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Career Questions tagged Musician

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Mason Aug 26 83 views

What are the struggles of a musician

what are the struggles of a musician starting out, is it hard? is it sustainable?

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Rashaan Jun 10 116 views

What are some of the highs and lows of being a Music Composer/Arranger

What are the best and worst things about this career?

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Rashaan Jun 10 91 views

What can I expect from being a Music Composer/Arranger

What is something that I should that I look forward to heading into this career

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Monica Apr 08 166 views

Where can I find jobs in music video production, particularly on set? I am looking for an entry level job, production based. Are there any job sites or production companies in the NYC area?

I looked through showbiz jobs, entertainment careers, google jobs, and linkedin and I cant seem to find jobs related to music video production.

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Yanna Apr 03 230 views

How do I become a k-pop singer?


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Janet Nov 18, 2021 197 views

How much does a music producer earn

#singer #music-industry #music-production #music #musician

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Ashique Nov 17, 2021 173 views

How to follow music without being broke?

I have always wanted to perform
#music #musician

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Rajveer Jul 07, 2021 220 views

In order to create a music video do you need a producer?

#music-production #music-production #musician #music-industry #internship

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Naomi Jun 21, 2021 216 views

How do I promote my music on a budget?

I just started taking my music journey seriously and would like to know how to promote the songs that I'm about to release. I don't have a music mentor or manager. I am going to college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Recording. I think my music is worth risking a couple coins on but I'm...

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Rue May 16, 2021 312 views

Can l practice now to be a singer if l want to be a musician in the future?

I am a young mom. Love music and wish to pursue a career in music. Although l have hope that one day l will increase my studies since l am drop out due to being a mom at a young age #musician #singing #Music -industry

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Chris Mar 30, 2021 247 views

Calling All Musicians

Who is your favorite individual singer of all-time and why is it Prince? What qualities of his uniqueness make him so great? #music #musician #artist

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Jake Feb 26, 2021 300 views

What should someone going into the music industry major in and take for extracuriculars?

Hi, so I plan on going into the music industry but I also want to go to college. Is there a major that would be best? Also are there any other music-related extracurriculars I could participate in? #music #college-major #majors #entertainment #music-indudstry #musician #performance

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felicia Feb 23, 2021 254 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior and im interested in the music industry as a recording artists #singing #music-performance #singer #musician #music so what colleges should i be looking out for

felicia’s Avatar
felicia Feb 23, 2021 233 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior in high school and interested in both music industry work as a recording artists and also business and working on different business ventures. #music-industry #singing #musician #music

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Rebekah Feb 17, 2021 240 views

What exactly do collages look at when they let you in?

So, I do plays #acting I play an instrument in band #musician. I started to write down the plays I've been in. I also like art and I take Spanish as a second language.

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Courtney Jan 22, 2021 256 views

What career's should I look into?

I enjoy playing guitar, studing music, painting, and traveling. #music #musician #art #travel

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Nathan Oct 23, 2020 212 views

Is it easy to become a musician?


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jayla Oct 15, 2020 289 views

am i cut out for music?

I love music and i have always loved music since I was a little girl. So I joined the band in the 6th grade and enjoyed it until now. Now it's so technical which i'm not used too. For these past few years in concert band i have been naturally flowing with the music without sub-dividing rhythms...

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Chloe Sep 29, 2020 269 views

How do you make a living off being a musician?

#musician #musicians

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Chase Sep 29, 2020 303 views

Best first job for somebody with no volunteering experience?

I am 16 years old, I am a junior in highschool, and I'm trying to find a first job. I love making music. Everything about it is just incredibly alluring to me, I love playing instruments, writing instruments, and learning songs as well as writing them. Are there any jobs I could go into for...

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Robert Sep 04, 2020 361 views

What are the requirements to become a music artist, music producer and/or audio engineer?

#music #music-industry #music-performance #musician #composer

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Ka'Mari Sep 04, 2020 831 views

how can i start a path to a music career

#career #musician #music #music-industry #singer # #singing #producer #

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Sylvia Jul 30, 2020 269 views

What can an aspiring musician do to overcome performance anxiety and get better at auitioning?

#musician #JULY20

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Jerry Apr 24, 2020 899 views

What are the core values of your company?

#criminologist #socialactivist #volunteer #employment #consulting #interacting #jackofalltrades #masterofnone #musician #reader

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Evan Dec 10, 2019 486 views

What should I do to start my career as a music teacher

#music-education #musician

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steven Nov 14, 2019 308 views

what are the classes are needed to become a music teacher?

I'm in 11th grade, and I thought about teaching or something 🤷‍♂️ #teaching #music #musician

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anakin Oct 25, 2019 901 views

What is a typical day like in the life of a professional rapper?

I can't find a lot on this website about it, and I would like to know more. I work super hard on my raps. I have a lot of unfinished raps. I am trying my hardest!
#music-industry #musician #professional-musician #rap #mc

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Carolina Oct 24, 2019 304 views

A mobile music major

#music #musician #futuremusiceducator #choir #singer

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benjamin Sep 16, 2019 361 views

how does music play, what does it look like to create music we listen to?

#music #music-production #music-industry #music-education #musician

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Genaro Sep 08, 2019 572 views

What are the steps I would need to take to be directed in the right path to becoming a singer and writer?

I am a very eagar learner who for the most part is very independent in the work I do. I have studied music and grown around it all my life. It is a passion and dream for me to create and sing music for the world. #music #music-industry #musician #singer Another passion I have is for writing, I...