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Engineering involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. Professionals in this field are typically called Engineers. For more information, please read below.

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Saban B. yesterday 52 views

What do engineers do

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Donny P. yesterday 39 views

I am very interested in math and science and I like using CAD software. Is there any specific jobs/careers that would use CAD daily?

I am thinking about going into the engineering field when I graduate and I would love to know what type of career would be best suited for me. #engineering...


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Donny P. yesterday 28 views

Where should I look to start my career as an engineer?

I want to become an engineer but I'm not sure where I should look for job availability....


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Denis R. Aug 14, 2020 305 views

Job search tips for recent Mechanical Engineering graduate with limited experience.

#job-search #engineering I've graduated in Mechanical Engineering from University of Washington with great academic standing last summer and passed FE exam last fall. Unfortunately I wasn't able to secure an internship after my junior year and due to this I have very little experience which I...

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Cindy B. Dec 22, 2020 57 views

I want to build a property (a luxury treehouse). Does anyone have experience in building floor plans or general advice?

I want to build a treehouse business. So far I have: Found mentors Wrote the why, vision and goals of my business plan Researched the market I now want to build a floor plan to use on my website as a Minimum Viable Product that I can show to investors/programmes. Can anyone please help me...

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Case H. Dec 21, 2020 96 views

What Schools Would Be Best For Engineering?

I like building and designing things but I dont know where would be best to further my education....


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Abby L. Dec 01, 2020 120 views

What are some other career options for physics majors besides high school physics teacher?

I'm planning to take more lab courses involving optics, lasers, and coding simulations, but I learned that I definitely don't want to pursue a career in software. I love doing research and am applying to summer internships at national labs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! #careers...

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Yazmin P. Nov 30, 2020 273 views

What is the difference between the job of a Data Engineer and a Data analytics ?

I am currently applying to internships, and there are two roles available. These roles seem similar, so I am wondering if there is anyone from the industry that can further explain. Thank you. #givingiscaring #dataengineering #engineering...


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Weixuan W. Nov 28, 2020 79 views

Is UC Irvine a good school for engineering?

# UCI # UC Universities # Public Universities # #engineering #teacher #school-counseling...


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madison M. Nov 13, 2020 182 views

what tips can help me get into college

i want to go to college and learn some things and want people to give me advice so i can know what to do and when do i start my college #technology #engineering #scientist #my college #college...

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Abby L. Nov 10, 2020 141 views

How can I find jobs that will fund a graduate education?

Is this something I ask at a job interview? Is there a database for places that do? #job-search #physics #grad-school #graduate-education #benefits...


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Caelyn W. Nov 10, 2020 90 views

How exciting is it being an aerospace engineer? How practical?

I have been interested in engineering for a while and I am most interested in aerospace engineering. Am I better off getting a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering? And what opportunities are out there for an aerospace engineer? #aerospaceengineering #engineering...


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Isaiah G. Nov 05, 2020 130 views

how do I narrow down my choices on what I want to do for a career?

I'm a Sophomore in high school, and I like learning how movies are made. But I'm also interested in engineering. I'm unsure on how to decide on which one I actually want for a long term goal. #engineering...


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Joseph L. Nov 05, 2020 202 views

What main skills would I need to be an engineer?

I'm Joseph and I'm good at math. And I'm gonna be an engineer but I'm wondering if there is other skills I would need to be an engineer. #tech...


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Ariel J. Nov 05, 2020 164 views

How can I decide what my career will be?

At school, I like learning thing in engineering. I like to build things, do outside work. I am passionate about learning new things and getting challenges. I like to know what i am able on doing in the future as a career for myself. #career-choice #career-path #career-choice #undecided...

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Robert C. Nov 05, 2020 94 views

How hard is it to get an engineering degree?

I'm very interested in becoming an electronics engineering major and I'm curious about how hard classes are and what other classes I should take to help me succeed in getting my degree. #engineering...


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What are some pros and cons of becoming an aerospace engineer?

I am a 10th grader who has some interest in the aerospace field and was curious on some of the pros and cons....


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jade M. Oct 22, 2020 96 views

Can chemical engineers work in the food and agriculture industry?

I have read that most chemical engineers work in the oil and gas industry, but I don't really want to work in that industry. My dream is to work in the food and agriculture industry. I would like to create fertilizers or new formulas for food. So can chemical engineers work in this industry or...

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Borna B. Oct 19, 2020 110 views

I have chose Electrical engineering for B.S now what?

Dear everyone, I'm very thankful for all your support and time that you have dedicated for me. Well for those who don't know what I have been through, Im going to write you a fast story. I was struggling choosing a good subject to study at University in Iran. Well I was able to go to top...

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Kamryn H. Oct 19, 2020 55 views
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Starting career

So I am almost finished with my second degree which is a Computer sciences and Software engineering and before I finished a BBA. I have some work experiences as a backend developer but miss the personal contact with people and was thinking to go into project management/consulting. However I am...

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Jane S. Oct 08, 2020 260 views

Is electrical engineering right for me?

Hello! I'm a high school senior applying for college, and I know I want to do engineering but I'm still a bit unsure about what type to apply for. I was considering Electrical Engineering because the classes sound interesting and I've read up on a couple topics independently because of that,...

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Aerospace Engineer

I want to go to College foe Aerospace Engineering but would like to see what a workday is like. How would I do this? #engineering...


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Borna B. Sep 25, 2020 138 views

Industrial engineering or Electrical engineering?

Dear my friends, thank you for giving me your time. I really need help in the place I am right now. I really love being a CEO and having the control of a company or a factory, I love to build my own startups and company and I know that, that's what I really like and all the university courses...

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Borna B. Sep 24, 2020 140 views

Industrial engineering or computer engineering

Dear my friends, thank you for giving me your time. I really need help in the place I am right now. I really love being a CEO and having the control of a company or a factory, I love to build my own startups and company and I know that, that's what I really like and all the university courses...

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