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Career Questions tagged Music

Music can be produced, written, performed, and taught. Music degrees are offered at most colleges. Careers include music teacher, game designer, therapist, and a lot more. For more information,...

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Angela Aug 28 114 views

Should I do a Music/Psych double major?

Hi! I'm currently in grade 12 and have been wondering a grave amount of what to do. I have been always interested in both psychology and music, and was wondering if a double major in both would be worth it? I'm not exactly sure what career I would want to do or if I even want to pursue one of...

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Amur Aug 26 78 views

How to be heard?

What's the first step into getting someone to listen.

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Aug 26 83 views

What are the struggles of a musician

what are the struggles of a musician starting out, is it hard? is it sustainable?

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Alexis Jul 19 99 views

What are the steps to become a successful music producer?

Thank you for the advice! I am in highschool

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Israel Jul 01 114 views

I wanna become a successful independent artist and take my family and friends out the hood.

I love all type of music from Hip Hop to R&B Soul and Drill to Trap.

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Rashaan Jun 10 141 views

Do I need a college education to proceed with becoming a Music Composer/Arranger?

Is a college education required for me to start this career?

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Rashaan Jun 10 116 views

What are some of the highs and lows of being a Music Composer/Arranger

What are the best and worst things about this career?

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Rashaan Jun 10 91 views

What can I expect from being a Music Composer/Arranger

What is something that I should that I look forward to heading into this career

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Nia Jun 07 161 views

I want to get a bfa - how hard is it to get into a program?

I’m 14 and want to pursue acting as a career, particularly Shakespeare. My plan right now is to do 5-7 plays a year during high school, do the ESU Shakes comp, create Shakes clubs where I can start getting directing experience, continue with my outside of school acting coach, singing as well,...

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Rashaan May 31 148 views

What do you most and least like about being a music composer/arranger?

What is some advice you would give me about this career before getting started?

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Rashaan May 31 92 views

What is a typical day like as a music composer/arranger?

Can you explain the type of feelings that may come with being a music composer?

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Ilan May 11 277 views

Speech Therapist, English Teacher, Language Lover, Musician Looking For Creative Work

I am a speech-language pathologist in a school setting. I have long term experience with teaching, as well as playing and writing music, and I have a passion for studying foreign languages. Where to I begin to explore careers that make use of a number of these skills and interests rather than...

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie May 03 129 views

I am a beginning musician. How do I get recognized faster?

I also make music, but writing is my strength. I try to make more and more everyday because it plays a big part with the lyrics. Always try to improve.

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Apr 08 166 views

Where can I find jobs in music video production, particularly on set? I am looking for an entry level job, production based. Are there any job sites or production companies in the NYC area?

I looked through showbiz jobs, entertainment careers, google jobs, and linkedin and I cant seem to find jobs related to music video production.

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Yanna Apr 03 230 views

How do I become a k-pop singer?


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Kilynn Mar 03 140 views

Which college would help with music/singing careers?

I love music and singing, I would love to participate in musicals and chorus groups in the future. Music is my passion, I have been in chorus since 3rd grade now im almost a senior in high school, I would love to further enhance and improve my skills. #singer #music-industry #music #singing

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Andre Feb 23 224 views

What is a good home studio setup?

I am looking for a good home studio setup but don't really know what to get so what do you think is a good starter setup #music #producer

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Feb 23 406 views

What are good singing exercises that will help in the future?

I would like to know just some easy exercises that can help better my voice for the future. #career #music #singer #singing #music-production #music-industry

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Silvia Feb 02 135 views

How much does my career pay? How long does my career training last? Where are there better opportunities for my career?

Hello! my name is Silvia and I'm 16 years old, I like to make music, I'm playing Guitar and Piano, I like to sing, I also like cooking and one day I hope to be a chef and start my business #music #music-production #chef.

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Niki Jan 06 149 views

What can i study with music?

I play clarinet, i dont know what to do with my life but i love music, art, food and cooking and i also like working with peolple #music #art #music-industry

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jan 03 169 views

How do I play my songs everyday if I don't have a guitar at home?

I am a novice singer/guitar player and I have a very strong passion about music. #singer #music-production #music-industry

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Avanya Nov 23, 2021 274 views

how to start a career in singing ?

#singing #music

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Janet Nov 18, 2021 197 views

How much does a music producer earn

#singer #music-industry #music-production #music #musician

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Ashique Nov 17, 2021 173 views

How to follow music without being broke?

I have always wanted to perform
#music #musician

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Heather Nov 12, 2021 231 views

If I wanted to be a lawyer and professional orchestral musician, what are some schools I should look at and how should I go about that with the college process?

I’m a junior in high school that plays classical cello and wants to pursue law. I want to double-major in music performance and either a major that’ll help me with law or doing a pre-law program. I want to look outside of conservatory-ivy league partnerships. #music #law #lawyer #college...

Elmmie’s Avatar
Elmmie Nov 10, 2021 168 views

Where can I get an internship in South Africa?

I am a very outgoing person who is currently studying psychology and I love music #music #psychology

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James Nov 04, 2021 248 views

cost of orthodontist career

My name is James Im 17 year old Im hispanic #latino #music #job #sports #career

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Jenna Nov 01, 2021 242 views

What should I be aware of in the future as a musical artist?

#artist #singing #music #music-industry #singer

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Aaron Oct 26, 2021 196 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter Film & Editors

I've been interested in movies and videos and thought about being a Film & Video editor. I've been recently editing and making music, I have a few songs so being a film or video editor is good with music on certain scenes . I want to scale up and be a producer, edit and produced the...

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alex Oct 17, 2021 235 views

how can i practice before i get started in my career

#psychology #career-counseling #music #counseling