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How do I get into the advertising industry?

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7 answers

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John’s Answer

Best option is to go to college and enter it that way if you can. Other alternative is to do an internship at an advertising agency but most agencies will want a college degree, but worth a try. You could also enter into advertising by using say a computer skill set you might have on graphics or graphics design tied to an advertising agency and then try to switch roles after a period of time into more creative advertising or another role.
There are many options. Explore and do not get discouraged. Network with others that might work in an agency and ask them for help.

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Miriam’s Answer

You may be able to get an entry level role in advertising sales without a college degree, but it would be mostly cold calling. Or you could look at a marketing agency for an office admin role to see what the life is like. Mostly though, you will need at least a two year degree in communications or business before getting a full time job.

That being said, while you are working on your degree or saving up for it, you could ask your employer to let you run the social media campaigns or work with whoever runs the marketing, advertising or website to learn from them and get some useful skills.

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Faseeh’s Answer

Brilliant! You have a nice future with advertising. The roadmap to an advertising career is filled with fun. However a lot has to do with team work and innovative thinking.
Best way to enjoy advertising is to enter a college, get a degree associated with communication and business. And then spread your wings and grab the opportunities that come in.
Its a long drive into the field, but its satisfying and rewarding when you progress. There is a lot to do with Innovative thinking or what we generally call as Out of Box thinking. You can be assured that a degree and immense talent will be all that is required to proceed in this field.

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Bobby’s Answer

Great question, as you can clearly see there are many different routes you can take to land a job in advertising. As many professors stressed during college, connections is key. It's not about what you know, it's about WHO you know! Personally, I went to college and majored in Film to later minor in Marketing where I took many awesome advertising and promotions courses. Following graduation the road to a job definitely took some time, so stay patient and stay persistent. The right opportunity will come at the perfect time. Network as often as possible, reach out to people in LinkedIn, everyone loves to try to be a resource!

I applied to over 400 jobs following graduation, you read that right, 400! It wasn't until I met a friend of a friend who worked in advertising. I sent over my resume and next thing you know I'm finally in the industry! Just goes to show how important networking is and keeping your connections strong! One of my film professors always used to say, "People like working with their friends, so make as many as you can!"

Hope this helped!

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Mohamed’s Answer

An advertising career with a degree can prepare you for a wide array of industry jobs. You could do internship with an advertising agency and work towards long term career in advertising and PR.

If you are enthusiastic, naturally driven, creative, optimistic, and have the ability to multi task then advertising is the best career option for you. People skills are a vital requirement for this career as it makes one understand what a client needs and also helps in effective decision making. An institution running advertising related courses can help train and develop students to pick up traits such as:

  1. Effective communication

  2. Presentation and management

  3. Team and leadership skills

  4. Stress and pressure management

  5. Persuasiveness

  6. Confidence

  7. Competitiveness

Advertising is the art of conveying a message to the masses. Advertisements generally persuade people about commercial products, services and even draw attention towards social issues. Advertising is one of the chief divisions of any industry that ensures the industry’s competitiveness in the corporate milieu. Indian advertising industry is on a roll and is all set to provide quality job to thousands of individuals in next few years.

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Shetty’s Answer

the best way to persue career in advertising is to enrol into courses offer mass communications. Multiple options available in India, either do BBA in marketing or more specialised bachelor degree in the communication space.

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Arun’s Answer

With apprenticeships, you can earn and learn, working in the advertising and marketing communications industry while you learn both on the job and at college, so as to give you really strong foundations on which to build your career. For advertising and marketing communications, here are the courses you need to know about so that you can Pick.
The Higher Apprenticeship in Advertising and Marketing Communications offers you the opportunity to work in your chosen industry while gaining a recognized qualification.
As an apprentice you will gain real experience of the workplace, a broader understanding of the industry and finish your training ready to work and with a network of professional contacts Degree Courses: This is the quality mark that's awarded by industry to the degree courses that have the closest links with industry, that provide the highest level of industry-relevant education, and that offer the facilities that match what's being used in the industry.