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Career Questions tagged Money

Some careers pay more money than others. However, money doesn't always lead to long-term satisfaction. For more information, please read below.

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 22 43 views

How does one gain financial literacy skills?

This is part of our professionals series where we ask professionals what they think students should know

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Cailin Mar 20 62 views

What's a good starting pay for an office job in San Jose?

Office job.

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Luis Mar 20 32 views

how to grow bussiness?

specifically, a small business

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Thalia Mar 20 30 views

How much does a psychologist make a year?

How much money does a psychologist make annually?

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Valentina Mar 20 19 views

How much is the salary of an agriculture?

Starting wage

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Hailey Mar 20 34 views

How much does an agricultural make ?

In Phoenix Az.

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Israel Mar 20 48 views

How can you invest?

How can a teenager like me get my first thousand dollars and invest them for more money and how many ways is there to invest your money? What's the easiest way ?

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Richard Mar 17 45 views

How can i get scholarship to known culinarycolleges?

Currently finishing my certificate level

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na'kiyah Mar 14 34 views

How much money do you make from interior design ?

Is the money worth the profession ?

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Melchizedek Mar 13 41 views

how much money can a career goal can make?

I am Still a junior in high school, but maybe I can get a job when Im done with my college and go to work.

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Rosselin Mar 13 172 views

After I graduate high school should I go straight to collage?

I don't have collage money saved up so I was thinking of getting a job after collage to raise money.

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Adan Mar 09 93 views

When do small businesses get rich?

Starting a business is good so you can be your own boss and not listen to anyone and do whatever you want but how long does it take to profit without putting in any work and is it worth it

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alex Mar 09 67 views

how are can you start a small business?

how are you going to make a small business by knowing your stuff like items, and how much is your income.

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alex Mar 09 55 views

how can you start a small business

how are you going to make a small business by knowing your stuff like items, and how much is your income.

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Karla Mar 09 43 views

How much money you should use while building a Cat Cafe?

I have heard that they use a lot of money to manage and have a stable place in the early starts of this, maybe it is a lie but I really want to know because I would like to have one.

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Alma Mar 09 37 views

what is business?

what are some mainly facts about it

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Dennis Mar 07 130 views

what are the steps to make a million dollars at a young age?

young kid from California in the 12th grade at Balboa high

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Maryuri Mar 07 215 views

Should I go to college after graduating from high school or should I work and get some money and go to college one year later?

I'm having some economic issues and I want to attend college, but I don't have all the money to pay it. What should I do. I already applied to scholarships, but I it isn't enough.

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Samuel Mar 07 72 views

How do I balance school and work well?

I like having money, but it seems like I need to sacrifice either grades or money. I know grades will help long term but should I not work and not be able to have money?

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Noah Mar 06 84 views

How much money would I have to put into my business realistically to get it running fairly quickly ?

I want to learn about this so I can at least get an estimate how much I should really spend.

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Noah Mar 06 91 views

What tools are a must when starting an online business ?

I want to start an online business, and I wanted to know the certain tools to make my life a little bit easier.

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Aidyn Mar 06 57 views

How much skill does it take to be a day trader?

Does it take a lot of patience or is it mainly based on skill?

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Hannah Mar 02 138 views

what are some money tips you would give to high schoolers?

I'm getting close to the end of my Junior year and I'm job hunting right now. I was wondering if there's any money saving tips you wish you knew.

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Dennis Feb 23 72 views

how to become wealthy before 25?

current senior in high school

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ISAIAH Feb 22 119 views

How to get started on my own like brand or doing the things that I enjoy after high school?

How can I make some money while doing the things that I am interested in like sports and music as some examples? How can I also become like maybe a designer for like my clothing brand?

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Noah Feb 21 174 views

What are good starts in motorsports?

What is a good starting place for a beginner trying to start in motorsports? PReferably track racing or rally racing.

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Josphat Feb 18 199 views

What are the ways I can Make Money as a student since I have to pay 3/4 for my tuition and and accommodation?

I just finished 12th grade and Joined college, and I am looking for ways I can earn, even if it is through online freelancing.

I attend school most of the time and the only time I have is during the night.

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Feb 17 92 views

Why do billionaires want to make so much money?

I dont understand why the super rich people want to make even more money when they are already set for many generations, what kinds of benefits are there in being so rich?

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Kaylie Feb 17 164 views

Salary or Happiness ?

How do I choose a career that is creative but also has a high salary? How do I not get caught up in the idea of choosing a career based on salary? #CV23

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Feb 16 218 views

What are the best options for after high school for those unsure on if college is their best option?

Currently debating if college is the best option, as deciding on a major has not been the easier process.