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What’s the best part of being an nicu nurse?

I would like to be an nicu nurse but want to know more details....


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Camila A. Oct 15 24 views

What happens when a patient gets angry or refuses to get their anesthesia?

I am a curious high school who is aiming to become an anesthesioogist and I want to know what the protocol would be when a patient gets angry, and if the answer is to call security then, what happens if the patient has tubes through their nose or their arms or something connected to them?...

#hospital #curious #doctor

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Camila A. Oct 15 22 views

Lastly, do anesthesiologists have to learn the hospital codes? or are those just for nurses and security?

I always hear these color codes being announced through the hospital speakers and I wonder who listens to them and if they're cancelled out in certain levels, like in the maternity level to let the mothers sleep, calm down, etc. ? #career...


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paola B. Nov 08, 2019 90 views

why did you choose cloud engineer ?

i want to know why you choose cloud engineer , is it interesting ? is it fun ? why'd you choose it. #curious...


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mathari M. Sep 24, 2019 87 views
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al L. Aug 13, 2018 134 views

What are the best ways to get scholarships.

Does anyone know reliable sites or places that I have the best chance of getting a scholarship....


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Taylor S. Aug 11, 2018 363 views

Do you think college is important to be successful?

I feel that once you get a job you only focus on paying off college....


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What makes a good scholarship essay?

Obviously, I need to follow the directions, use correct grammar and punctuation, express ideas and opinions clearly, etc. ...But, makes a winning essay a winning essay? Is there anything special I should do to make my writing and proposals stand out? #curious...