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Career Questions tagged High School Students

Kaylie H.’s Avatar
Kaylie H. May 24 137 views

How does a chef prepare themself for a busy work shift?

Im a high school student that is working on a project where Im asking professional chefs questions. high-school-students student job chef cooking...


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tanyia R. May 13 109 views

is college hard and stressful

im a high school student that wants to go to college and get my degree ad begin my NICU journey high-school high-school-students nicu #...

Andre R.’s Avatar
Andre R. May 10 132 views

What should be my next move after high school

I am guy who wants to provide for my lady and my family also to financially supportive to my family high-school-students high-school scholarships...


Mia D.’s Avatar
Mia D. May 05 239 views

What free and virtual summer programs related to medicine can I join as a high school student?

I want to build up my resume and extracurricular activities this summer. I want to join summer programs but they are all really expensive. Is there any free, virtual summer program that's for high school students related to the field of medicine? high-school-students high-school summer...

summer-jobs summer-program medicine healthcare doctor

Mia D.’s Avatar
Mia D. May 05 306 views

Where can I get a virtual summer internship as a high school student?

I want to be a doctor and I want to build up my resume. I've been searching all over the Internet for an internship related to becoming a doctor or to biology or science or STEM and I haven't found any. There are no internships near me. I would like a virtual internship seeing as there is a...

student internships medicine summer-internship high-school-students doctor

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26 205 views

What is the best way to connect with organizations to apply my degree in marine biology?

I am a high school student planning on going to college to major in marine biology and data science. I want to make the most out of my marine biology degree - I have my eye out for valuable experiences or opportunities that will allow me to network with organizations, but what else can I...

careers networking majors student-development high-school-students marinescience marinebiology

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26 162 views

In the growing field of data science, what new opportunities will I have with a degree in data science?

I am a student in high school planning to major in data science and marine biology in college. high-school-students computer-science-phd...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26 217 views

As a student double-majoring in data science and marine biology, will I be able to combine both disciplines in a career?

I am a student in high school approaching college to double major in my two passions, Marnie biology and data science. Data science is a broad field and I am looking how I can pursue these passions through a job combining both disciplines. high-school-students choosing-a-major technology...

job-search aquariumscience career marinesciences

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26 187 views

What opportunities does a master's degree in marine biology present?

I am a student in high school approaching college where I will be studying marine biology. I am passionate about the field and looking for what kinds of careers it can open up. I am additionally very inclined to areas involving mathematics, technology and engineering. computer-engineer career...

high-school-students medicine engineering mathematics

Trishia C.’s Avatar
Trishia C. Mar 29 124 views

What online part time job is suitable for me while having my online class?

I am a gr11 student and been part of the public speaking club of our department way back junior high school for 3 years. I have patience, good at communicating and sociable. high-school-students...


Dominik H.’s Avatar
Dominik H. Mar 10 226 views

How do you manage your time?

I am a senior in High School and my time management sucks, how do I improve it before I graduate and go to college and get bombarded with even more responsibiliti high-school high-school-students...

Ejay B.’s Avatar
Ejay B. Mar 01 101 views

Is your education doing well?

I am once a journalism student when I was in my junior high school years...


Briana C.’s Avatar
Briana C. Feb 26 96 views

How do I become a college and career advisor?

I want to work with high school students and help them plan their goals for after high school. high-school high-school-students high-school high-school-students advising...


Paige O.’s Avatar
Paige O. Feb 25 209 views

What are some tips for high school students looking to apply to ivy league schools?

I am a high school sophomore looking to apply to several prestigious universities. I'd like to know what kind of things that they look for besides good grades. high-school-students ivyleague harvard yale columbia high-school-classes high-school...


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dylan V. Jan 25 184 views

what are good careers straight out of high school.

im a student asking questions for genuine answers for my class#Careers...