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Jamie J.’s Avatar
Jamie J. 2 days ago 93 views

How necessary is it to get a college degree for web development or UI/UX design?

I am a current high school senior considering whether or not I want to dedicate four year’s time and go into debt for a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in design. I am hoping to get online certificates and take online courses instead as I’ve heard the computer science/design...

#user-experience #uxdesign #uidesign #design #technology #computer #web-development #computer-science #graphic-design

Elle N.’s Avatar
Elle N. Jun 25 84 views

What is the hardest thing you encountered when in your career?

I am a future sophomore in high school. I really want to understand a lot of career aspects so when the times comes I am fully aware....


Alexia M.’s Avatar
Alexia M. Jun 09 351 views
Ziah H.’s Avatar
Ziah H. Jun 17 399 views

What would be the best way to learn coding or for a career in computer science?

I am in 11th grade. I find websites and the creation of code interesting. #computer-science # #coding #technology...


matt M.’s Avatar
matt M. Jul 28 124 views

How do I design, develop a web application using java/python ?

How can I develop an web application from scratch , please provide any reference books with a sample application from start to finish....


Daniella M.’s Avatar
Daniella M. Jun 21 124 views

When would be a great time to start studying for the LSAT and the Bar exam?

On a scale of 1 to 10, How hard are the LSAT and the Bar exam.(1 being extremely easy and 10 being extremely hard.) Any study resource suggestions? #law #law-school #college #lawyer...


Cristalie C.’s Avatar
Cristalie C. Jan 21, 2016 1533 views

What do you find as the most difficult part of your job as a lawyer ?

I want to know the real experience on what real lawyers find difficult and how its affected them . #college #law #experience...


SR P.’s Avatar
SR P. Jul 11 93 views

What can someone with a master's degree in special education work as in NY and NJ?

I work with an autistic child in an ABA program. I also tutor children in reading Hebrew. I am almost done my bachelor's degree and am looking to advance my education with a master's degree. I understand that the special education arenas in NY and NJ are different from each other. I live in NY...

#special-education #education #career

Noemi M.’s Avatar
Noemi M. Jun 04, 2018 251 views

What are some different experiences in different fields of Psychology?

I know I want to study Psychology, but want some details on experiences regarding different types of Psychology (clinical, research, etc.)...


Ally C.’s Avatar
Ally C. Jun 26 99 views

Is majoring in both Business and Health a smart choice?

I graduated top of my finance major in high school, but I found finance to be a field I would not interested in as a career. At the same time, I have developed a new interest in health and learning all about how to take care of oneself's body. #business #health #marketing #career-counseling...


Rocsteve B.’s Avatar
Rocsteve B. Jun 22 104 views

What can I do to motivate myself?

I want to become a designer, but idk if I’m creative enough for it. #design...


Mitchell A.’s Avatar
Mitchell A. Sep 12, 2016 3180 views

What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

Honestly, I have not been on many interviews within my lifetime. However, during my Principles of Professional Psych course at Kean University my class as a whole had to do a one on one brief interview with the professor in front of the entire class. The professor asked us a numerous amount of...

#interviewing #personal-development #interviewing-skills #interview-preparation #interviews

Kiera D.’s Avatar
Kiera D. Mar 01, 2016 771 views

What are the first steps to becoming a voice actress?

Hi, my name is Kiera and I am a high school senior. I have taken an interest of wanting to become a voice actress, so I was wondering how should I start in order to reach my goal I should take. #acting #voice-acting...


Babita G.’s Avatar
Babita G. Jul 21, 2020 174 views

After graduation, how do I find tech companies who are hiring non residents of USA and stand out among huge mass people?

#july20 #job_haunt #international_student My major is computer science and I’m an international student. After graduation we can apply to work for a year as a part of practical training. But I’m worried about my career after that because my one year work permit will expire and can’t be...

Alhadji B.’s Avatar
Alhadji B. Oct 23, 2016 568 views

What is the best type of chemical engineer?

I want to know what type of chemical engineer has a high growth a and a high starting salery #engineering...


Amanda W.’s Avatar
Amanda W. Sep 06 139 views

As a High School Sophomore, what should I be doing for my future?

I feel a little stuck where I am now. I know I have to do well in my academics and extracurriculars, but it feels like there aren't any real motives or goals during my high school journey. What should I be doing at this stage right now? #college #college-admissions #college-selection...

#career #college-advice #helpless

Amanda L.’s Avatar
Amanda L. Aug 22 102 views

Law Internships For High School Students

I'm a high school student interested in going into the law field, and I was wondering about how I could find law internships. I live in New Jersey, and even though I've looked, it's been very hard to find any places near me offering internships for teens/high school students. What places or...

#law #lawyer #law-internship #internship #law-practice

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