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Abhisri D.’s Avatar
Abhisri D. Sep 08 141 views

GWC: Where can I get an instructor for Girls Who Code Club at my school?

HI I am in the process of setting up the GWC Club at my school. Is there anyway we can have an Instructor (Online) who can guide us in coding at the club? That will be more helpful to be productive in the club. Any advice will be helpful. information-technology computer-software...

computer-engineering technology computer tech

Eileen E.’s Avatar
Eileen E. Sep 19 61 views

What do I need to do to become a dental hygienist?

It’s my last year of high school. I’ve really been wanting to become one dental...


Taylor  B.’s Avatar
Taylor B. Sep 03, 2015 1013 views

What do yo need to become a carpenter?

I am a senior in high school and building cabinets is a passion of mine. What Does it take to open up your own business? business...


Daniel L.’s Avatar
Daniel L. Oct 21 30 views

Best Route to Become a Correctional Officer or Sheriff

As my senior year in high school is coming to an end, I have decided that I want to graduate early and get started on my college basic classes (general classes like math, English, electives, etc..) I have decided that I would like to go to Csun and major into Criminology and Justice but sadly I...

police-officer california law-enforcement police lasd csun

Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. Aug 28, 2016 795 views

Arduino Projects

What are some good websites for Arduino projects? My brother and I want to build a quadcopter because we saw it in a video, please help!! engineering arduino...


Hailey J.’s Avatar
Hailey J. May 12, 2016 603 views

What are some ways to connect with a kid when they're having attention difficulties, attitude difficulties, etc?

I want to be an elementary school teacher and I want to get the best advice I can so I can be prepared in order to properly teach young children. teaching teacher...


Armine M.’s Avatar
Armine M. Feb 07, 2017 507 views

Is there any website that I could sell products online with minimal fees?

Hi, I would like to start my own business/website, in which I would like to sell some fashion items. I would like to know if there is a website that allows you to blog and sell items with minimal fees. business fashion business-development websites selling...


Sarah D.’s Avatar
Sarah D. May 16, 2016 641 views

What are future jobs looking for in college grads?

What should I get involved in in college that will stand out on a job application after college? college...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 26, 2016 610 views

What are some ways to job shadow someone?

I know that at my age there are little to no volunteering opportunities or internships or the like in the field that I want to get a taste of. So I am wondering if there are any OB/GYNs who are available to job shadow or if someone knows how to ask someone if they would be willing to be...

jobs obstetrics job-shadowing gynecology

Fabrizio C.’s Avatar
Fabrizio C. Oct 27, 2016 681 views

What is the average day of a mechanical engineer?

I want to explore my options as to what type of engineering field I would like to pursue....


Cristian G.’s Avatar
Cristian G. May 27, 2016 544 views

For an engineering profession, will an engineer be required to have taken the FE Exam? (Fundamentals of Engineering)

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year and my advisor said that if i take the FE exam, i wont have to take a engineering elective but i have seen a FE practice exam and i haven't taken the proper class that i will be taking until my last semester. I would like to know if in the...

engineer exam career engineering

Albert P.’s Avatar
Albert P. Mar 26, 2018 676 views

What is the difference between data science and machine learning?

I've been looking into data science careers, and I know that it is closely related with machine learning and big data. I'm confused as to what the difference between data science and machine learning is, and also how big data plays in a part in both fields. What exactly is data science and...

data-analysis data-mining computer-software big-data data-visualization data-science data machine-learning computer-science

Demetrio G.’s Avatar
Demetrio G. Dec 23, 2016 535 views


Does anyone think that certifications are valuable to getting into the field of career, or can you simply can an entry level job with no experience what so ever. Does any one think Comptia A+ certifications are worth it or not? certifications entrylevel...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 18, 2016 522 views

Who are some people I can talk to about everything that has to do with IB?

I want someone I can depend on who can tell me how an IB education works, what are the benefits, is the time that it takes up worth it, etc. high-school-classes ib-diploma...


Zoe N.’s Avatar
Zoe N. Oct 06 31 views

what major should to become a forensic pathologist?

I know it needs to be a science major but what science major is best to start with...


Brayan C.’s Avatar
Brayan C. Sep 22 71 views

Do pharmacist go into debt? If so how much on average?

I want to know if this career will involve me trying to pay back lots of debt. I want to pay as minimal as possible financial-planning...


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