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Career Questions tagged Time

Ramiro H.’s Avatar
Ramiro H. Nov 17, 2021 236 views

How long did it take you in order to be in the position you are right now, career wise.

#career #career-choice #time

Kaiyi T.’s Avatar
Kaiyi T. Mar 15, 2021 212 views

How many hours do you have to work that day and what is your job?

#job #time

Sean P.’s Avatar
Sean P. Oct 27, 2020 516 views

How much time goes into being a real estate agent and how can I manage it?

I have a lot of interest in real estate and want to get to know the business more.#Time management # Real estate #business #college

Anjali P.’s Avatar
Anjali P. Feb 04, 2020 413 views

What's the best advice for someone studying abroad?

I am studying abroad in Madrid, Spain this semester. I would love to hear anyone's advice or opinions! Specifically, some topics that have interested me are: traveling on a budget, learning Spanish/Spanish fluency, making/keeping friends abroad, and time management. #study-abroad #college...

Erin W.’s Avatar
Erin W. Nov 14, 2019 709 views

How many hours do Neonatal Nurses usually work?

#time #nursing #children #health #hospital

Erin W.’s Avatar
Erin W. Nov 14, 2019 447 views

What kind of hours do Neonatal Nurses work?

#time #nursing #children #health #hospital

Fatima B.’s Avatar
Fatima B. May 03, 2019 766 views

How can I keep my schedule organized?

I need more time to hang out with friends
#school #time #time-management #student #college #work-life-balance

Ely M.’s Avatar
Ely M. May 03, 2019 278 views

How many years do you need to be in college to become an Archeologist?

#college #time

Kaylee H.’s Avatar
Kaylee H. Oct 17, 2018 689 views

How do you balance your family and faith life within the chaotic and busy event planning industry?

#event #planning # #event-planning #time #management #balance #career #future #business #familylife

Karen F.’s Avatar
Karen F. Aug 28, 2018 494 views

How can I balance college and working?

I have financial struggles therefore I need to work. I need help with managing time and having a balance so I don't stress myself out. #time #work-life-balance

Mauricio F.’s Avatar
Mauricio F. Aug 16, 2018 661 views

How do you handle homework and recreational activities?

Whenever you are enrolled in an academically intensive major, you get assigned a lot of homework and reading assignments. My questions revolves around the idea of how exactly do you find the time for your personal engagements and do well in your courses without sacrificing all of your time to...

Emily B.’s Avatar
Emily B. May 27, 2018 679 views

How does working long hours affect your relationships, hobbies, and interests?

I'd like to direct this question mainly to those in the medical field because that is what I'm looking to go into, but any insights are greatly appreciated! Even as a high school student I've had to put some of hobbies and interests on the back burner because of all of the school work and...

Hannah E.’s Avatar
Hannah E. May 19, 2018 454 views

How will I be able to manage my time in college?

As a nursing major, how will I be able to keep up with my studies and be a successful member of a college? #nursing #time #management

Joshua H.’s Avatar
Joshua H. Jan 23, 2018 609 views

Best ways to manage time in college?

I'm a current college sophomore, and I never feel like I have enough time in the day. I want to do well in my classes, but when I study it's very time consuming. This wasn't so bad before, but now that I'm trying to get more involved around campus and applying for internships I've got a lot...

Sahil G.’s Avatar
Sahil G. Jan 22, 2018 551 views

Does doing double major in tech academy at High School worth it?

I am a Junior in H.S. right now i am thinking about doing a double major in my tech academy, they have a guaranteed internship if you do this. But i am thinking if its worth it. Two tech classes back to back for the whole senior year. I take college classes at my nearest community college, so i...

Connor N.’s Avatar
Connor N. Jan 17, 2018 430 views

How should I incorporate relaxing into my life?

At least from my experience, most people can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as one gets towards the end of high school, the list of things to do begins to pile up and sometimes I’m not really sure what to do when I actually have time to relax and...

Jalen S.’s Avatar
Jalen S. Sep 01, 2017 453 views

How soon do I need to decide what major I want to study in if I'm uncertain and this is my last year in high school? #time is ticking

I need to determine what major I want to focus in at this point. #time is ticking

Paige O.’s Avatar
Paige O. Feb 22, 2017 838 views

Do you have free time while in college?

I would like to have some time with family, friends and work. #time #free

Mikayla M.’s Avatar
Mikayla M. Feb 08, 2017 670 views

What is the pay rate as a doctor

I would love to be a doctor but what is the pay rate like #doctor #work #and #must #time #be #full

Rawaf A.’s Avatar
Rawaf A. Jan 19, 2017 911 views

How to manage your time in the first year of college?

Freshmen nowadays get confused on how to manage their work life and studying and having fun. Any advice to help them to be more organize? #college #management #time-management #freshmen #scheduling #study #first-year #time

Stephanie S.’s Avatar
Stephanie S. Dec 29, 2016 820 views

Whats better- getting more sleep before your test or staying up all night studying?

I am a student athlete and often crunched for time when it comes to studying! I am usually very tired and opt for sleeping before the test but I always wonder if I should use those six hours of sleep to study more. #college #school #time-management #work-life-balance #planning #studying #time...

Diana D.’s Avatar
Diana D. May 18, 2016 818 views

How long does it take to get your phD to become a doctor?

I really want to be a doctor and I am wondering how long it will take me to get through college. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #university #health #hospital-and-health-care #phd #time