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Career Questions tagged Physics

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Victoria Mar 21 36 views

I will be majoring in astrophysics in college, but am not entirely convinced by my major selection because I think it will restrict me to fewer jobs than, for example, a physics degree. Is there really a difference in what I major in if it's related to STEM?

I'll be graduating this year and am hoping to major in something that I enjoy that could provide financial stability in the future.

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Irah Mar 13 39 views

What can I do to be an astronomer? What classes would I take in college? Is it expensive to be one?

I'm in 11th grade in high school, the sky interests me and fills my head with questions, theories, and emotions. I would like to know how to be one who studies the sky?

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Abby Feb 28 80 views

Astronomy Benefiets?

What benefits are there in being an astronomer? What things do you study?

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Abby Feb 28 82 views


What does the life of an astronomer look like?

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Abby Feb 28 93 views

What do Astronomers do?

What do Astronomers do?

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Steven Feb 28 132 views

How do you organize your time as a physicist or engineer?

How do you organize your time as a physicist or engineer?

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Vincent Feb 17 117 views

What are the prerequisite of astro physics?

I am interest in learning more about physics within our world. Space is a very unique and it's a vast area that we humans have only dabbled in. The universe is indefinite and learning more about the subject will help us explore more about the realm of space and its functionality.

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Judit Nov 13, 2022 302 views

What jobs can I get with a Bachelors in Architect?

Hi! Lately, I have been interested in the field of Architecture. Mostly because I really like math and also the art aspect of it. Yet, If I only end up getting the bachelors, what job(s) can I get out of it?

Edmund’s Avatar
Edmund Nov 10, 2022 260 views

What’s the best way to get into the nuclear physics field?

I have always been interested in nuclear physics, and I was wondering how best to enter the field, whether through an internship, basic career entry, or post-doc.

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Kristina Nov 10, 2022 462 views

How difficult is it to find a career after graduating from an astronomy major?

I really enjoy my physics class and I want to major in astronomy, but am not sure what I want to do with it after college. I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to find a career that I will really love.

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joseph Nov 09, 2022 309 views

What jobs would allow for my skill in Spanish and my years of Spanish Immersion to be best used?

I have been taking Spanish Immersion for all of my life within my district, therefore I would like to find a job that will make all my learning worth it. I am also into other jobs such as physics and law, but still I would like to use Spanish within my job or place of work

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Marvin Oct 27, 2022 292 views

Is physics required if you're a cs major in college?

I was told that as a cs major, you are required to take a few physics classes but I don't really see the correlation between physics and cs so I'm not really sure.

brody’s Avatar
brody Oct 06, 2022 323 views

what are 5-10 specific things you do as a photonics engineer?

I've been looking into many engineering paths and one that interests me is photonics, and i was wondering what are some things/projects that you work with on a daily basis. Also do you work independently or with a team.

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Aaron Sep 06, 2022 325 views

What’s it like to be an astronomer? What was the process of becoming an astronomer?

I’m very curious at to what it is like to be an astronomer

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Ashton Sep 02, 2022 364 views

What path in college would I need to take to get a job in Physics.

I am interested in becoming a physicist but I do not know what path/classes to take in college.

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Jul 31, 2022 305 views

Is earning an astronomy degree hard?

What's involved in earning an astronomy degree? Does involve a lot of math, physics, and theoretical classes? What classes would one take?

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sakshi prasad Jul 05, 2022 248 views

confused about what to pursue in college

hi, I am a student currently studying in class 12th with major subjects as math, physics and chemistry. I'm really confused about the career should pursue further. I'm interested in being a commercial pilot but taking aeronautical engineering as an ug course will leave me with minimal options....

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Aliza Apr 22, 2022 355 views

States of matter

Can there be more than 5 states of matter on earth.
And what actually is plasma and B.C.E states of matter

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Apr 06, 2022 353 views

What's the difference between working in a lab and working in R&D for a company?

I'm graduating with my bachelor's degree in physics this May (yay!), and I learned that I loved working in the lab, performing experiments, doing computational analyses, drawing conclusions, etc. I'd love to work in a lab at some point but there seem to be a lot of entry barriers for physicists...

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Jessie Apr 03, 2022 333 views

Courses in high school

A lot of colleges recommend that students take all three fundamentals of science (biology, chemistry, physics), however I'm looking into doing AP Biology instead of doing physics since biology is more related to my field of interest. Will that affect anything when I'm applying to college?

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Abby Mar 02, 2022 345 views

As a new graduate (bachelor's in physics), can I apply for internships as a way to get my foot in the door?

I'm trying to find research (possibly contracting) positions in physics, laser science, data science, or imaging science. Looking at indeed, the only entry level positions I find are for new PhDs. Could internships be a good route to getting a foot in the door for full time positions?...

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Alexander Mar 02, 2022 255 views

How do you decide what college to pick?

I want to be a physicist but I don't know what college I should try to get into. Any recommendation? #college-advice #physics

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Arlen Dec 24, 2021 403 views

I would like to know what the process is like, how is the work environment is in both fields, and if you had to go through the process again what would you have done differently? What career advice would you give me when entering the work force

I enjoy learning about space and physics. I am in the national guard as a uh-60 repair man an often around aircraft. #physics, #engineering, #college, #science, #career, #aerospace,#astrophysics

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Walker Nov 12, 2021 305 views

What are some of the careers in physics?

I am a junior in High School, interested in physics and baseball, and I am looking to start my search for colleges. #physics #college

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Belamie Nov 10, 2021 410 views

I want to be an astronomer, I like maths and physics.What's the next step?

#physics #math #astronomy #science

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Jose Nov 01, 2021 245 views

What can be some of the best job options after studying physics?

Hello I’m Jose, right now I’m doing an exchange student program so I traveled from Spain to here, America, so I can learn about your culture and to perfect my English as much as I can. One of my dream careers I would love to study as I also love that subject is physics. So my question here is...

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siyanda Oct 29, 2021 258 views

What is the best course to be taken after getting a bachelors degree in physics and chemistry

I am a second year university student, studying toward BSc in #chemistry and #physics

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Abby Oct 25, 2021 456 views

What does an applications engineer do?

I've heard mention of the job title "applications engineer" at an optics conference I attended recently. It seems like they work with customers to develop a product based on the customer's specifications. I'm interested in science communication and hands-on physics / engineering. Is this the...

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Jacky Sep 28, 2021 310 views

What are the benefits to be a nuclear engineer?

#nuclear #engineer #monitoring #physics #mathematics

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Gudani Aug 22, 2021 449 views

How can I find a part time job? I'm a student in BSC(physics and Chemistry)

I am a hardworking student who want to be independent in life
#women's must rise #physics #chem #chemistry #STEM #science