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Career Questions tagged Online Media

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Nov 06, 2017 794 views

How can I be a funny YouTuber and is it worth it

the reason I'm asking is because I want to be a YouTuber and half of my fanbase will be on what type of commentary I will use like have a serious or funny approach and I want to be the best I can .

#youtuber #social-media #content-creation #media-production #online-media

Astrud’s Avatar
Astrud Sep 01, 2017 1642 views

Is it better to get good grades or to make connections?

Hi, there! I'm curious as to how to succeed in school, and I'd love to know what my priorities should be. A lot of people have told me that connections are the best resource we get from college, and that it's what most helps with our aspirations. I'm hoping to become a photojournalist,...

Faith ’s Avatar
Faith Sep 01, 2017 875 views

What are some college courses to consider for working abroad?

My dream is to travel the world, but I obviously need a good source of income in order to do that. Writing/editing has always interested me, and so a career doing something similar to that would be great. However, I'm very open to other ideas: I've heard #web-design and #transcriptionist have...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Feb 09, 2017 792 views

How valuable are Lyndia courses or other free learning courses in the job world? Is it something that would go under skills in your resume?

I am a junior in college. #career #online-marketing #online-media #job-application #personal-development

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 13, 2016 821 views

I have been on the newspaper staff at my school all four years of high school. I am thinking about continuing in college but I also think that online journalism sounds really fun also, which one would be the most beneficial?

I love working on the newspaper but I also love having news at the touch of a finger 24/7. Their is also a lot more designing I would be able to do online. #journalism #writing #media #news #newspaper #online-media

Jose Luis’s Avatar
Jose Luis Mar 23, 2015 1431 views

What career choices are there for someone who is looking for a job in psychology, but is also interested in computer engineering and social media?

I'm asking because I want to know if there's a profession out there that involves all these things I'm interested in. I like hands on things and working with people, but I also like technology. #psychology #computer-engineering #social-work #computer-engineer #online-media