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Career Questions tagged Cars

Jake F.’s Avatar
Jake F. Sep 29, 2021 185 views

What kind of stuff can I learn from an automotive class?

I'd love to have my own auto shop one day and I love sports sports engineer automotive mechanic...


Bruce O.’s Avatar
Bruce O. May 24, 2021 105 views

What is like working and being a mechanic?

Your routine for the day and what problems you face while working mechanics...


caden H.’s Avatar
caden H. May 14, 2021 107 views

What will it be like to be a mechanic?

My dads owns his own business and does cars and motorcycles and i wanna know how it will be like to work there for him?...


paul L.’s Avatar
paul L. May 11, 2021 143 views
paul L.’s Avatar
paul L. Apr 29, 2021 111 views

should i start a business as a automotive mechanics?

attending miami lakes educational and technical


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James S. Nov 14, 2020 262 views

Does anyone work for Respecta Car?

Planning my apprentice work in Montenegro, in the Respecta Car company - It's a leading car rental service in Montenegro. I have good connection, my friend worked one year in Montenegro. He had a very good experience. work cars...


sam S.’s Avatar
sam S. Oct 24, 2020 229 views

Structural Engineering and Automotive industry

Hello , I'm in my first year studying civil and structural engineering and I'm interested in automotive industry so I want to know if the structural engineers is needed in this field and if so , what are the essentials I need to have ? Structural-engineering Cars...


Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 22, 2020 240 views

What career best fits my strengths and hobbies?

I'm a senior in high school and would like a future career as an auto-mechanic. My two strongest strengths are: I never give up and I am a problem solver. My hobbies are working and playing problem solving games. Given my strengths and hobbies what kind of career best fits me? What other...

hobbies mechanic automotive trucks cars strengths

Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 06, 2020 265 views

What should be my first step once I graduate high school if I want to get into the automotive industry?

I'm a senior in high school and really want to be a mechanic. I want to be able to diagnose a vehicles problem and be able to fix it. automotive mechanic cars steps high-school...


Darrion H.’s Avatar
Darrion H. Oct 02, 2020 133 views

What are some good colleges for car engineering?

This looks like something i'll be interested in...


Landen D.’s Avatar
Landen D. Aug 26, 2020 199 views

What type of welding should I look into?

I like working on cars and want to do welding in the automotive industry. I don't know what types of welding there are in the automotive industry or which ones I should get certified in. welding cars...


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bryan P. Mar 16, 2020 380 views
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Miguel Angel C. Mar 11, 2020 288 views
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justin H. Mar 06, 2020 236 views
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justin H. Mar 06, 2020 348 views

How much do mechanics get paid?

Interested in mechanics mechanic cars...


Michael G.’s Avatar
Michael G. Mar 09, 2020 225 views

What is the most difficult/tedious thing to do when working on vehicles.

I'm in job corps and am going to be taking the automotive trade in a few weeks. career cars automotive...