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Career Questions tagged Journalism

Journalism is the process of collecting facts to tell a story. Journalism is a part of Mass Communications and focuses heavily on reading and writing. There are multiple different types...

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James Mar 18 41 views

What's the workflow like in journalism?

I'm a good writer and I don't think journalism would be a horrible prospect, but I can imagine that it can be strenuous what with breaking news. How tough do the scriveners of careervillage find their profession?

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Elizabeth Mar 05 49 views

How do you get into the fashion industry?

I really want to be a writer for fashion publications such as Cosmopolitan.

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Ava Feb 22 176 views

What to look for in a college...

How do I know what colleges to look at if I do not know what I want to major in? What should I look for in a college to know if it is right for me?

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Amy Feb 11 290 views

What type of job is best for me and how do I decide?

I want to find a job where I can visit and learn about different cultures and environments. I love writing, being in and helping nature, helping others, and learning & experiencing new things. With those who are in fields with similar aspirations as I, what are your professions and how did...

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Mason Feb 08 63 views

What does it take to become a sports journalist?

How do you get started in the career?

What is the pay like?

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g Dec 15, 2022 266 views

What is the typical day in the life of an investigative journalist?

I am a sophomore in high school; I want to become an investigative journalist. I am currently interning at a non-profit where I report on topics such as poverty, poverty alleviation and other worldly issues, but I really want to get a feel for "digging" up stories that could possibly make a...

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Leire Dec 09, 2022 187 views

What is recommended for someone who has interest in several fields and has trouble zoning in on one to focus on in college?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school and have increasingly been asked what I want to study in college. I struggle with this question because I am fascinated by journalism, psychology, film/cinema, and digital design. How might I be able to go about choosing one specific field?

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Leire Nov 12, 2022 243 views

What steps should I take in high school in order to study journalism at a strong university?

I am a sophomore in high school, and English has always been my favorite subject. I love to write, especially when I am able to represent stories of those who cannot or struggle to. The field of journalism is one that fascinates me, and I intend on pursuing it in college!

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callie Nov 10, 2022 399 views

sports journalism?

If you were to major in sports journalism what ways have you networked with people to start your career?

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Tabitha Oct 31, 2022 179 views

Best colleges for Journalism

Which college is the best to go to for Journalism in South Carolina?

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Za'Mare Oct 18, 2022 163 views

When you were in highschool did you start getting into writing or did you realize in college?

When you were in highschool did you start getting into writing or did you realize in college?

Za'Mare’s Avatar
Za'Mare Oct 18, 2022 161 views

When did you know you wanted to be a Writer/Author?

When did you know you wanted to be a Writer/Author?

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John Sep 29, 2022 301 views

Hey! I'm interested in being a Politician or at the very least a Journalist.

How would you start beginning the process of becoming a good speaker and a great Journalist. I was thinking about starting off by maybe starting off getting on a Podcast and speak whatever comes to mind that way. Any recommendations?

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Ty'Onna Sep 16, 2022 336 views

Journalism, Author journalism,author?

What steps do I need to take for being a author?

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Caitlin Sep 09, 2022 214 views

Can someone pivot to journalism or marketing after choosing a career in another field?

Have you seen successful writers or market coordinators who do not have their formal education in marketing or journalism? If so, do you have any tips on how to get into those fields starting without education/connections?

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Diya Aug 09, 2022 224 views

Thinking of dropping a degree and going for another one, I mean should I? After giving it a year.

I'm in my first year of a BA degree, my subjects are Psychology, English Lit & Education. Things are not working well for me, I am not liking it so far, disappointed with my college and myself. All I think of is working in the media field, taking interviews, hosting shows, working in...

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diana Jul 20, 2022 233 views

What's the right path?

What should I focus on the most if I want to be a journalist?

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Azra May 22, 2022 330 views

Which are the best universities for communications media?

I want to study communications media. But i am not sure about the country and university. I don't know which universities are better for communications media. Can you give me an advice?

Ingrid’s Avatar
Ingrid Feb 08, 2022 239 views

What school would be the best option for me if I would like to be a journalist?

I am interested in journalism, and I am curious which school would be best for this career. I would like this college to be in or near Minnesota because I would like to stay close to home. I have always been curious about what it would be like to be a journalist, so I think it will be good to...

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Anna Jan 26, 2022 313 views

Journalist Ideas

I am currently thinking about being a journalist after my studies. But I didn't really well know about being in this career. Is it hard or if you don't mind can you share your thoughts and knowledge about this professjion. #writing #college #journalism

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Kendra Jan 15, 2022 420 views

What is the best way to present myself? Can I integrating my skills into a single profession?

I have a background in healthcare and business management. I partnered with the local DHS office as a benefits counselor. I am community educator and run a small informational co-op on like. I was recently approved as a researcher with our local museum. I am not sure how to combine these into...

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Zeeshan Jan 13, 2022 348 views

what are the best copy writing examples?

#writing #journalism #writer #college #author

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Nada Jan 10, 2022 337 views

Any good ideas for what to mojor or minor with journalism? It's my dream to study it but I want to have have something to fall back on.

I'm not really good at math or sciences but I would like to be able to find something that is somehow interlinked with english or journalism so I can maybe use both of them together to help me get a job since i've heard its hard to find one. Thanks in advance and any ideas are appreciated....

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Nada Jan 09, 2022 406 views

I want to go into journalism but its not that encouraging from the things ive seen. Any advice on how to start from grade 11 to try and make that happen?

I love writing more than anything and I've always wanted to go into something that has to do with it. I have always liked spreading the word on recent events or social issues and I think journalism is the best way to do this. I would really like to pursue it in university but I've heard its...

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Jinan Nov 13, 2021 279 views

What university majors in the Middle East (or in general) open opportunities for journalism?

#journalism #media #report #college #university

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Jinan Nov 13, 2021 336 views

How can you choose what type of journalism you would like to qualify in?

Hi, I'm Jinan and I want to be a journalist however, I don't exactly understand how you can end up in the type of journalism you would like to qualify in. I would like to become a field journalist and report not only breaking news, but cultural and religious stories and ideas. #journalism...

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Kaden Nov 05, 2021 325 views

What careers can you have if you have musical theater degree?

I’m a senior at Dayspring christian school. I enjoy reading, musical theater, writing, history, helping people, telling people about God, and sports. I have not decided what I would like to do as a career after high school. #creative-writing #writing #college #journalism #football...

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Kaden Nov 01, 2021 319 views

What should I do for a career?

I’m a senior at Dayspring christian school. I enjoy reading, musical theater, writing, history, helping people, telling people about God, and sports. I have not decided what I would like to do as a career after high school. #creative-writing #writing #college #journalism #football...

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madison Oct 20, 2021 285 views

what type of broadcasting anchoring do you think lets you travel the most?

(media,news,etc...) #journalism #travel #broadcast-media

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Camryn Oct 08, 2021 442 views

What goes along with being a investigative journalist

At school,I am most interested writing and psychology.I like watching crime shows and seeing how they use forensic evidence to solve the crime .A topic that im am interested in is writing and researching certain interest of mine. What are some careers options that best align with these...