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Career Questions tagged Learning

Atlas C.’s Avatar
Atlas C. Jul 31 111 views

How can I get started in transcription?

I would like to learn how to transcribe and/or do captioning. My native language is English.

Edit: I currently type 70-80WPM

Genevieve J.’s Avatar
Genevieve J. Jul 27 114 views

How can you improve your writing skills without attending any classes?

I've always wanted to be a writer. However, I've never considered making it my full-time job/career. At most, I would be a part-time writer. I have two main obstacles to writing: 1.) Time: normally, I would take workshops, free online classes, etc. to help improve my writing skills, but I...

Genevieve J.’s Avatar
Genevieve J. Jul 26 98 views

Are all MBA programs the same?

Do they cover the same topics, or do some programs specialize in one particular area( e.g. economics, accounting, etc.)

James W.’s Avatar
James W. May 25 136 views

what type of school can i go to to learn how to become a barber?

i want to learn so that it can be another source of income.

Cheyenne S.’s Avatar
Cheyenne S. Mar 28 148 views

What is some day to day task that a LPN has to do?

Hi was was wondering what are some common and uncommon tasks that an lpn have to do in a hospital or nursing home?

Rainey H.’s Avatar
Rainey H. Jan 05 266 views

Are EMTs subject to drug-testing for cannabis?

Trying to learn as much as I can. #learning

JUNGYOUNG K. Jul 30, 2021 336 views

To be a Fron-end developer what path can I pursue?

I've been learning programing languages (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT) for about seven months. I take Khan academy, freecode camp etc.
Is there any good way to prepare to get a job as a Front-end developer?
#information-technology #get a job #learning methods #web developer #self taught

nikki K.’s Avatar
nikki K. Jul 05, 2021 170 views

what is the easiest way to korean?

i know how to write and read korean ,and few basics

Makaylah P.’s Avatar
Makaylah P. Apr 27, 2021 230 views

How can I get involved in being a photographer ?

I love to take pictures and edit them if needed. I only take them on my mobile device, because I do not have an actual camera to take pictures. I feel like I need to learn about the different cameras and which one would fit me. Any camera would be helpful, I just have to learn about them and...

Makaylah P.’s Avatar
Makaylah P. Apr 27, 2021 432 views

Do I need to have skills in photography ? or is that not a problem ?

I want to get into photography but I think that I would need skill first before actually getting into it. I need clarification on that so I can see what I have to do.
#highschoolstudent #learning #photography #skills

Gabrielle P.’s Avatar
Gabrielle P. Apr 17, 2021 399 views

What is the best way to gain teaching experience prior to having a degree?

#teaching #learning #teachers

Sherlock H.’s Avatar
Sherlock H. Apr 13, 2021 200 views

How can I learn psychology?

#pre-med #learning

Joseph E.’s Avatar
Joseph E. Mar 15, 2021 208 views

Where do you learn about agriculture.

I want to learn by visiting a farm. #learning

Keith H.’s Avatar
Keith H. Mar 07, 2021 259 views

Navy vets what trades might you learn on a ship?

#Navy #military #Veteran #learning

Shu Han T.’s Avatar
Shu Han T. Feb 15, 2021 254 views

What should I do to be an electronic engineer in future as I am a 2nd Year Electronic Engineering student in university now?

Any skills and knowledge other than the syllabus in my course that I need to pick up by myself?(Like watching tech related videos or news, learn coding, learn arduino, etc.) Thank you!
#student #tech #engineering #electronic #learning

Danika B.’s Avatar
Danika B. Feb 01, 2021 316 views

If i want to study psychology and move to out of my country to work do I need to have a pre-med degree.

I am currently in the 10 grade. I have disgraphia, discalcula and dyslexia due to witch i do not study maths and science insted i study arithmatic, home-science and physiology .
#pschology #learning disablity #lesson-planning

Sam C.’s Avatar
Sam C. Jan 28, 2021 271 views

What kinds of career programs can you take to learn about how to become a retail associate?

I am very flexible with change and willing to learn new things #retail #Bussnessmagangement #learning #career

koketso F.’s Avatar
koketso F. Jan 17, 2021 259 views

how can i learn more

making fishion clothes #learning

MJ M.’s Avatar
MJ M. Nov 18, 2020 1269 views

What is the best sewing machine to learn beginner sewing and fashion design on?

I've been researching machines and can't find the right one. I am fairly new at sewing and don't quite know what to look for. I want it to be inexpensive, durable, and portable but it's hard to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am starting to learn sewing now to help me create...

Tiana S.’s Avatar
Tiana S. Nov 05, 2020 204 views

How do you know what to do for college? How is college financially? And how will I know what to do?

I am an 9th grader and I'm still trying to learn more in school about what to know and do for college.#learning

anna M.’s Avatar
anna M. Oct 31, 2020 300 views

what opportunities are there when you are able to adapt to and learn from these potential scenarios?

this is for a scenario presentation. #learning

Kacidy G.’s Avatar
Kacidy G. Oct 19, 2020 306 views

How do I learn better?

#working #hardworker #littleconfusing #focus #learning

Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. Oct 05, 2020 319 views

Is it easy to learn Spanish?

I want to learn Spanish #student #education #learning but It is really hard and not really easy to understand

madison M.’s Avatar
madison M. Oct 02, 2020 510 views

what are some good college goals to learn?

#careers #engineering #learning

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 29, 2020 1100 views

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated? (Insights from all industries are welcome! )

Hello everyone! Tech industry is ever changing, new tools/frameworks keep popping up. For example, using React hooks in the React App has been gaining popularity since its release. Another example is the new features of JavaScript (ES6/7/8/9 /10......) Questions: 1. Given the...

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Jul 22, 2020 604 views

What's the one thing you would do differently if you could travel back in time to where you started your career / coding journey?

As a self-taught web developer, at some point during my coding journey, I got distracted and switched to a different language just out of curiosity. (switch from JavaScript to Python). Three months later, I realized that Python or Data science isn't really my thing. (I definitely see the...

Nason P.’s Avatar
Nason P. Jun 19, 2020 369 views

How difficult is learning mechanical engineering?

#learning #mechanical-engineering

Michelle B.’s Avatar
Michelle B. May 14, 2020 331 views

How many high risk calls would you say each dispatcher gets on a day to day basis?

I am training to become a 911 dispatcher. I really want to know more about how it is. #learning

styles F.’s Avatar
styles F. Oct 09, 2019 423 views

what can i do to learn more of #TCU

#any #tcu #learning

Cassia T.’s Avatar
Cassia T. Jul 26, 2019 515 views

What steps should I take to get into Mobile Development?

My Goal: Create an app similar to Tinder *Please note, I'm not trying to throw my hat in the ring with Tinder, Bumble, and all of those. This is just a side project that I'm interested in, I'm not considering fighting against Tinder. My Current Skills: * Minimal experience with MEAN stack...