #givingiscaring #tech...

#electrical #programming #engineer #computer #career

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Umair M. Feb 01 428 views

For Business Development/Partnerships/Strategy professionals in Tech or Business: what type of skills, methodologies, and frameworks have you developed over time in order to do well in your job and have a positive impact towards your organization?

I’m currently a senior @ Rutgers University studying IT & Entrepreneurship. Highly interested in starting a career in the business side of Tech and would like to one day lead the transaction of billion dollar deals and market partnerships. #business #entrepreneur #strategy #business...

#technology #product #sales #management #alliances #partnerships #marketing

Cheryl B.’s Avatar
Cheryl B. Oct 26 26 views

What is the hardest part of janitorial work?

I am in a program to obtain my basic level certification....


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Aukai E. Dec 31, 2016 566 views

What diplomas are most useful for a career in venture capital?

I'm interested in venture capital but the path to such a job is unclear. If I wanted to get a job in a venture capital firm straight out of college, what degree would be most useful? #college #college-major #entrepreneurship...


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