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Career Questions tagged Working

carlos’s Avatar
carlos Jan 24 90 views

what are the usual hours for a electrician ?

first time apprentice

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Jan 24 102 views

How dangerous is working in electrical engineering?

Is working in a substation a safe workspace?

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Dec 14, 2022 276 views

Getting started in Biology

What are the first few steps I should take to start working in Biology.

Leonardo’s Avatar
Leonardo Jun 14, 2022 244 views

What are the benefits of working in construction?

i am starting technical training in facilities maintenance and would like more information

trevaire’s Avatar
trevaire Jun 03, 2021 257 views

how young can you be to work construction

#working #social-work

Paajcha Julie’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie Jun 01, 2021 769 views

How to deal with poor leadership?

Without giving too much information away, I’m dealing with a boss who isn’t the greatest when it comes to leadership skills. I work online as a scouter for deals, meaning I search online for discounts, and I’m technically an independent contractor. When I first got the job, I asked many...

Kaiya’s Avatar
Kaiya May 21, 2021 275 views

is it a lot of work trying to become an daycare owner?

#working #work

paul’s Avatar
paul May 11, 2021 281 views

should i work at a dealership for toyota or a another ?

#work #working

Taliah’s Avatar
Taliah Mar 30, 2021 412 views

What's the best way to find a job after college?

I know for the first few years of my career I would want to work at an Accounting firm or in a stable position as a accountant for a company. #career #career-counseling #working #jobs #job

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Mar 24, 2021 378 views

what can i work with a BS in biology

I'm a biology student and i graduate this semester with a BS in biology so i was wondering what can i work in the meantime before proceeding with my studies ... #working #work

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Mar 18, 2021 342 views

What is the salary that you have?

I like to make money for doing work. I would like to work in government. Public Administrative would be a good job for me to work in. #work #working #groups #helping-others #social-work

Rashad’s Avatar
Rashad Mar 16, 2021 363 views

how many years do trainers work be retiring

#work #working #training #social-work #work-life-balance

Shaun’s Avatar
Shaun Mar 16, 2021 455 views

How to work a sewing machine. If i want to design clothes and make clothes, I`ll need to know how to work a sewing machine.

Shaun here! #working

Kaiyi’s Avatar
Kaiyi Mar 11, 2021 285 views

How many hours do you need to work every day?

#hours #working

Kateryna’s Avatar
Kateryna Mar 03, 2021 1529 views

Tips on how to stay motivated to do work.

#working #tips #motivation

Abelardo’s Avatar
Abelardo Feb 26, 2021 542 views

Best consulting firms to work?

I am interested in the consulting industry. Which firms are the best and more inclusive? #working #work #work-life-balance

Maria Inês’s Avatar
Maria Inês Feb 22, 2021 310 views

What is the best career?

I love maths and biology and i always wanted to be a doctor but i dont have a lot of maths in there. I, also, want to work on labs and be investigator. #working #career

Nabila’s Avatar
Nabila Jan 28, 2021 448 views

What classes do I need to become a teacher or work with little kids

#Working #working with little kids # preschool teacher #teacher # school college

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Jan 22, 2021 301 views

What are ways to make an impact in the work place

I think it is always good to have a good impact on #working

Kendyl’s Avatar
Kendyl Dec 21, 2020 488 views

What are good schools for a veterinary degree?

What schools offer the best training and education for a veterinary career? What schools are accredited that also aren’t difficult to be accepted to? #career #college #veterinarian #school #work #choice #medicine #medical #working student

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Dec 10, 2020 350 views

Do you have good advice how to apply for grants as a School Principal and obtain them?

I work as a teacher currently. #school #teacher #graduate-school #principal #working

Tatiyana’s Avatar
Tatiyana Nov 13, 2020 267 views

How long will I work on weekdays while still in school?

I am a sophomore and only 15 years old.This will be my first time working and wants to know how many hours would I work on weekdays.I will be working at McDonalds and still have to go to school.I feel that I need to work from 4-10 or 11 because I don't get out of school till 3:30.I know that...

Malia’s Avatar
Malia Nov 10, 2020 269 views

Have you ever refused to work with a animal?

I want to help, and work with all kinds of animals but I am worried about the amount of time it may take me, I also worry that there will be an animal that I trouuble to work with.

#working #veterinary

Kenny’s Avatar
Kenny Oct 29, 2020 676 views

What do typical work days look like for a conservation officer.

#career-path #working #conservation

Autum’s Avatar
Autum Oct 29, 2020 522 views

Can you describe your typical day at work as a lawyer?

Although I'm most interested in being a lawyer, I have don't have a good idea of how what a day at work actually consists of. Is there a lot of hard work and time that needs to be invested or is it flexible? #working #lawyer

Abagail’s Avatar
Abagail Oct 27, 2020 296 views

Do you like working as a waitress?

#waitress #work #school #working #graduate-school

Kacidy’s Avatar
Kacidy Oct 19, 2020 409 views

How do I learn better?

#working #hardworker #littleconfusing #focus #learning

Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Aug 24, 2020 405 views

How do you manage your time between your work and family?

#working #family

Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 263 views

How many hours do you work as a doctor per week?

#working #doctor

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Aug 12, 2020 1130 views

How long do pediatricians work daily?

#working #pediatrician