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Career Questions tagged Engineering

Engineering involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. Professionals in this field are typically called Engineers. For more information, please read below.

William C.’s Avatar
William C. Sep 14 42 views

What are some careers that involves computer science or math?

I'm a high school student that wants to become an engineer. Some classes that I'm taking to prepare for my future career are a hybrid math class, physics class, and a advance computer science class....


Wesley H.’s Avatar
Wesley H. Sep 14 56 views

What type of engineering is the most challenging in terms of school?

Engineering is a field I would like to dive into when I am older and I would like to learn more about the different types....


Jessie C.’s Avatar
Jessie C. Sep 14 55 views

If I'm considering a career in a math or technology related field, what can I do as a high school student to gain experience and further my knowledge on these fields?

I'm currently a junior in high school and have participated in multiple tech related extra-curricular activities. I'm also currently taking multiple STEM related courses at school. #technology #engineering...


John D.’s Avatar
John D. Aug 30 129 views

How long should I stay in a startup that is a career path I don't intend to pursue?

I recently graduated from college and got a job in a startup. As part of my compensation I got equity that vests over 5 years. Our company has done well and seems to have cornered the market and will continue to do so for the next 5+ years. As a result, many private investors have given...

#career #engineering #equity #job #required-skills

Ryan M.’s Avatar
Ryan M. Aug 19 159 views

help me to know the processing of engineering

hi im Ryan can u help me to answer this question? #career...


Rachel V.’s Avatar
Rachel V. Aug 15 85 views

Education for an AI research path?

I am a freshman at UT dallas and I am majoring in software engineering. My goal is to work in AI and artificial engineering in the future. Is the path I'm on right now good for the field I want to get into in the future, or should I change my major? Also do you have any advice on how to look...

#ai #engineering #artificialengineering #artificialintelligence #technology

Jeaneille A.’s Avatar
Jeaneille A. Aug 05 152 views

Cybersecurity engineering and application security engineering

Hi guys I wanted to know what kind of certification or degree do you need to get for cybersecurity engineering or Application security engineering #engineering #information-technology...


Oluomachi U.’s Avatar
Oluomachi U. Aug 03 120 views

How many years does it take to complete a biomed/bio engineering bachelor degree?

Does the time needed to complete a degree depend mainly on the college/university you attend? Or is it a consensus? #engineering #college #college-major...


Efrain Z.’s Avatar
Efrain Z. Aug 01 104 views

What do I need to become an A/C engineer?

What should I do so that I know about A/C to fix and install....


Bryse G.’s Avatar
Bryse G. Jul 31 102 views

What career paths so Mechanical Engineers have?

What are the various careers someone with a degree in Mechanical Engineering join and what do they entail. #mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #career...


Kerisha N.’s Avatar
Kerisha N. Jul 27 111 views

Any advice on career prospects for Precision Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hi everyone, so earlier this year I mentioned trying to change industries from chemical engineering to something else and got some great feedback here. I've always been interested in the medical field so I have been looking at doing a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences or in Precision Medicine...

#industrychange #precisionmedicine #medical #engineering #careerchange #pharmaceuticals #healthcare

Barbara J.’s Avatar
Barbara J. Jul 27 122 views

Should i switch or not?

So tbh i chose Machine learning engineering mostly because my high school gpa and some other skills would be most useful there -except math, god i hate math , never being good at that- . Im creative unluckily in my country graphic design is severely underpayed ( not even kidding, you can make...

#college #career #computer-science #engineering #math

Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Jul 25 233 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college? #career #student #civil-engineering #engineering #engineer #math #senior...


Lillian H.’s Avatar
Lillian H. Jul 14 168 views

Are there any college majors that combine physics and neuroscience?

Physics and neuroscience are my main passions that I want to study more in college, but I am really tied between them, so does anyone know any majors that combine them? I thought about biomedical or electrical engineering, but I am open to more recommendations! #physics #college #engineering...

#science #college-major

Shantal O.’s Avatar
Shantal O. Jul 05 277 views

What would be my best plan to save?

I am a very passive person although sometimes it can be something intense I like to work under pressure because I think that there I can get the best of me, I like it when I am sad sometimes because I really want to write and even more when I see an intriguing series it is as if my head really...


Student L.’s Avatar
Student L. Jul 09 171 views
Oluomachi U.’s Avatar
Oluomachi U. Jul 06 130 views

What do you think are the best minors for a BME major?

I know what I want to major in, but I'm wondering if computer science is a good minor. #college-major #major #college-minor #computer-science #engineering...