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salma B.’s Avatar
salma B. 7 hours ago 28 views

How do I get my personal life and my career to work together?

I overthink a lot and that often hurts my goals in life along with the people I want to see me achieve those goals....


Jonathan R.’s Avatar
Jonathan R. 34 mins ago 0 views

What can I do to motivate myself more?

Well I do stuff just not what I want or even if I want to I just don't feel happy about....


Steven U.’s Avatar
Steven U. 44 mins ago 0 views

What steps can I take to play professional baseball?

I like to play baseball and I also like to play football but my dream has always been to play baseball....


Jamie J.’s Avatar
Jamie J. 2 hours ago 2 views

Do you prefer teaching elementary school (K-5) or middle school (6-8)?

Volunteering at summer camps and working with younger kids in the past have led me to look into education as a career. Although I am leaning towards K-5, I was wondering how experiences teaching middle school students differ from those teaching elementary school students. Which grades do you...

#educator #elementary-education #teacher #education #teaching

Daniella M.’s Avatar
Daniella M. 8 hours ago 43 views

What would be my first step towards being a corporate lawyer?

I want to be a corporate lawyer one day but I also want to go to business school and get my MBA. #business-management #law...


Naziha J.’s Avatar
Naziha J. 23 hours ago 18 views

How long does it take to become a doctor?

I'm in high school and I would like to know how difficult/how long it would take to become a doctor. #doctor...


Saniya L.’s Avatar
Saniya L. 2 hours ago 4 views
Jonathan S.’s Avatar
Jonathan S. Jun 16 41 views

How can I set a good goal to work for?

I like gaming and helping out others. If anyone needs help, I’ll always be there, regardless of the outcome....


Ziah H.’s Avatar
Ziah H. Jun 17 86 views

What would be the best way to learn coding or for a career in computer science?

I am in 11th grade. I find websites and the creation of code interesting. #computer-science # #coding #technology...


Eileen T.’s Avatar
Eileen T. yesterday 34 views

Is it possible to get a good job in Computer Science without a strong network?

I know how important networking is in getting the best jobs out there with a CS degree, however, I'm not the best at talking to or keeping up with people. #computer-science #job-search #career #network #networking...


Nefertiti L.’s Avatar
Nefertiti L. Jun 17 59 views

how to know if something is really for u?

at first I wanted something in the nurse or surgeon field because that's what I always wanted but I started growing up and every time someone would ask me what I wanted to do once I finish high school I would always be stuck and not know what to say. I feel like I finally figured out what I...


Javeonte B.’s Avatar
Javeonte B. Jun 12 71 views

What would be the first thing you need to do to start a business?

How I’m javeonte B call me Tyty I’m her to figure out a couple new ideas and get a few of other people point of view on there carrerr goals and how they achieved those goals....


Crystal C.’s Avatar
Crystal C. Jun 09 72 views

What steps should I take to decide my future path?

All my friends have found their calling whether it's becoming a doctor or engineer. They have also found college majors that they want to pursue. I'm a bit different since I haven't found my calling or even a major. I have tried volunteering and researching career fields but nothing really...

#college-major #career-choice

Aniya E.’s Avatar
Aniya E. 6 hours ago 29 views
Samauri M.’s Avatar
Samauri M. 2 days ago 24 views
Tenzin G.’s Avatar
Tenzin G. 10 hours ago 17 views

What to do after highschool

I am a upcoming junior and is jsut very curoius on what next and i was think ing of maybe trying to gof ro a medical degreee #medical-school...


Esther C.’s Avatar
Esther C. May 24, 2017 1303 views

What do you do working as an intern in a CPA firm?

I got an internship at a CPA firm, but am very nervous to start something so professional. Thus, I was wondering as an assistant/intern what would some of the usual and main responsibilities be at the CPA firm? #accounting #internships #accountant #cpa #quickbooks...


Daniella M.’s Avatar
Daniella M. 5 hours ago 11 views

When would be a great time to start studying for the LSAT and the Bar exam?

On a scale of 1 to 10, How hard are the LSAT and the Bar exam.(1 being extremely easy and 10 being extremely hard.) Any study resource suggestions? #law #law-school #college #lawyer...


Ivana H.’s Avatar
Ivana H. Jun 16 61 views

What are the different jobs you can have at a bank?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I've been trying to think of what I want to be when I am older. I think I want to do something relating to finance and money but I'm not sure. I would like to know more about banking specifically. Thanks! #banking #finance...


Nevaeh-Leh L.’s Avatar
Nevaeh-Leh L. 5 hours ago 5 views

What are the steps I need to take in order to be a successful film/television animator?

I’ve been drawing since forever and I’ve finally decided that I want to be an animator for TV and Movies. I’ll be a senior in high school soon and I want to start taking action now. #art #college #film #fine-art #animation #filmdirector...


Emmanuel D.’s Avatar
Emmanuel D. Jun 14 44 views

How can I better myself so later on in the future me and my children can be set for life?

I like working on my future self, very open-minded, and helping others. #software Engineer #financial...

Naomi E.’s Avatar
Naomi E. 7 hours ago 15 views

How do I promote my music on a budget?

I just started taking my music journey seriously and would like to know how to promote the songs that I'm about to release. I don't have a music mentor or manager. I am going to college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Recording. I think my music is worth risking a couple coins on but I'm...

#musician #singer #music-production #music #music-industry

Wan Ting K.’s Avatar
Wan Ting K. 2 days ago 27 views

What are the steps to become a lawyer?

Hello! My name is Wan Ting and I would like to become a lawyer in the future....


Rin F.’s Avatar
Rin F. Jun 17 17 views

What would be the best way to become a mechanics apprentice?

I really want to be a mechanic but im more of a trial and error type of person and not all about books #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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