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What would you do if you loved your job but hated your work environment? Would you leave? How would you cope?

For example, I've worked as a copy editor and/or copywriter for both my high school yearbook and college newspaper, and while I wouldn't say that I've LOVED journalism, I do find it enjoyable at times. I would prefer to be doing creative writing, but I genuinely enjoy all types of writing, and...

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Posted by Catherine T.’s Avatar Catherine T.
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Charlene Lake | Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP-Corporate Social Responsibility at ... If you've isolated your unhappiness to your work environment and it ...

Which is better: continuing to work a job you've grown to dislike because it is advantageous for you career-wise, or finding a new job that you genuinely enjoy?

I've always believed that if you pursue a career you love, then you'll never work a day in your life, so I've followed my dreams and have always planned to pursue my passion, even if it might not result in the most high-paying job. This passion is writing. However, throughout the years, I've...

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Posted by Catherine T.’s Avatar Catherine T.
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Chi Ngo, CIA, CAMS | Risk Assurance Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Hi Catherine - I, and other seasoned professionals, find ourselves in ...

What are some tips on gaining an audience as a NBA Journalist?


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Posted by Nicholas L.’s Avatar Nicholas L.

What would I need to study in order to be a video game journalist?


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Posted by K J.’s Avatar K J.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering First, you'd obviously have to gain some experience with video games ...

How many people are living sufficient lives having a career in Journalism?


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Posted by Zari R.’s Avatar Zari R.
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Luis Clemens | Newsroom Leader. Diversity Innovator. Editor. Dear Zari,The federal government's Bureau of Labor Statistics has the most ...
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Paul Goetzinger MPA College Advisor | Academic/College Advising Assistance Hi Adriana:There are a great diversity of careers and opportunities for ...

I would like to know what type of journalism classes are there?

some people told me that there is one where you watch movies and write about it, also another example is another journalism class you learn about media or photography #journalism #broadcast-media #writing...


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Posted by Maya D.’s Avatar Maya D.
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G. Mark Stewart | Adjunct Professor Engineering There is something I feel compelled to say that might not ...

How can I merge a degree in journalism to the pop culture and media field?

These two areas really intrigue me and I would love a way to merge both. #journalism #broadcast-media...



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Posted by Julia E.’s Avatar Julia E.
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Ffjorren Zolfaghar | Regional Marketing Manager at Okta, Inc. I believe you can truly be creative, and think outside-the-box when ...

Am I going to be able to support myself, and possibly a family one day, if I pursue a career in journalism?

My mom would never tell me that I shouldn't chase after my "dream job" because of my potential salary, but she has told me that a career in journalism is one of the lowest paying professions. Should I be concerned, and quite possibly heading into another major?...



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Posted by Lindsey E.’s Avatar Lindsey E.
Monesha Jemia
Monesha Jemia "MJ" Carter | Mass Media/Daily Press Hi Lindsey:This is a valid question. The industry is changing with ...

Which degree is more advantageous for a copy editor?


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Posted by Emily M.’s Avatar Emily M.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential The best way to determine what might be the most advantageous ...

What’s the best way to improve on your writing skills ex. Essay

I normally don’t struggle to write, because once I have and idea it all goes fine. I just have trouble coming up with new and exciting things to write about when it comes to personal essays, college essays etc. if you know of any good way to improve my writing as far as vocabulary or formatting...

#creative-writing #general #journalism #author #writing


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Posted by Destiny W.’s Avatar Destiny W.
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Sean O'Donnell | Senior Writer | Manager at PwC 1) Just ask someone. If you need a topic or subject, ...
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Susan E. Oser | Contributing Writer at Vape Magazine It depends where the best and most opportunity is. If its ...

What's the most comfortable and steady position to be in when it comes to journalism while still making a difference?

By making a difference I mean having an impact by giving news to the world without constantly feeling like you're "missing a deadline" or stressing about giving news as fast as possible. #journalism...



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Posted by Sergio P.’s Avatar Sergio P.

What's a good major to pursue if you have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies and you enjoy subjects involving English/Writing?

By 18, if I work hard enough, I should have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies, though now I'm wondering if I still want to pursue a career focused entirely on health. I've always struggled with math, which as I've found is quite involved in this field, making me reconsider my...

#professionals #liberalarts #linguistics #healthcareer #creativewriting #english #journalism #debating #writing #professors #career #health #communications #general #opentoideas


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Posted by Sarina W.’s Avatar Sarina W.
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Lillian Wang, LMSW | Career Counselor in Higher Education There are a lot of avenues within the healthcare field that ...

Is there certain schools for Journalism?


