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Jshantanna . May 23, 2012 16910 views

what are the pros and cons of becoming a psychiatrist?

I am a junior at democracy prep charter school and i am interested in majoring in psycology....


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Sai R. Apr 16, 2016 3777 views

what is system hardware

i want be a hardware engineer #computer #computer-hardware...


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Archibald H. Apr 27, 2016 1592 views

which is best program language ?

I want to learn a program language, which is the best ? c,c plus plus, java,python,c#or vb?...


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Farhath S. Apr 28, 2016 524 views
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manjunath S. May 03, 2016 650 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

i have completed 10 th std. Next are some next steps I can take to become an IAS officer? #educator #government #military #career...


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siddartha V. May 05, 2016 607 views

i want to become a police officer

Now i am studying PUC, after PUC completed which course i should take?...


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Treshaun M. May 05, 2016 660 views

How do I become a physical therapist?

I'm interested in getting into the field. #physical-therapy #education #career...


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jyothi R. May 12, 2016 889 views

I want to became a teacher

i have completed 10th, so i want to became a Teacher, please help me...


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nirupnayak M. May 18, 2016 682 views

i want to do I T I

i want to do I T I when what I want to red...


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shabhana H. May 23, 2016 484 views

how to become a D pharmacy?

i have completed 12th.i have interested in this cource #doctor #educator...


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Khaja P. Jun 22, 2016 474 views

What should I do to get a job after graduation?

I want some suggestions as to what fields i could enter with my degree, post-graduation....


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sameera F. Jun 23, 2016 992 views
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