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Ankit G. Apr 13, 2018 297 views

I'm a comerce graduate and i'm very much interested in automobile line. What should i do?

I want to take a decision for my career and want to know as per my interest which field will be good for me. Please help. #automobile #commerce #business #economics...


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Tyler B. May 21, 2016 345 views
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anand P. May 03, 2016 691 views

How do I become an auto mobile engineer?

I have completed my 10th std and want to know which college is suitable for me to become a auto mobile engineer. #automobile #engineering #career #automotive #college...


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Gobinath P. Apr 27, 2016 666 views

How many automobile engineering collages are in Tamil Nadu?

hi i am gobi raj i am studing studing 10 standard my dream is to became an automobile engineer. I want to know how many automobile engeneering collages are in Tamil Nadu #professor #college #automotive #automobile #engineering #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Matthew M. Sep 28, 2017 388 views

I want to be a Ford technician. What is the best school for that?

I am considering a couple schools but I am not sure whether it would be best to go to a technical school or a community college? Can you advise me please? #ford #automotive...


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Freddy C. Jul 01, 2016 638 views
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Nitheeshwaran M. Jun 25, 2016 589 views

Job Opportunities for Automobile Engineer In India ?

Hi I am Nitheesh. Can I know what are the area/department/work can a Automobile Engineer can Work and Some Job Opportunities in India. If a person Does his own business. What major areas the Person should Know details before starting a business. #business #engineer #design #automotive...


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Gobinath P. May 10, 2016 623 views
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Gobinath P. Apr 26, 2016 799 views

Top list of colleges in Tamilnadu for Automobile Engineer

hi i am gobi i want to know about leading auto mobile engg collage Top List. #engineer #professor #professional #educator #automobile...


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Jaydeep V. Jun 09, 2016 478 views

How much to u earn if u r an automobile designer

I wanna know about this because many people are not interested in this i want to know how reputed it is #designers...


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dinesh P. Jun 03, 2016 544 views

I want to know how to become an automobile engineer?

Hello i want to know what should i study to be come a automobile engineer? what to study in 11th & 12th grade and then what graduation and post-graduation should i do? #automobile #automobile-design...


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Tyler B. May 21, 2016 550 views
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sayavath S. May 14, 2016 470 views

How much does an Automotive Technician generally make?

I would like to enter this field of industry #automobile...


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Giancarlo C. Apr 07, 2015 1113 views

What classes do I have to take to become an Engineer? =)

I'm asking this question so i can be a successful Engineer and have my own shop for cars and own cars I have built like classic cars. #engineering #automobile #high-performance-cars #car-design #classic-cars...


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Willy S. May 23, 2015 861 views

How to become a car designer in USA

I mean I'm from Taiwan but I don't have enough money to study abroad, so can anyone tell me how to be a car designer even though my nationality are Taiwan(ROC).By the way,I'm really interested in car and always feel excited about things realated to cars, can anyone support my dream, or tell me...

#automobile #designers #car #architecture #interior-design #automotive-engineer

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Randolph A. Feb 19, 2015 918 views