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Career Questions tagged Tips

Dennis D.’s Avatar
Dennis D. Aug 04 44 views

Any advice for Starting an electrical apprenticeship right out of trade school?

Im currently attending trade school working on building my foundation and i would really appriciate any feedback or information on getting into the electrical field. Thanks in advance!

Erica O.’s Avatar
Erica O. Jul 26 135 views

What are some tips to prepare for college applications?

I'm a rising senior and a first generation student. The whole college application feels new to me and it looks like it's a lot. What are some tips that you have?

Saniya L.’s Avatar
Saniya L. May 25 101 views

Becoming a social media Influencer

What are some tips to becoming a social media influencer? What are more ways to put myself out there to gain more followers and engagement on socials?

Ruben D.’s Avatar
Ruben D. May 23 159 views

What are some helpful tips or advice you can give to someone that wants to learn the trade of being an electrician?

I’m interested in the electrician occupation but am unsure of what to expect and since I don’t know anyone who has worked or is working as an electrician I figured it would be best to ask here.

Linh P.’s Avatar
Linh P. Nov 07, 2021 271 views

Do you have any tips for staying motivated and focus?

As a senior and high school student juggling many things at once, I often lose motivation and struggle with procrastination. I'm trying to get myself back together but it's very hard to stay motivated. #tips #life-advice #motivation

jocelyn V.’s Avatar
jocelyn V. Nov 04, 2021 226 views

How to stay motivated in school?

I am a senior in high school and I need tips to stay motivated in school and always doing my work? #school #graduate-school #help #motivated #tips

Kimbriel D.’s Avatar
Kimbriel D. May 19, 2021 142 views

What are good stretches to have a better left leg?

As a dancer, I'm good with my right leg but left leg needs work. #stretchme #tips

Stacy M.’s Avatar
Stacy M. Mar 12, 2021 217 views

Would biology be a good major if I want to work in the dental field?

#career #dental hygienist #college
#tips #dentistry

Kateryna S.’s Avatar
Kateryna S. Mar 03, 2021 1248 views

Tips on how to stay motivated to do work.

#working #tips #motivation

Shan T.’s Avatar
Shan T. Feb 20, 2021 796 views

Interview Tips and Advice and Questions

What are some common interview questions that private universities tend to ask their applicants when trying to decide for admission or scholarship purposes? What questions do you remember being asked? Or think they will ask? Any tips and advice, for a student who is undergoing the interview...

Lok Yin C.’s Avatar
Lok Yin C. Jan 23, 2021 333 views

How to figure out my career patheay?

I am a university student studying in Hong Kong. My major is urban studies, which is about issues in urban design. However, I have poor performance in academics and low GPA. For my working experience, I have worked as part time assistant in heritage organisation, property management intern ,...

Lainey W.’s Avatar
Lainey W. Dec 12, 2020 564 views

What colleges have the best marketing programs? US or International

I'm not sure what branch of marketing I will go into but I'm thinking about digital, social media, and/or content marketing. I also love the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but I'm not sure if that should play a role in my college decisions. #general #social-media #college #university #major...

Jasmine K.’s Avatar
Jasmine K. Oct 29, 2020 235 views

What are the steps/tips to starting a (plant) business?

I want to start a business when I graduate college, what would be the main steps that one would need to know to start a new business? If you had any tips or things that weren't known right away, that would be another question. #business #tips #steps

Vanisha R.’s Avatar
Vanisha R. Jul 22, 2020 394 views

What are some tips on applying to colleges?

#college #tips

Chloe T.’s Avatar
Chloe T. Jul 17, 2020 799 views

How do I study for the CASPer test?

I am hoping to get into OT grad school. How can I study for the CASPer test? When should I take the test? Is it difficult? may I please have some tips thank you!

#JULY20 #testing #CASPERtest #grad-school #Occupational-therapy #tips #medicine

joy J.’s Avatar
joy J. Aug 22, 2018 577 views

How will I survive college?

