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Muntasir M. Aug 31, 2018 210 views

Is a Physics major smart?

I've always had a love for science and a career in physics would be perfect. However, the job field for physics majors is very competitive and finding a good job that isn't a high school teacher is rare. Should I still pursue this major? #physics...


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Claire K. Aug 29, 2018 187 views

What is the day-to-day of being a scientific researcher?

What does a physics or chemistry researcher to every day? Is it more experiments or number crunching? #physics #chemistry #research...


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Amberly S. Aug 27, 2018 224 views

Is space exploration a foreseeable sight within the near future?

Space exploration has always fascinated me, but space exploration, or at least chatter pertaining to space exploration, has dulled immeasurably in the past few years. Have we given up on manned space expeditions? #astronomy #space #nasa #physics...


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Alex R. May 29, 2018 337 views

What can you do with a Ph.D in physics?

I have always wanted to get a Ph.d. in physics. I planned to do electrical engineering or computer science and then get a Ph.d. in physics. My main issue is that I am not sure what being a physicist entails, aside from academia. I would like to know what someone with a Ph.d. in physics could...

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Katie K. Jun 27, 2018 250 views

I want to be an aerospace engineer. How many years of college is required?

How many years of college did you have to attend, what college did you go to, and how many PhD and degrees do you need to be an aerospace engineer? What is the average salary for a aerospace engineer and how many hours do you work per day? Thanks for answering my questions.#engineering...

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Tory M. Jul 13, 2018 164 views
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Alexandra C. Jun 20, 2018 285 views

Is physics a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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Alexandra C. Jun 20, 2018 283 views

Best colleges for science majors?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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Valerie E. Apr 26, 2018 276 views

What can I expect from Physics?

I will be taking Physics next year along with organic chemistry. I'm an average student. Should I be worried about this course load? #physics...


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Kate R. Apr 26, 2018 229 views

How achievable is it to open up my own architecture firm?

I am a woman who plans on being a licensed architect with a Master's degree, and also plans to have a home and children. How difficult would it be to open my own firm? How will debt come in to the equation, and how long would it take? #architecture #architect #architecture-and-planning #math...

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Dylan S. Jan 17, 2018 319 views

People at Bobcat, what is it like?

I am highly considering applying for an internship at Bobcat. I would like to be a part of the design process or at least something that would make use of my skills with computers, math, and physics. #bobcat #internships #computers #math...


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Sage B. Jan 16, 2018 320 views

What are the different branches of Astronomy that I can go into?

That is the career I would like to go into, so knowing what I can do to be prepared would be very helpful. #astronomy #aerospace #science #stem...


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Cody B. Jan 16, 2018 227 views

Research opportunities for physics/astronomy?

What kind of jobs can I get into after college that will allow me to research astrophysics/astronomy? I don't want to teach, I'd rather research and publish scientific papers. #astrophysics #science #physics #research...


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Cody B. Jan 16, 2018 277 views

How can I find internships to get ahead in astrophysics research?

I want to become an astrophysicist and would like to find internships to pursue during summers while out of school. Also any other kinds of physics research would be nice as well. #physics #astrophysics #science...


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Vicky R. Jan 16, 2018 253 views

What's the procedure to go into research in the field of astronomy?

I am passionate about physics and mathematics. I would like to go into research , specifically in the field of astronomy. #physics #math #research...


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Dhrumil S. Jan 16, 2018 213 views

Is pairing computer science with applied physics feasible?

I am an aspiring student awaiting replies from universities but I wanted to know if the burden of taking comp sci and applied physics both, manageable in university. #college #computer #computer-science #physics #double-major...


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Shalini S. Jan 12, 2018 193 views

Which books of physics are good for JEE advanced ?

about the physics books #studying #exams...


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Nadja Y. Jan 10, 2018 284 views

How do I find an internship that involves physics?

I am a freshman in high school in the bay area, and I am fascinated by physics, but I don’t know if I want to do it as a career. I am really interested in getting more hands on experience, but I don’t know what opportunities would be available for people my age. #physics...


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Mikayla C. Apr 12, 2018 285 views

It is worth it to keep music in my life as I pursure college and careers?

All throughout k-12 school, music has been a big part of my life. Playing principal clarinet in numerous all-state events and solo contests throughout my high school career has been a big part of my life. However, I am probably going to pursue science in college, and I am wondering if I should...

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Catherine N. Apr 03, 2018 298 views

How do you start getting involved in research in college if you have never done it before?

As an aspiring physicist or astrophysicist, I know that research is a central part of the job. However, I have never been involved in research in high school and want to pursue it in college. #science #physics...


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Bethany S. Mar 15, 2018 174 views

Better study method for math?

I am currently enrolled in a Forensic Sciences degree program. This course, as you can imagine, will require me to take Calculus and Physics. In high school I was terrible at math, even though I was having around seven hours of tutoring sessions a week. Does anyone have any good methods for...

#calculus #mathtrouble #physics

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Abby L. Jan 20, 2018 338 views

How do I survive high school physics?

I love physics and study it on my own time, but I'm bored with what we're learning in class. How do I make it through another half year of a subject I love but a class I'm not into? #physics #high-school-classes #high-school-students...


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Mackenzie G. Jan 18, 2018 292 views

Do I have to take physics in high school to be a successful engineer?

Unfortunately, I decided on my major late in my high school career. Because of this, I did not take physics in high school, but want to be an engineer in the future. Should I be dissuaded from the field if I did not take physics in high school? And is high school physics a necessity to...

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Sylvia E. Jan 11, 2018 306 views

I want to be an acoustical engineer - what can I do to start now?

I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm interested in becoming an acoustical engineer. I play an instrument and I enjoy physics and math. I know that acoustical engineers need to have at least a masters degree and experience in the field. What can I do now to get started? How and where do I get...

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Abby L. Nov 23, 2017 290 views

How much will being a girl in physics help me in the college process?

I know we're only about 20% of the field, but I'm wondering what the advantage will be with regard to undergrad admissions. #college-admissions #college #college...


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Abby L. Nov 08, 2017 413 views

What technical institutes also have good theater opportunities?

I'm looking to go into physics/astrophysics, but I'm also an avid theatrical actor. Are there any universities that are strong in both? #college #theater #physics #astrophysics #college-selection #college-major...


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RAVI M. Oct 13, 2017 429 views

How to get admission in IIT for post-graduation?

I have completed my B.Sc. from #physics, now I want to pursue for my post-graduation. Is there anyone who can tell me that how to get admission in IIT to pursue for master’s? #masters #masters-degree...


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Sarah P. May 20, 2016 363 views

As a physics major, how much do the classes I take now affect what I can do while working on a masters degree? If I major in chemistry and not computer science, could that make me ineligible for a project I would have otherwise wanted to work on?

I am majoring in physics and minoring in chemistry, and I am worried that I will not have enough engineering or computer science education by the time I graduate, since those two disciplines are tied so closely to physics. #college #computer-science #engineer #physics #college...