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Career Questions tagged Payment

Dashary’s Avatar
Dashary Feb 26, 2021 210 views

what is the best payed career that can allow you to be your own boss?

#boss #payment

Roger’s Avatar
Roger Oct 09, 2020 294 views

To people who are a graphic designer (the job not category of jobs) how easy or hard was it for you in college? Mainly classes and payment for stuff needed for class?

Hello, I'm thinking of being a graphic designer (I'm going say this every time the job specifically not the category of jobs), and the title/questions state everything I am asking. #graphic-designer #college #payment

Tatjana’s Avatar
Tatjana May 12, 2018 447 views

How do you start paying for college?

I'm about to start college in the fall, and I'm applying for scholarships and saving up from working part-time. I understand how to earn money from college, I just don't know how payment works. Will I have to pay for classes before school starts, will it all hit me after I receive my degree?...

Gissely’s Avatar
Gissely Apr 25, 2018 445 views

What are payment plans and what happens if you miss a payment?

I would like to know what options are most likely available and how they work and the consequences of not paying them.

#money #payment #paymentplans #nursing