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Is college easy your freshman year compared to sophomore year?

I am curios to know. curious

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3 answers

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Christal’s Answer


I wouldn't say one year is easier than the other, as you're taking different classes each year so it really depends. However, there is a learning curve during freshman year since college courses are more challenging than what you might be used to in high school. So my biggest piece of advice would be to not be afraid to reach out for help during any year. Take full advantages of office hours that professors office and don't be afraid to ask for one-on-one time if their hours don't work for your schedule. Also, be sure to maintain a good balance between your work and social life. College offers a number of activities and events that you might want to jump right into all at once, but make sure you leave time to focus on your academics.

Good luck!

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Austin’s Answer

Hi Jennifer,

Great question!! I actually found freshman year to be the hardest year with each year after being much easier. I think it was because college was so new to me and I had yet to fully figure out how to study best and I was adapting my study habits/methods throughout freshman year. Towards the end of freshman year I finally figured everything out and college really "clicked" for me after that. I found sophomore year-senior year to be fairly straight forward compared to freshman year. If you find freshman year really difficult, don't get dissuaded or stressed out as it will get better!! Once you have figured out your university and what the expectations are, things will fall into place.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck during college.



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Jeff’s Answer

Hi !

For me, my first year of college was one of the most fun but also one of the most stressful. Being away from home is an exciting time and meeting lots of new people is great, but takes a lot of time to develop those relationships and find your groove. I also started my undergrad as pre-med and ended up taking some of the toughest classes my first two semesters which felt like a mistake now looking back, because there was so much else going on. If possible, I would try and get some of your core classes out of the way the first semester and take 1-2 classes that are really interesting to you but do not take all of your time as there will be so much else going on those first few months. You'll want to have time to figure out living at college and getting into your new routine.