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Ray K. Oct 14 39 views

Editors and publishers- what was your major?

I've heard that English is too broad and journalism is dying. Are these true? What did you major in to become an editor or publisher? I intend to major in psychology, but I am looking to dual major or minor in some kind of English. Can I still get a career as a publisher or editor if I just...

#editor #publisher #major #english #college-major

Archana V.’s Avatar
Archana V. Oct 20 47 views

What can I do now to become a therapist or psychologist?

I am in 9th grade (14 yrs old), and I want to major in psychology or neuroscience in college. What are things I can do know to get into good psychology or neuroscience programs for college. I know that I need good grades, but what are some specific internships or research opportunities I should...

#clinical-psychology #therapy #psychology #neuroscience

Esteban V.’s Avatar
Esteban V. Sep 10 58 views
Victor G.’s Avatar
Victor G. Sep 10 31 views

What path should I take to being my career journey in VR/AR?

I want to know which IT certificates best help a career in VR/AR. I currently have my ITF+ certificate. I would like to know which I should pursue next if any. I would also like to know which certificate in the fields of VR/AR that I should pursue. #career...


Angeleyshka C.’s Avatar
Angeleyshka C. Oct 22 30 views

Should I do an Elementary Education Major with a Spanish Minor or Spanish Major with a Secondary Education Minor??

I am a sophomore student-athlete in college and I am currently confused and don't know what to do. I am fluent in Spanish since that is my first language but I am not sure what is best out there in the teaching world with what will I have more opportunities and earn more. Any advice is really...

#teaching #help #education

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kayla B. Nov 08 9 views

What is the difference between forensic science technician and crime scene photography

what to know What is the differences between forensic science technician and crime scene photography #photography #criminal-justice...


Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Sep 24, 2016 577 views

What is the Outlook for mechanical engineering?

I want to know what is going on right now for mechanical engineering. What kind of projects are being worked on that can be essential for our world? I would like to know what there is that should be done. What can I do with knowledge of mechanical engineering? #career #mechanical-engineering...

#knowledge #help #projects #news #world

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Ray K. Oct 13 29 views

What psychology research has not yet been completed? (Especially in the developmental and abnormal fields?)

I am a high school senior and I am interested in psychology, especially the developmental and abnormal fields. I would like to get into research, but I am not exactly sure what I would be studying. Does anyone have an idea about what I would be researching by the time I am finished with...

#psychology-research #psychology #abnormal-psychology #developmental-psychology

Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Oct 13 44 views

How do research psychologists get paid? And how well?

Where does the money come from- the institute you work for, funding from organizations that support your research, people and magazines that want to publicize your work? Do you get paid salary or commission? How much do you make a year? Is the income stable? Is the amount you are paid...

#psychology #money #research #research-psychology #financial-planning

Azalea M.’s Avatar
Azalea M. Sep 11 40 views

Was a degree of any sort necessary for you to obtain your current position ?

I am a IT student currently studying for certifications within the field....


umma J.’s Avatar
umma J. Oct 25 29 views
Khyati P.’s Avatar
Khyati P. Sep 04 46 views

Premed student career

Hi I am currently a premed student studying biochemistry in NYC to become a pharmacist . I have a few volunteer experiences but not any internships within this field . Where can I search for internships and volunteer opportunities within my field to help improve resume and career within my...

#pharmacy #pharmacist #job #volunteer #internship #medicine

Ramon H.’s Avatar
Ramon H. Sep 10 62 views

How did you determine what field in IT you want to be in? Do you think of changing?

I want to become a project manager. I am also interested in the cloud service....


Jabari T.’s Avatar
Jabari T. Mar 28, 2014 773 views

Which major pays you more when graduating out of college Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering?

I am going to college soon and both these majors in college seem interesting but I just want to get a better future and job by applying to one of those majors #college #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


Em G.’s Avatar
Em G. Sep 03 50 views

What is being a lawyer like?

#law What's the day-to-day? Is the work worth it for the income you receive? What major should I have? (please don't say...

Ray K.’s Avatar
Ray K. Oct 13 33 views

How can I become a journalist/author/writer for psychology research?

I am a high school senior with a passion for psychology and a knack for writing. I am looking to major in psychology. Should I minor or dual major in English, or another field? What else do I need to pursue in order to accomplish this? #psychology #college-major #english #research-psychology...

#journalism #writing #author

Jayline N.’s Avatar
Jayline N. Sep 13 67 views

What courses are required to take to be in the medical field ?

I am unsure on where I want to go in the medical field. I am interested in nursing but I want to go more deep and do a lot more, I just don’t know my passion just yet. #medicine #doctor #medical...


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ismaiyl A. Oct 28 11 views
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Christian C. Sep 11 42 views

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