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Pak Hei Y. 5 hours ago 5 views

I am looking for internship or volunteering opportunities.

I am an enthusiast for new experiences and peculiar corners of the world. I believe through different points of view or just knowing different stakeholders of the world, I will learn to look at the society or even the world with better insight. That will in turn equip me further for a more...

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Isha G. Mar 12 49 views

What can I do to get a summer internship with no experience

I am currently in my first year of university studying urban planning looking to gain some relevant experience this summer #internship #first-job...


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Yuri G. Feb 27, 2019 111 views

How to get an internship abroad

I'm always looking for software-developer internship for student abroad but I always find the requirements too high for me, even thought I'm going at university so I should be able to satisfy them. What can you suggest me to do? #internship #study-abroad #summer-jobs...


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Ashley P. Sep 25, 2018 186 views
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Alanna E. Aug 28, 2018 292 views

How can I appeal to internships with little experience in my field?

I'm really interested in a summer internship in biology, wildlife, or environmental science but most applications ask for experience related to the job. I want an internship in order to have experience for my future career but I'm afraid of being rejected due to lack of it. #internship #career...

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Patrick M. Aug 22, 2018 203 views

What are some simple part-time jobs out there?

Just list down the job titles and/or the business. #job-market #summer-jobs...


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Hanan M. Apr 06, 2018 235 views

What should I do in the summer?

For someone aiming for medicine, what are some things that I should do in the summer to make sure I am using my time wisely? #summer-programs #resume-building #medicine #summer-jobs...


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Jasmine B. Aug 07, 2018 210 views

Should I try to get an internship my first summer or get a part-time job at home?

I am going to start college in the fall. In high school I worked part-time at a fast-food restaurant. Is it too early to look for a summer internship? Or should I go back to my old job? #internships...


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Caitlin P. May 17, 2018 273 views
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luke B. Apr 06, 2018 166 views

what would be the best summer job for me?

i am 15 but i really don't like the idea of working in a fast food joint i would rather be a stock boy or something like that...


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Denzel E. Apr 04, 2018 301 views

What are the best places to put my coding skills to good use?

As a programmer, I want to put some of my skills to use, such as possibly working for different companies and labs. What are good places to apply at? #technology #jobs #summer-jobs #coding...


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Lok Yin C. Mar 31, 2018 331 views

How to write cover letter?

I am planning to apply for a summer intern in Non-governmental organisation(NGO). However, they usually would not post recruitment notice. So how should I start in the opening of the cover letter? #ngos #cover-letters ##job-offer #human-resources #summer-internship #summer-jobs...

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Sarah A. Mar 16, 2018 244 views

What is the equivalent to internships in the education field?

Everyone talks about getting internships, but for someone who wants to become a teacher, what are good summer opportunities to improve a resume? #education #teaching #internships...


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Alexandra C. Feb 20, 2018 357 views

Part-time jobs besides food service or retail?

I'm a college sophomore, psychology major, looking to have a more productive summer than last year (I volunteered once a week with the public library.) An internship or summer research program is my preference, but if not, I may need to resort to part-time work. I enjoyed my time at the library...

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Joy Z. Jan 25, 2018 283 views
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Jenise B. Jan 18, 2018 233 views

Summer Campus Job vs Summer Course ?

I'm a freshman and I am having trouble deciding if I should stay on campus and do a summer job or go home and do summer courses to later transfer to my college for credit? What are some factors would you use to help pick a choice? Also, what experience did you have your freshman summer break...

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Irene P. Oct 06, 2016 583 views

Where can I find internships to make my resume look amazing?

I am trying to find internships in order to gain some experience. #internships #college-jobs #summer-jobs...


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Brian C. May 30, 2017 478 views

What are some recommended summer activities that I can do over the summer to show my interest in the Pharmaceutical Sciences field?

As a high school student, I have always wanted to pursue in the medical field. However, I am leaning more on the chemistry aspect, rather than biology (though I want to do both). So I figured that the best option for me is pharmaceutical sciences. The problem now I am having is deciding what...

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Olivea V. Feb 12, 2017 584 views

Who do I ask to be a reference when I have no work experience?

I've got my resume ready, created a LinkedIn profile and am ready to get my first job as a high school student looking for a summer internship. Who do you recommend I should ask? #summer-jobs #recruiter #work-experience #references #student-interns...


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Olivea V. Feb 12, 2017 541 views

What do I need to do to prepare for my first summer job?

I'm ready to work at my first summer job as a high school student and will have completed the 10th grade. I have a resume, but I do not have a work permit. Should I have my school sign a work permit even though I do not have a job yet? Is there anything else I should do to prepare for my...

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Abigail W. May 30, 2017 551 views

How can I find a summer job or internship relevant to my career path?

I'm a junior in high school and am interested in science but keep getting rejected from summer jobs that build leadership skills by teaching younger students science. I also have not found relevant internships, and I'm afraid of getting rejected once I do because of the competition from other...

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michael M. Apr 26, 2017 515 views

Is doing an unpaid intership during summer instead of a paying job a good idea?

well i am thinking of doing an unpaid internship during summer instead of working a paying job wondering if this is a good career move. #internships #college-bound...


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Antonio T. Apr 25, 2017 944 views

Any tips to help ease the worry of a good interview?

I recently got my permission to work in the U.S, but so far I've been struggling my interviews. I have been applying for several jobs and I've gotten call for interviews. When I do the interviews, I always try to give a good impression but after the interview I don't get call back about the...

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Ursula G. Apr 07, 2017 703 views

What is a good entry level job in Post-Production?

I'm a film student interested in editing and I wanted to get a summer job. Most people say that 1st Assistant Editor is an entry level job, but it actually requires a lot of skill to be the 1st assistant and still being on my first at university I don't think I'm ready for such responsibility....

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Ursula G. Apr 07, 2017 476 views

How to find summer jobs?

I want to be an Editor and I wanted to get a job as a trainee or second assistant during the summer so I could gain more experience and get to know more people in the industry. But I can't seem to find any job ads in this area. Would it be appropriate to call/e-mail some Post-production houses...

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W. C. Y. Mar 21, 2017 420 views

Regarding my job experience when applying for summer internship

Hi! I am currently working as a student helper in one of the lab in my university! Will it be good for me to write down this job experience during job application? The lab is mainly carrying out language experiment but should I write it down when applying for the internships regarding business...

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Abigail C. Mar 10, 2017 662 views

When interviewing for a job, what should you answer when asked about your weaknesses?

Are there answers that show you are thoughtful and honest without ruining the chance of getting the job? What are companies really looking for? #interviews #college-jobs #summer-jobs #interviewing-skills...