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Calissa P. Apr 06, 2018 281 views

im thinking about being a dance choreographer, but im not sure if they get paid enough...

i have been dancing for a long time, and i enjoy it a lot and consider doing it as my job,... but i am not sure if its the job that will provide enough money for me and my family. what should i do? #dance-education #dancer...


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Abinaya S. Jun 29, 2016 723 views
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Padmavathi V. Jun 23, 2016 1096 views

i wanted to be classical dancer? which inistitue is good?

i am interested in dancing, i wanted to be great dancer #musician #actress...


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Abril B. May 12, 2016 756 views

How do singers, models, and/or dancers get noticed?

I am asking this question because once you made it , its hard to get to the top and get noticed fast. #entertainment #singing #modeling #dancer #dancing #model...


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Abril B. May 12, 2016 1203 views

How do you start off to become a singer and dancer

I am asking this question because what if im doing stuff but its actually not the right way for me to go to the top. #dancer #model...


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Tamara C. May 06, 2016 577 views

What colleges are associated with performing arts

The best colleges to go to are the one that is a performing arts school...


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Tamara C. May 06, 2016 316 views

Are some of the dance steps hard or overwhelming

No . You just have to concentrate on the steps...


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subodh K. May 05, 2016 519 views

what to do after tenth

i want to be in army and dancer #army...


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Immanual A. May 03, 2016 371 views

I Want become a Dancer, What will be the best process for it?

I have completed PU , #dance...


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Hao L. Jun 23, 2015 866 views

What can i do to audition in a Record Label ?

I am Galileo HS student. There is a Record Label i want to go. It's call YG entertainment is located in Korea. The thing is that i want to audition in YG entertainment. but i not sure how to audition and what should i do to prepare for it like learning music or how to compose #singer #dancer...

#vocals #songwriting #songwriter #song-writing #rapper

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Ana G. Oct 28, 2014 717 views

what is music like to you?

i'm asking this question because i'm really into music and i want to be a singer and one of my dream is to go to Boston art Academy #singer #writer #dancer #drummer...


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Zinara I. Apr 07, 2014 758 views

Dancers fresh out of college?

I'm a junior in high school and I just wanted to know what it is like for someone with a dance major right out of college? One day I hope to own a dance studio and I just wanted to how long that could take and how hard it is right out of college. #dancer...


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Alena T. Apr 03, 2014 761 views

How do I find different auditions?

I am 14 years old and I live in Brooklyn NY. I know that there are alot of opportunity in New York but its really hard to find auditions for young teens. #dance...