#career #college #career-options #tips

Miryan M.’s Avatar
Miryan M. Aug 12, 2018 374 views

How can I best keep up with my classwork?

I procrastinate a lot and I want to know how to get better at that.
#tips #student

Keygan W.’s Avatar
Keygan W. Jul 28, 2018 471 views

When studying for finals, what are some helpful tips for staying on track when studying?

#finals #studyingtips #studying #tips

Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. Jul 10, 2018 1136 views

What tips do you have for creating a monthly budget to keep track of expenses in college?

For instance, how would you organize a budget and what information would you include to make sure that you are on track and budgeting income and college expenses effectively? #finance #budgeting #tips

Jai G.’s Avatar
Jai G. May 27, 2018 597 views

Insider tips and tricks for an aspiring stage manager?

I'm about to got to college to study theater and I am so excited! Right now, I'm setting my sights on being a stage manager, and it is a career that strikes me as having little tricks and things that can help me be more effective. I would love to know some for my future managing adventures! :)...

Betsy P.’s Avatar
Betsy P. Apr 18, 2018 537 views

Is there any way to make the transition from high school to college a little bit easier?

College is a big transition in a teenagers life, so I was wondering if there are tips to ease this process. #tips #goingtocollege

Zayda L.’s Avatar
Zayda L. Mar 27, 2018 938 views

What are the best tips you can give for writing a college essay?

#tips #Essays #college #college-recruiting

Jalen G.’s Avatar
Jalen G. Mar 04, 2018 374 views

Transitioning from school to work

How should students handle the transition from school to the real world? Do you have any tips or tricks for me? #tips #work #school #realworld

Catherine T.’s Avatar
Catherine T. Feb 10, 2018 1287 views

Tips for surviving bad classes and/or horrible teachers?

I'm open to answers from both fellow students and former students for this question! I'm currently taking a literature class, and I absolutely love it, but that's in regards to all the novels on our reading syllabus being outstanding reads and my own innate passion for literature. When it comes...

Luis A.’s Avatar
Luis A. Jan 22, 2018 564 views

What should I expect in College?

I am a HS senior and I've been accepted to some of the colleges that I applied to. The one thing that is bothering me is that I don't know what to do once I choose the school I'll spend for another 4 years. #Any #tips #thanks #college

Angie Y.’s Avatar
Angie Y. Jan 21, 2018 631 views

What are some tips you can give to someone who is job interviewing and the person who is doing your interview is two times younger then you and you sense that the age difference is not an issue for you but seems to make the interviewer uncomfortable?

I have been within the work force for some time; 30 years to be exact; I am running into interviewers that are younger and find themselves thrown by interviewing me. The 80/20 rule of interviewing goes out the window and they seem to do all the talking like they are the ones selling...

Sean C.’s Avatar
Sean C. Jan 20, 2018 868 views

Will cryptocurrency become the main currency of the future?

I am beginning to invest into the stock market as an 18 year old. I am a beginner and would love some tips and tricks. Thanks!


Diana G.’s Avatar
Diana G. Jan 16, 2018 584 views

Any good graphic designer out there?

I’m majoring in digital arts with the goal of becoming a graphic designer for a designated company. Are there any tips real world designers could give such as what companies I should work for, should I just become a freelancer, should I minor in something else etc. I would love to grow as a...

Melanie G.’s Avatar
Melanie G. Jan 16, 2018 429 views

how to be more social in college ?

one of my goal for this year is t be more social but I'm so shy and keep to myself most of the time ?

#tips #social life #college

Megan R.’s Avatar
Megan R. Jan 16, 2018 418 views

What is the best advice you have for incoming college freshmen?

Making the leap from high school to college seems pretty scary at times. It would be amazing to hear some advice about how to be successful, well-organized, and happy during the next 4 years! #tips #collegeadvice