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I have been on the newspaper staff at my school all four years of high school. I am thinking about continuing in college but I also think that online journalism sounds really fun also, which one would be the most beneficial?

I love working on the newspaper but I also love having news at the touch of a finger 24/7. Their is also a lot more designing I would be able to do online. journalism writing media news newspaper online-media

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2 answers

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Stefania’s Answer

Congratulations on all the remarkable accomplishments you've had! If journalism, writing, content development or communications are part of your professional goals down the road, I'd highly recommend you trust your instincts and continue the work you started in high school. Communication skills, regardless of industry, are very marketable and sought after. I think you'd be very wise to invest time in learning the digital side of the industry as that's the primary way people consume the news today. Knowing both the traditional and digital sides will no doubt help you significantly in your job hunting down the road. Good Luck! - Stefania

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Meredith’s Answer

Communication skills are good to have no matter what your background. That said, as the news industry increasingly moves toward the digital space, online journalism skills will make you much more marketable. Especially if you have a general knowledge of storytelling across various media including copy, photos and videos. Even if you decide on a degree in print journalism, get some digital content production skills under your belt to round out your resume!