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Career Questions tagged Online Marketing

JWILLY’s Avatar
JWILLY Mar 18, 2021 596 views

Is it good to be involved in the stock market?

I am a middle school student who wants to get involved in the stock market. #web-marketing #marketing #online-marketing #stocks-investing #stock-market

Karim’s Avatar
Karim Jan 23, 2018 634 views

What is the first step in starting an online business?

I am interested in starting an online business.
#sneakers #onlinekicks #freshkicks #entrepreneurship #small-business #online-marketing

Hanna’s Avatar
Hanna Jan 16, 2018 648 views

What would be the best way to start a business in flipping houses?

I want to be an interior designer and I want to help people create a home of their own,but don’t know how to start or what college is best for my specific major. #business #online-marketing #interior-design

Faith ’s Avatar
Faith Sep 01, 2017 853 views

What are some college courses to consider for working abroad?

My dream is to travel the world, but I obviously need a good source of income in order to do that. Writing/editing has always interested me, and so a career doing something similar to that would be great. However, I'm very open to other ideas: I've heard #web-design and #transcriptionist have...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Feb 09, 2017 779 views

How valuable are Lyndia courses or other free learning courses in the job world? Is it something that would go under skills in your resume?

I am a junior in college. #career #online-marketing #online-media #job-application #personal-development

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Jan 25, 2017 789 views

What are some tips for someone who wants to land their first internship in marketing?

I'm looking to do my first internship this summer. #online-marketing

Caylyn ’s Avatar
Caylyn Dec 17, 2016 931 views

Do you need internship experience in order to get hired at a marketing firm after graduation?

I am a junior in college and thinking about possible jobs I will be applying for after graduation. A lot of my peers are scrambling to find internships in their degree fields, and I was just wondering if it's possible to get hired at a good firm without an internship. #business-management...

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Nov 01, 2016 2037 views

How do I get internships for my major if I do not have much experience in the field?

Hi, I am Nicole and I am a student in college. I am a Marketing major and am required to finish 2 internships before I graduate. The only thing is, I haven't had any experience in marketing before so landing my first internship may be difficult. Any advice? #marketing #internships...

raiyan’s Avatar
raiyan Jul 22, 2016 724 views

is there any online job that i can do if i dont have any experience? can any one suggest some?

I am a poor student. And need a part time job. #student #student-development #online-marketing

Syed’s Avatar
Syed Jun 17, 2016 2795 views

How do I get into the advertising industry?

Advertisement and Marketing. #marketing #advertising #online-marketing #online-advertising #market

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 27, 2016 6176 views

What is the toughest thing about being in sales?

What are some tricks you learned on the way? #business #social-media #sales #online-marketing