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New York, New York

Within 40 mile radius
Karoline’s Avatar
Karoline Jul 23, 2020 379 views

what are some necessities to bring to a college dorm?

#therapy #Dorm

Selena’s Avatar
Selena Sep 19 59 views

what are 3 questions i should ask a student who are working to become CMAs

im a student who wants to become a CMA and i need some good questions to ask a student who is become a CMA but are more far a long then i would be

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 423 views

What's the best career decision you've ever made?

#career-choice #career-path

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Sep 19 76 views

Any ideas about what careers I should look into?

I am a 16-year-old high school junior in NYC. I am the captain of my varsity basketball team and very interested in careers related to sports. I enjoy coaching, organizing, and running events particularly for younger kids. For example, I’ve coached both basketball and soccer and ran my own...

Ambar’s Avatar
Ambar Jun 10, 2021 532 views

What can I do as a high schoolers to help my progress of becoming an accountant in college?

I want to become an accountant. #accounting #business #finance

Belinda’s Avatar
Belinda Sep 17 78 views

Resume writing

How can I ensure an acceptable resume for future opportunities?

Callel’s Avatar
Callel Mar 21 197 views

How do I get better at drawing bodies for my works of art?

what would be the best way to go about designing bodies for my art, would i need to study anatomy or would i just need basic skills to draw body designs?

takiya’s Avatar
takiya May 13 167 views

if my strengths are braiding and doing nails and my hobbies are drawing and art ,what types of careers or industries might best fit me

I would love to start my own business

Deniquwa’s Avatar
Deniquwa May 21 144 views

Any daily drawing tips or lessons?

Im trying to get back in to drawing. Is there any free Drawing lesson or programs I can learn from?

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Sep 17 64 views

What careers and college majors would you consider if these were your interests?

Not sure if it's the same for other high school students but mine has us focus on self-awareness and college prep as part of curriculum outside of working with our guidance counselors. It's part of my english class. Something we have been working on is an essay about our career interests. I am...

Yomaris’s Avatar
Yomaris May 24, 2018 2296 views

What do I wear for an interview?

I've always wondered what is considered appropriate for an interview. I went with a short sleeve shirt to an interview, but I was then told that I had to wear a long sleeve.

#interview #interviews #interviewing #job-interview #interviewing-skills

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Sep 21 45 views

What is the best way to improve my acting?

It's hard for me to "crack my shell" during my acting classes. My professor is supportive and the class feels like a very safe place. The more I take classes and the more I open up myself more. I wanna practice that more in class and crack my shell more there. I feel blocked sometimes. I also...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Jun 18, 2021 227 views

How could I become a better writer?

#creative-writing # #communication #nurse

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Aug 16, 2016 3103 views

When pursuing a career in Journalism or Communications, is it necessary to get a Master Degree?

Many careers require many years of education. I was just wondering if having a Master Degree benefits you significantly in Journalism like in other fields or is graduate school for Journalism just a financial burden? #communications #entertainment #broadcast-journalism #magazines

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 17, 2020 260 views

What's it like being a hairstylist?

#hair-stylist #cosmetology

Qiaowen’s Avatar
Qiaowen Jun 28, 2021 2387 views

I want to be a good teacher, what skill I should have?

#teacher #education #teaching #studying-tips

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14 244 views

Do we need to have take acting courses before playing in a movie / TV show?

I sometimes feel like I got the potential for this, but i'm scared to be too much confident for at the end be really bad. I don't want to be too sure about myself. And if there are classes to take are the courses on Youtube enough for it?

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren May 22 237 views

How do you ensure financial security as a teacher?

Hi! I'm a high school student in New York. I have always felt passionate about going into teaching, but over the years, I have contemplated if that profession will support the lifestyle I want to live. A lot of my teachers work second and even third jobs for financial support. Should I follow...

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah Apr 17, 2021 159 views


What are the struggles of being in Nursing school? #medical

Felix’s Avatar
Felix Apr 29 111 views

Where do you go if you want to be a garbage man

I've been thinking of being a garbage man but I don't know where to go so I can get hired in nyc.

Felix’s Avatar
Felix May 24 115 views

what building do you need to go to do sanitary in nyc

i want to be a waste man because I heard they make good money and that's my goal to make the least amount of money so I can move to Mexico city

Varun’s Avatar
Varun Sep 16 36 views

What colleges are good for Chemical/Nuclear engineering?

What Colleges are good for an above average student that is aspiring to go into Chemical/Nuclear Engineering? I am taking Physics C, Chem, and Calculus AB as a Junior and want to go into the fields listed above.

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Jun 27 197 views

Big Three Consulting Firms

How do I connect with professionals in the big three consulting firms?

Tahjey’s Avatar
Tahjey May 13 155 views

division 1 football

what are the best ways to catch and keep a colleges coaches attention?

Aljed’s Avatar
Aljed Mar 14, 2016 969 views

How do you get clients in investing?

Whose job is it to get clients? How hard of a job is that? Also, I'm not sure if they're called clients, or what you would call them. Sorry if I'm not using the right terms for this. I just mean customers. #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

Antonella’s Avatar
Antonella Oct 23, 2018 475 views

Is the adjustment as hard as everyone makes it out to be?

#college #stress #college-advice

Kyra’s Avatar
Kyra Mar 27, 2018 470 views

What is it like to transfer to a school out of state?

I went to Middlesex Community College in New Jersey for my first two years of college and I will be transferring out of state to St. John's University in the fall. I've lived at home my whole life and this will be my first time away from my family and I am curious to know how it will be....

Saniya’s Avatar
Saniya May 25 135 views

Becoming a social media Influencer

What are some tips to becoming a social media influencer? What are more ways to put myself out there to gain more followers and engagement on socials?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah May 05 195 views

What's the best way to start youtube?

What's the best way to start youtube?

darryl’s Avatar
darryl Mar 02, 2016 2127 views

Is stock market investing a good career path?

I have a passion for cooking but if finding a career in culinary is not working out I would like to make a living Investing in stocks. If this is a good career path what college classes, major, and internships should I be taking as a incoming freshman in college the fall of 2016 to be...

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