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What free and virtual summer programs related to medicine can I join as a high school student?

I want to build up my resume and extracurricular activities this summer. I want to join summer programs but they are all really expensive. Is there any free, virtual summer program that's for high school students related to the field of medicine?

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3 answers

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Charles’s Answer

Hi Mia D.

Shout out to you for having the courage to ask for help! The world needs courageous, determined medical professionals. You’ll be awesome in this field of work.

Try these links for more information on free online medical programs for high school students:

Charles recommends the following next steps:

Read this article

Thanks so much for the help! This'll come a long way. Mia D.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Mia! While I do not know of any specific free and virtual summer program related to medicine, I can suggest looking for opportunities to volunteer for organizations related to the medical field. When I was in high school, I was able to volunteer at a local hospital which gave me exposure to the medical environment and allowed me to make professional connections.

It might also be helpful to reach out to people in the medical field in your community and ask if they would be willing to participate in an informational interview. This will allow you to learn more about the field and build your network.

Example questions to ask in an informational interview:

Thank you so much! Mia D.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Mia! I participated in this Diabetes Virtual Camp over the winter and I believe there should be a summer session that is free and it's open to everyone regardless of your location. Here is a link with more information:

Hope this helps!

I'll check it out. Thank you so much! Mia D.