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How do I become an auto mobile engineer?

I have completed my 10th std and want to know which college is suitable for me to become a auto mobile engineer. #automobile #engineering #career #automotive #college #education

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2 answers

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naveen’s Answer

Hi Anand,
Since you just completed your 10th standard and also your are from Karnataka. It’s fantastic that you have already made a career choice. Now to the serious part, depending on your will power, determination, Financial and economic status there are different paths that you can take.
1. ITI in Automobile course is also known as Mechanic motor vehicle trade.This can be done after 10th std. It’s a 2 year certificate course. Course fee will be nominal and once you have completed it you will be ready to be employed as a mechanic any Dealer or mechanic shop.
2. Diploma in Automobile Engineering is Awarded to students who can complete 3 year Diploma from any Government Polytechnic or Private Polytechnic.
3. Having completed 10th std, You can Join 2 year PUC/12th with Science subjects Physics Chemistry & Mathematics. Working hard and scoring high in PUC Board exam as well as NEET or COmed K entrance examination to get good Ranking. There by opening the doors to get into any Government or Private Engineering Colleges. This will Award a Bachelors Degree in Engineering ( Mechanical or Automobile) after 4 years completion.
Even after choosing any of the above, it is advisable you can get employment in the business at a automobile shop, dealership, or independent repair facility to start and work your way up.This will improve your practical knowledge. You can do this in you holiday time or part time.

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Ron’s Answer

I recommend looking into mechanical engineering.

Be lucky!!