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Career Questions tagged Automotive Body Related Repairers

Halle’s Avatar
Halle Aug 26 55 views

How hard would it be to get a job in auto body without schooling but have experience working in a body shop?

Is it necessary to have schooling if you want to find a job?

Halle’s Avatar
Halle Aug 26 225 views

What certifications would make it easier to get a job in the automotive industry?

Is iCar a good program?

Halle’s Avatar
Halle Aug 26 227 views

Where would be a good place to go to school for auto body?

I can't decide if school is best for me, or if I could just go straight into the work force.

Wilson’s Avatar
Wilson Jul 20 134 views

After basic's in the Automotive trade, what are some good steps into becoming a better mechanic?

Hello my name is Wilson, I'm doing basics right now for the automotive trade and I am wondering what would be some great next steps into becoming a Master Mechanic.
Thank You!