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With a heavy focus on solving puzzles, mathematical skills, and learning a computer language, computer science focuses on software and software systems. Popular careers include programming, hardware engineer, and data...

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imoni S. Jan 15 94 views

How many years of college do i have to do to become a computer science support specialist ?

I am a 12th grade student and I would like to major in computer science and become a computer science support specialist. #computer-science #college #computer...


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Brandon W. Dec 17, 2019 67 views

What kind of challenges will I be facing as a Data Scientist?

I am 24 and I really like numbers and statistics. I have a variety of experiences in computer skills ranging from HTML and programming, to hardware and software installation. I never really considered a job in computers however the education required versus the salary available is very...

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lawton P. Dec 13, 2019 80 views

how hard is computer networking/coding?

i like computers a lot and was just wondering how hard this stuff is, i know quite a bit....


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Anthony E. Dec 04, 2019 136 views

what carrier should i have

I love playing basketball and football but i am not that athletic to become one. I do love science like the solar system. i like building things. Also like working on computers. I also want to learn how to cook. #computer-science #sports...


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Ram L. Nov 26, 2019 92 views

How different would a path be for someone wanting to do data science work by taking a graduate program in Business Analytics instead of the traditional Data Science path?

Hi, I'm a Computer Science graduate. I'm planning for a Master's program and the Business Analytics program looks interesting, but most programs are 10months, comparing that with a MSCS programs? How different of a job role would it be. Thanks. #computer-science #business #graduate-school...

#business-analytics #masters-program

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collin S. Nov 19, 2019 71 views

what do I need to do to get a career in computer science? Mainly video game design.

I don't know if I want to do programming or computer repair. I'm t Just in the field of computers. I'm learning C# right now #computer-science #computer-programming #computer...


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Alex H. Nov 14, 2019 79 views

What classes should I take in high school to best prepare me for a job in computer science?

I'm interested in computer programming and I want to make sure the classes I'm taking will help me out in that field. #computer-science...


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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 63 views

Where is the highest job rate for a computer animator?

Where is the computer animator job highest #computer-science #computer #animation...


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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 52 views

What skills are needed to be a computer animator?

I want to know what is needed to know in order to be a computer animator #computer-science #computer #career...


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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 47 views

How many years in school are needed to be a computer animator?

i want to know how many years it is needed to be in school to be a computer animator #computer-science #computer...


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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 39 views

What does a computer animator do?

I want to know what a computer animator does on a day to day bases. #computer-science #computer...


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Jonathan C. Nov 08, 2019 40 views

How much money does a computer animator make?

I want to know what the average salary of a computer animator #computer-science # #salary...


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Julionna C. Nov 08, 2019 77 views

why did you pick computer programming?

# #computer-science and i love...

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Mason R. Oct 29, 2019 104 views

What degree(s) should I look into if I want to work with computers for a living. i.e. building them, repairing them?

I'm currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Modern Music - Drums, but it's not at all bringing joy to my life. Typically, when I feel overworked or stressed my go-to thing to do is video games. When it comes to this kind of hardware I have definitely encountered problems (as you do) with...

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