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Career Questions tagged Music

Music can be produced, written, performed, and taught. Music degrees are offered at most colleges. Careers include music teacher, game designer, therapist, and a lot more. For more information,...

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Mai Mar 26 26 views

Audition tips?

I have an audition coming for a spot in and orchestra, how can I get prepared

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bee Mar 26 667 views

what steps are important for getting involved in the music industry?

Is music school super important?? What's the most important thing for me to do to get involved with music?

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Charlie Mar 23 100 views

How can I find my ideal university and career major when I start working?

- I like music, it's a need in my everyday life.
- I like to draw and I think i can draw pretty well
- I like to design everything, especially when it's functional
- I'd like to be a celebrity

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Israel Mar 22 54 views

What are some steps that i should do when I'm learning Music-production?

I keep finding myself stuck on where to start when I'm making my beats

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Alynnah Mar 20 55 views

What can my first steps be getting into the musical industry as a singer?

I've been singing ever since I was 4 years old and it's definitely something I want to pursue in the future as a career. I would like start putting myself out there sooner than later so that I can get a head start.

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Aly Mar 14 74 views

Will I be able to major in music and minor in psychology? If so what is the college process for that and how long will it take to accomplish?

I'm 10th grade and need help to set a career plan. I want to be a musician or musical therapist or teacher of sum sort. And the college i plan on going to is Berklee college of music. As of right now I sing, write my own songs, and produce music/beats for it to be recorded.

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Shana Mar 13 40 views

What jobs in the film industry deal with the music and soundtrack of a film?

I really love music and film. What jobs in the film industry control and choose the music used in a film's soundtrack? Is composing the soundtrack for a film an actual job?

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Brycen Mar 02 62 views

What are the mundane tasks of middle/high school music teachers?

I'm a high school sophomore in the US who is considering going into teaching music. Every job has its tasks that are as boring as humanly possible. What are those for music teachers in the United States?

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Brycen Feb 28 98 views

What are the job tasks and/or required college classes for high school music teachers?

I'm a sophomore in high school that's taking both band and choir. Those are likely some of my favorite classes, and I've also been considering becoming a teacher for years. What are the day-to-day job tasks for high school band and choir teachers, and what college courses are required to get there?

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Kayla Feb 15 166 views

What are some tips to get better at singing?

I am really bad at singing even though I love singing. I want to be able to sing songs that I love without cringing.

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Khalil Feb 08 113 views

How to build your music career?

How does a music artist get recognized if they are a beginner?

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Ava Jan 29 105 views

Scholarships for music education?

What scholarships are available for musical theatre majors. #music #musicaltheatre #singing #scholarship #help #collegebound #communitycollege

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Mila Jan 06 141 views

Any advice for a person who wants to go to music therapy college??

I'm a 19 year old and I would like to go to apply for a music therapy degree and start studying in October 2023 in Vienna.

What are some important things I should know?

Like for example about the entrance exams or about the studies in general?

I would be very grateful to read your feedback.

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Rainer Dec 15, 2022 184 views

Is it hard to make connections in music?

how can i monetize my instrumentals?

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Kyle Dec 13, 2022 198 views

How i do find my way in life?

How do I go about finding my purpose in life? I love music and anything creative but don't much confidence I have what it takes.

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Madison Dec 13, 2022 126 views

what are things you like and dislike about being a highschool band/marching band director?

marching band

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Colson Nov 10, 2022 148 views

Which career path should I choose if I like music, engineering, and art equally?

I am equally interested in engineering, playing music, and drawing. Which one should I choose?

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Asa Nov 09, 2022 197 views

How do I pursue a career teaching at a university?

I am interested in teaching, something likely involving music, but I don't know how to get involved.

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Max Nov 09, 2022 180 views

What are the best majors for pursuing theatre?

Considering musical theatre or performance.

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joseph Nov 09, 2022 179 views

How to become Rockstar

I wanna be a Rockstar and go on stage and play and make bread, how do i get my music popular enough to get on stage

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kelsey Nov 01, 2022 255 views

what does a singer make as far as money?

how much does a singer make

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John Oct 31, 2022 214 views

What steps in schooling did you go through to have music production as a career? Did you have a big "breakthrough" and if so was it all luck? How, as a musician, do you stay afloat.

What school(s) did you go to? How did you start your career as a musician.

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Leah Oct 31, 2022 172 views

Is majoring in music and going in a music career worth it?

For wanting to be in a orchestra or play classical music professionally, what would be needed to have those oppritunities? What are the things that come along with playing professionally? How would income work and how much would it look like? I'd like to travel and play with people, and maybe...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 26, 2022 276 views

What are good entry level jobs or opportunities for sound engineers and producers?

I'm a high school senior interested in studying music technology in college. I reside in California right now and am aiming to study in LA, NYC, or Nashville. I'm also open to study abroad opportunities.

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Oct 25, 2022 532 views

How did you make a career path in the music industry?

I started producing my own music when I was about 12 or 13 and since then I've learned a lot and wanted to potentially turn it into a full blown career, so I was wondering how people in the industry got to where they were and made good amounts of money.

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Anna Oct 13, 2022 268 views

What all does a musical therapist involve?

I am trying to decide weather to be a musical therapist or a music teacher, what is some good advice about music therapy since not many people i know are involved in this.

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Claudia Oct 04, 2022 245 views

What are the pros and cons of being an independent musician?

I want to be an independent musician and have my own label (unless a really big label wants to sign me so I can get richer) and yeah!

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maddie Oct 03, 2022 486 views

How do you become a K-pop idol?

I am an african american and I know that it would be hard for me to become a K-pop idol since it is mostly asian represented. But it really is my dream to become an idol. I practice dancing and singing everyday. I have also started to study and learn the language. I plan on working hard no...

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Landen Sep 30, 2022 175 views

I would love to work in the creative and music industry, so what’s the best for me?

What is their best career for me?

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Kemori Sep 29, 2022 145 views

How do I promote my music on a level that will help me succeed ?

How do I promote my music on a level that will help me succeed?