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Career Questions tagged Rapper

Justyn’s Avatar
Justyn Apr 04, 2018 509 views

Have been thinking lately about go after a rap career after being inspired by Nas. How can i be different from other rappers?


Omar’s Avatar
Omar Jan 15, 2016 995 views

I wanna becomes a rapper and songwriter and I also taking comupter at my school I wanna know which one pay more computer science or songwriter

I am in 12th grade and taking IT at my vocational school. I am interested in working with technology and music. #computer #rapper #songwriter

Hao’s Avatar
Hao Jun 25, 2015 1939 views

How to compose a song ?

I'm really want to compose a song on my own. But i don't know how to write songs and create Track. What should i do to get into It :< #music #singer #rapper #songwriting #vocalist

Hao’s Avatar
Hao Jun 23, 2015 1429 views

What can i do to audition in a Record Label ?

I am Galileo HS student. There is a Record Label i want to go. It's call YG entertainment is located in Korea. The thing is that i want to audition in YG entertainment. but i not sure how to audition and what should i do to prepare for it like learning music or how to compose #singer #dancer...

Tyrone’s Avatar
Tyrone May 18, 2015 1149 views

How can I become a rapper?

I want to become a rapper because my flow is nice. #business #industry #social-skills #rapper #bars

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Apr 08, 2015 860 views

How do you start a contracting company?

I like to build. #rapper #contractors #builder