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Career Questions tagged Money

Some careers pay more money than others. However, money doesn't always lead to long-term satisfaction. For more information, please read below.

Felix V.’s Avatar
Felix V. 2 hours ago 3 views

what building do you need to go to do sanitary in nyc

i want to be a waste man because I heard they make good money and that's my goal to make the least amount of money so I can move to Mexico city

andres C.’s Avatar
andres C. May 17 51 views

Can streaming be something I can maintain as a Full time job?

I am a sophmore in highschool and I love playing video games and sharing my skills with the world, im a small youtuber and i was the continue on growing but im not sure how and therefore im not sure if it will work out for me.

Bartholomew Davis IV W.’s Avatar
Bartholomew Davis IV W. May 03 65 views

What is your favorite part about your profession?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

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Isaiah B. May 03 77 views

How Do I maximize my profit and receive bonus revenue from investing. What company would give the head start ?

Lets say I Have over 10,000 inside of my account and my main goal into Building a career is investing, Making the money back we spend plus 20% What would be the Smartest and fastest way of creating my consistent monthly income ?

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Adam P. May 02 68 views

how 2 make fat stacks

of cash
also I am a senior I have no idea what I want to do with my life other than I want to make good money

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Isaiah B. Apr 29 68 views

What Does it take to become a Professional in Barbering.

Cutting hair has always been a goal to achieve. I remember visiting the barber for a haircut and I would want to have a specific design or view on my hair and the barber would be able to create my image to be sharp, so I wonder what are the steps to have customers changing their hair constantly

juls J.’s Avatar
juls J. Apr 26 74 views

How can a 16 yr. old get a job online?

I can program and make digital art. I just really don't know where to start or how to even apply to a job online

juls J.’s Avatar
juls J. Apr 26 135 views

I'm young, dumb, and broke pls help :/

I want to earn money but i want to work at home. I also don't have a bank account. I don't have an adult to ask this kind of stuff about. Anyways, is there any possible way I can earn money at home while not having a bank account? Do I even need a bank account?

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Tony T. Apr 26 107 views

5 question about jobs

1. what is it like to be a business intelligence analysis
2. . what is it like to be a architect
3. . what is it like to be a teacher
4. how much money do you make
5. do make good realtionships where you work

ashley L.’s Avatar
ashley L. Apr 11 93 views

College majors

Have you switched majors in college before? If so, how was the process?

henry G.’s Avatar
henry G. Apr 08 72 views

How hard is it to make it to the MLS?

Is money the only way to make it? What do you have to do in order for the MLS coaches to take you?

shecid U.’s Avatar
shecid U. Apr 08 136 views

How long did it take you to both pay and complete your degree?

work while you were studying? How to save to pay for your career? when he exercised his career had he already finished paying?

Ashley Z.’s Avatar
Ashley Z. Apr 04 121 views

Career-wise, what sort of balance should I strike between passion and money?

This upcoming fall, I will be going off to college and there has been a lot of pressure from family and other adults for me to choose a major that will help me eventually land job that makes a lot of money. I'm still very unsure about where I want to take my future and I want to keep exploring,...

Cheyenne S.’s Avatar
Cheyenne S. Mar 28 121 views

How many hours/days do a LPN works in a week?

I there a minim or max hours/days a LPN can work in a week? I was wanting to work as a LPN while getting my bachelor's in nursing to get my RN. But I'm worried that I won't get enough hours/day.

Karla Q.’s Avatar
Karla Q. Mar 02 94 views

What is average salary that a Lawyer can earn?

I would like to be in a job that has a good salary, since I would be giving knowledge and professionalism to the job.

Fatima zahra L.’s Avatar
Fatima zahra L. Feb 20 175 views

How I can work online and get money faster

Hello, I am a high school student I want to work online to get money for a personal reason so I want your advice on what is the fast and the best online job that I can do.
#money #financial-planning #career #college

MAX F.’s Avatar
MAX F. Feb 07 142 views
Hannah S.’s Avatar
Hannah S. Feb 07 114 views

How much do Interior Designers make?

I want to be able to support myself no matter what when I get older so I want to make decent money. #money