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Career Questions tagged News

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Henry Oct 17 107 views

What impact will the Israeli Palestinian conflict have on the business world in the coming years. ?

What fields will be impacted.

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Jinan Nov 13, 2021 489 views

How can you choose what type of journalism you would like to qualify in?

Hi, I'm Jinan and I want to be a journalist however, I don't exactly understand how you can end up in the type of journalism you would like to qualify in. I would like to become a field journalist and report not only breaking news, but cultural and religious stories and ideas. #journalism...

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Hana Sep 23, 2021 423 views

What is it like being able to create constantly.

#art #acting #technology #directing #movies #animation #news #camera

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Bethany Dec 18, 2019 553 views

How do I decide what major I should pick?

I am a third culture kid who has lived all over the place. I really love people and working with children , especially kids who come from rougher situations. I was looking into going in as a #psychology major but then I wanted to study more of the medicine aspect. But then I realized I love...

Percy’s Avatar
Percy Mar 20, 2018 1530 views

School subjects required to become a news anchor in India 🇮🇳 ?

Tell me the subjects needed to become news anchor. for board of class 12 #news #journalism #broadcast-journalism #career

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bianca Jan 18, 2018 768 views

What does the future hold for Journalists?

Will there always be 'fake news' or will the news become more truthful? One thing is for sure: Robots can't take our jobs away from us.

#journalism #fakenews #news #robotics #future-careers #broadcast-journalism #fashion-journalism #college-jobs

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Sep 01, 2017 947 views


I have always wanted to be a journalist, but with all the controversy over the news and the lack of interest towards newspapers, how do I know if I'm making the right choice? How much money will I make? Will it be enough to support myself? I'm worried that I'm making a bad choice by pursuing...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 24, 2016 1176 views

What is the Outlook for mechanical engineering?

I want to know what is going on right now for mechanical engineering. What kind of projects are being worked on that can be essential for our world? I would like to know what there is that should be done. What can I do with knowledge of mechanical engineering? #career #mechanical-engineering...

Micaela’s Avatar
Micaela May 26, 2016 971 views

How do you think that your first year of college changed you?

Being a junior in college I have seen so much growth mentally. I feel as though I am a whole new person after the experiences I have had or have been put through. I wanted to know if anyone else has ever felt that they too have changed at all, and in what ways? #college #education...

Surya’s Avatar
Surya May 18, 2016 958 views

To become a sports man how much we should read?

I'm interested in being an expert in sports. What publications should I read to keep up to date on everything happening in the sports world? #college #sports #educators #person #athletics #news #career

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 13, 2016 1190 views

I really love to write, but I heard the journalism field is hard to get into. Where should I start?

I am thinking about majoring in journalism at Kansas University but I want to know if it's going to be worth my time. I really enjoy writing stories and designing pages for my school's newspaper. #journalism #writing #news #newspaper

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 13, 2016 903 views

I have been on the newspaper staff at my school all four years of high school. I am thinking about continuing in college but I also think that online journalism sounds really fun also, which one would be the most beneficial?

I love working on the newspaper but I also love having news at the touch of a finger 24/7. Their is also a lot more designing I would be able to do online. #journalism #writing #media #news #newspaper #online-media

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 26, 2015 1434 views

Should I pay attention to politics, or wait to learn about them when I am older?

I think politics are interesting but I don't know if I should pay attention to them.
#education #government #politics #news

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Oscar Sep 17, 2015 1630 views

Is being a newscaster hard?

I am thinking about becoming a newscaster for my career in life. #journalism #news #newscaster

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RJ Dec 04, 2014 4360 views

What does a typical college journalism class look like

I am asking because I am interested in becoming a newspaper journalist, sports journalist, or broadcast journalist after college #sports #journalism #news #newspaper

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Sean Mar 17, 2014 1605 views

Is journalism a good field to go into right now? If you are a journalist, do you have any tips?

I am EXTREMELY interested in being a journalist, anything will help! #journalism #advice #news