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Career Questions tagged Money

Some careers pay more money than others. However, money doesn't always lead to long-term satisfaction. For more information, please read below.

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity 2 days ago 50 views

how much would a average salary of a artist be?

how can i be an aspiring artist with a good salary

jose’s Avatar
jose 2 days ago 57 views

how do I make 100k plus every month?

how do I make millions I want to make insane amounts of money per month 100k plus

David’s Avatar
David Sep 28 76 views

Total cost for 4 years of college

How much does it cost to go to college for 4 years (including tuition, living expenses, etc.)?

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Sep 27 72 views

How can I find a career I will be happy with?

Hi, I'm a junior and I still have no idea what career I wanna do.

David’s Avatar
David Sep 27 41 views

What is your purpose to work, is it only money?

Name the reason why you want to work. Many people work for money, are you one of them.

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Sep 26 70 views

How do I get repeat clients and get me on venues refer list as a DJ?

I am a DJ looking to build more business.

Clayton’s Avatar
Clayton Sep 26 78 views

What do you think would be some of the most useful trades today?

I am in the 11th grade and would like to learn about some trades since I do not plan on going to college.

Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Sep 08 94 views

Is it possible to get underwater welding scholarships?

After getting certifications in welding is it possible to earn a scholarship to be brought onto a program that offers underwater welding coarse and certifications? If possible how so?

Alexzander’s Avatar
Alexzander Aug 29 96 views

How does one start as a traveling welder ?

Would be glad to receive any tips.

Cahyriah’s Avatar
Cahyriah Aug 26 133 views

How much is a Registered nurse salary?

I would really like to know this question.It would help a lot.

Su’s Avatar
Su Aug 23 151 views

Hi!! I'm Senior in Burton High School. I'm having a hard time finding the scholarship for college.May I know where is the best place that I can find the scholarship please?

Hi!! I'm Senior in Burton High School. I'm having a hard time finding the scholarship for college.May I know where is the best place that I can find the scholarship please?

Meg’s Avatar
Meg Aug 23 121 views

What jobs would I be interested in with my field of choice?

If I were to become a chemical engineer, what jobs in that specific field would be avalible and benefit me most, and what jobs would give me the most money I could make?

Lloyd john’s Avatar
Lloyd john Aug 20 143 views

Is there any scholarships in here that I can take?

I just want to finish studying

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Jul 22 164 views

College .VS. Trade school what are the risks and the rewards for each?

Is it worth spending more money to go to college when I could go to trade school and spend less to get the same certification at a trade school?

Bilal’s Avatar
Bilal Jul 01 240 views

where i can do free dropshipping?

hi mate..

tell me please where i can earn money from free drop shipping nowadays?

Regards ...

Jacinta’s Avatar
Jacinta Jun 29 174 views

What are some majors many students overlook that can make me a lot of money?

I am a 15-year-old and I was interested in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Therapy. I would like to know if there are any other majors and jobs that I have overlooked or don't know about that will make me successful.

Leah’s Avatar
Leah Jun 24 150 views

How can I invest and profit from that?

If I start investing, will I get money over the months to come? If that doesn’t go well then I should have a stash of extra money on the side if that doesn’t go well right?

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Jun 14 205 views

What were some of your early roles in the welding field?

What are some commonly expectations in the welding industry?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09 240 views

How much money did you invest in your career?

Was the amount of investment that you was worth it at the end?

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen May 29 238 views

How much money do surgeons make? Do men and women earn the same amount of money?

I know working as a surgeon is a lot so, one thing I never thought of is how much they earn !

Felix’s Avatar
Felix May 24 119 views

what building do you need to go to do sanitary in nyc

i want to be a waste man because I heard they make good money and that's my goal to make the least amount of money so I can move to Mexico city

andres’s Avatar
andres May 17 153 views

Can streaming be something I can maintain as a Full time job?

I am a sophmore in highschool and I love playing video games and sharing my skills with the world, im a small youtuber and i was the continue on growing but im not sure how and therefore im not sure if it will work out for me.

CamRon’s Avatar
CamRon May 05 189 views

How can I be a mma fighter?

I love to fight as a sport

James’s Avatar
James May 03 240 views

How much do entry-level marketers make right out of college?

I want to know the pay so I can make a living.

Bartholomew Davis IV’s Avatar
Bartholomew Davis IV May 03 182 views

What is your favorite part about your profession?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah May 03 204 views

How Do I maximize my profit and receive bonus revenue from investing. What company would give the head start ?

Lets say I Have over 10,000 inside of my account and my main goal into Building a career is investing, Making the money back we spend plus 20% What would be the Smartest and fastest way of creating my consistent monthly income ?

Adam’s Avatar
Adam May 02 131 views

how 2 make fat stacks

of cash
also I am a senior I have no idea what I want to do with my life other than I want to make good money

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Apr 29 181 views

What Does it take to become a Professional in Barbering.

Cutting hair has always been a goal to achieve. I remember visiting the barber for a haircut and I would want to have a specific design or view on my hair and the barber would be able to create my image to be sharp, so I wonder what are the steps to have customers changing their hair constantly

juls’s Avatar
juls Apr 26 209 views

How can a 16 yr. old get a job online?

I can program and make digital art. I just really don't know where to start or how to even apply to a job online

juls’s Avatar
juls Apr 26 217 views

I'm young, dumb, and broke pls help :/

I want to earn money but i want to work at home. I also don't have a bank account. I don't have an adult to ask this kind of stuff about. Anyways, is there any possible way I can earn money at home while not having a bank account? Do I even need a bank account?