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why did you choose cloud engineer ?

i want to know why you choose cloud engineer , is it interesting ? is it fun ? why'd you choose it. #curious #cloud-engineer

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2 answers

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Tony’s Answer

The short answer is: because that's where all of computing is going. For most industries, the days of buying a lot of a compute hardware, and maintaining it in a data center you own are pretty much over. Now there are some industries where this is slower to happen or may never happen because of regulations, particularly privacy ones, the must adhere to (healthcare, government, etc.) and there are other industries that are so conservative in their approaches and are very slow to adopt things like the cloud (like banks and finance in general).

For me personally, I really enjoy working in the cloud because it first my style of working. I can be very experimental. If I want to try a new approach, I can spin up whatever I need in the cloud, work with it for a little while and make quick decisions on whether to continue or just throw it away without having to worry about either generating a big bill I'm going to have to answer for or go through a lot of red tape and waiting to get the resources I need.

Tony recommends the following next steps:

Register for one of the free AWS or Azure accounts and experiment a bit.
Now go register for the other (AWS or Azure)

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Naresh’s Answer

Well cloud is just name, what runs in it is networking.

Now cloud is required and will be more required in future due to high computing needs which cannot be managed by today home devices even though they have some high config.

Plus if you see we human have already decided to move forward with technology first and network is every technology communication nervous system simmilar to human nervous system.

Hence it has to grow with technological needs.

I will suggest courses like ccna and aws to get used to cloud and Internet technology if you are interested.

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