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Posted by Messinah P.’s Avatar Messinah P.

Is journalism a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

#communications #english #journalism #college-major #writing


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Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
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Alayna Milby Yes! Journalism offers opportunities to travel and meet people from communities ...

What are some jobs that involve linguistics and journalism?

Well for one right now I am only a sophomore in high school and I'm kinda looking into colleges where I can study these topics. I just don't know if there is a lot that offers that in the work force #journalism #linguistics...


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Posted by Ty'Bria H.’s Avatar Ty'Bria H.

Journalism in the Fashion Industry

I want to go into journalism for fashion as a career. Where should I start as a student in the tenth grade? #fashion #journalism...



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Posted by Malia S.’s Avatar Malia S.
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Heenha Kim | University Of Washington Communication: Journalism I always recommend students to begin from writing down / jotting ...

What is the hardest part about being an African American woman in a white, male-dominated field?

I am an a African American woman who interested in going into the journalism profession. #journalism #magazines #online-journalism...



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Posted by Brielle S.’s Avatar Brielle S.

How can I make myself stand out through writing?

I am going into journalism and I want to stand out against my mostly male peers. #writing #journalism...



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Posted by Margaret S.’s Avatar Margaret S.
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Stefania Revelli | Editor/Marketing Professional/Career Coach Hi Margaret,While gender in the workplace and navigating a male-dominated environment ...

School subjects required to become a news anchor in India 🇮🇳 ?

Tell me the subjects needed to become news anchor. for board of class 12 #news #journalism #broadcast-journalism...



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Posted by Percy ..’s Avatar Percy ..
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Milton Puma | Assistant Producer and Video Editor Enroll in writing classes and practice writing conversation style. Practice read ...

What should I start doing to prepare myself to land internships as a freshman?


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Posted by Brittany H.’s Avatar Brittany H.
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Callie Stroud | Where creativity, a positive attitude and leading by ... As a freshman in high school, just as in any other ...

What is it like to work as a fashion magazine editor or journalist?

I am considering pursuing fashion journalism, but I don't know what the lifestyle of a journalist is. Is it mostly a desk job or would there be more walking around? #fashion #journalism...



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Posted by Atiya H.’s Avatar Atiya H.
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Kelly Landaverde | Freelance Blogger at Aventura Dance Cruise Working as a journalist is awesome. Your constantly doing different things, ...

What are the qualities that colleges look for in prospective students interested in journalism?

I really want to partake in a few colleges that I've done excessive research in regards to their journalism programs and I'm still unsure what they are looking for precisely. What appeals most to them when they think of accepting a student into their programs regarding the field of...

#communications #journalism #broadcast-media


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Posted by Fatima G.’s Avatar Fatima G.
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Lauren Breen | Video Production Manager at Coca-Cola Studios I would say colleges/universities want to see that you are dedicated ...

How to Become A Journalist?

As a high school junior, I've been thinking more and more about what I want to be when I grow up, and automatically, I knew that I wanted to do something with English. After looking at some of the careers and professions, I came across journalism and think it's great for me! However, one...

#journalism #english


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3 answers

Posted by Mia V.’s Avatar Mia V.
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Sam Seldon | Mechanical Engineer Hello Mia, You would need to go to college and major ...

how many years does iof college does it take to become a journalist?

I want to be a journalist.This topic intrigues me because i love to learn alot about my community and let the whole world know about...



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Posted by Makayla C.’s Avatar Makayla C.
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Sam Seldon | Mechanical Engineer Hello Makayla, The University of Minnesota seems to have a pretty ...

In the journalism field, what’s the best thing you can do to prepare to be a sports broadcaster?

I want to major in journalism and I want to become a sport broadcaster but I know you can’t just magically become one, there are steps. #journalism...



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Posted by Amai M.’s Avatar Amai M.
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Alexis Peters | at ESPN Hello Amai, of course it takes quite a bit of work ...

What is the typical day- to- day life of a movie critic?


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Posted by Alexis G.’s Avatar Alexis G.
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Thomas Aquilina | Graduate Student at Full Sail University There are many interpretations of a movie critic experience currently. If ...

Can Journalism really be a "lead-way" major into publishing?

My counselor knows that I wanted to be a book editor as my final career. However instead of majoring in English, she told me to major in Journalism because English is more for Education? I just wanted to know if I should put English or Journalism or if it matters. #journalism...

#english-literature #english


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Posted by Jasmine B.’s Avatar Jasmine B.
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Rachel Chace | AmeriCorps Urban Education Fellow, TutorCorps The short answer is yes, it can be. However, you need ...

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