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How long have you been in collision repair?

I am interested to know how long an average person works in this field. #collisionrepair #cars #automotive #autobody #collision...


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justice F. Nov 27, 2018 123 views

what is a typical day in colision repair?

I would like to know more information on the body painting portion of collision repair. what are the steps to paining and refinishing a automotive body? #collisionrepair #cars #automotive #autobody #collision...


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alexis A. Apr 16, 2018 285 views

where are the dealerships that need mechanical engineering work? im interested in this career.

Im going to school in the summer for automotive and i want to get in a dealership and work on cars. #automotive #cars #mechanical-engineering #mechanics...


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Taylor B. May 31, 2018 245 views

What is it like seeing a car you've designed being both tested and then in the future, sold and driven?

Is it a feeling of excitement or rather a feeling of worry that something could go wrong in the car then you're to blame? #automotive #mechanical-engineering...


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khaled L. Dec 19, 2017 408 views

Im interested in cars...

hello, I'm interested in cars, I love cars, I'm an enthusiast, a gearhead, and a car addict, I've owned cars, and I know everything about cars, from engines to they're brands, to their specs, and everything else I wanted to study cars, but all of what has to do with cars is under "automotive...

#cars #career #performance-tuning

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Stephone W. Nov 16, 2017 353 views

What advice could someone offer an 8th grader, who wants to be a auto mechanic?

I have always been interested in auto mechanics #automotive #cars...


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Brady M. May 30, 2017 436 views

what is it like being a race car driver

I have always loved cars and the way they work...


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Jake R. Oct 29, 2016 365 views

How will Engineers overcome the struggles with Autonomous vehichles?

I know that the real issue with autonomous cars and such is making the snap decisions, but what are engineers doing to overcome this? I had the idea of using an AI to be able to drive the car rather than a simple program. Is this a reality? #engineering #cars #autonomous-cars...


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Jake R. Oct 29, 2016 2004 views

How does an Electrical Engineer work on cars?

What is the typical job/daily routine of a Electrical Engineer working at an automotive company such as Tesla? What kind of experience would be required in order to prosper in this specific field of study and work? Is this an attainable goal? #electrical-engineering #cars...


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Jacqueline S. Oct 20, 2016 552 views

Which pathway of engineering should I go into?

I am getting ready to go to college and I am bamboozled by the numerous sub-fields in this career path. I want to be able to work with cars in my future, so which pathway would be best for me in order to prepare myself for the automobile industry. #engineering #cars...


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do I need good gradeds to be a engineer in construction or in car mechanic?

i am in 11th grade and i want to do this because ir seem fun and have 2 unles in this career #engineer #construction #cars...


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Juan R. May 19, 2016 460 views

What degree do you study if you want to know about cars?

I like cars a lot and I want to know about engines...


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Felix S. May 16, 2016 425 views

Are automotive engineering positions limited based on location?

Are certain areas of the US better for automotive engineers or is the general position based in certain areas (ie Detroit with its car manufacturing legacy) ? I am based in California #engineer #automotive #cars...


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Rashane H. Jul 31, 2015 525 views

Mechanical engineering

Hey! I'm a senior in High school right now, am interested in Mechanical engineering and what school do i have to go to in Massachusetts ? what degrees do i have to have ? #mechanical #cars #expert...


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Computer Engineer or Automotive Engineer?

I enjoy the concepts of both computer and automotive engineering, but I don't know which one to choose as my career. What are some things that I should look at when making my final decision? What are the benefits of choosing one over the other? Is there any way to combine the two in order to...

#automotive #cars #computer-engineering #advice

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Dasan C. Dec 03, 2014 2441 views

I am interested in cars but I do not want to design them I would like to fix and build them. What major should I look into?

I am junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and growing up I always liked cars. I use to collect toy cars and models of cars and still have them all. I collected small cars like Hot Wheels and bigger cars as well. I always took them apart and put them together. I always liked the movie...

#cars #design #automobile-design

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Khaleef M. Dec 01, 2014 1079 views

What is necessary to succeed as an automotive engineer?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate, and I want to start developing skills to become a automotive engineer now. I am curious to what an engineer, specifically automotive, needs under his belt to succeed (this includes majors, skills and habits). What makes an engineer a "good" engineer?...

#technology #cars #automotive #engineering #mechanics

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AaronCodman4 . Sep 07, 2012 5173 views

what composes the day-to-day life of an automotive engineer?

i have always been interested in cars and i want to know what it would be like to design them. i also want to know what kind of money i can expect to make. #engineer #mechanical #automotive...


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Tyler C. Jan 19, 2012 1665 views

Where would I start my career as a automotive engineer?

I would like to become an automotive engineer where would I start taking steps toward this profession as a high school student. #engineering #automotive...