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Meriah S.’s Avatar
Meriah S. Meriah S. Oct 22, 2015 811 views
Matthew G.’s Avatar
Matthew G. Matthew G. May 13, 2016 663 views

Is It Doable to work full time and go go school full time

I was wanting to hear peoples experience working full time and going to college full time because I will probably be in that situation #college #money-management...


Tyler H.’s Avatar
Tyler H. Tyler H. Feb 21, 2017 353 views

what subjects are included in game designing

i what to know what subjects are included in game designing #gamers...


Kayla C.’s Avatar
Kayla C. Kayla C. May 13, 2016 651 views

What are some things I should know about living on campus?

I have almost all of my stuff for my dorm, but is living in a dorm going to be hard adjusting to? What are some things I should expect while living on campus? Is it easy to make friends with people who live in the same hall as you? #college #college-bound #college-student #college-life...


Matthew M.’s Avatar
Matthew M. Matthew M. May 18, 2016 550 views

How likely is it to find a mentor in the finance world?

I don't know what the world of finance has turned into today, but I've learned it's a very cut-throat community. There's a lot of opportunities, but it seems like connections are everything. What are the chances I'll find someone willing to help me out and give me the resources to grow my...

#real-estate #economics #hedge-funds #business

Deja S.’s Avatar
Deja S. Deja S. May 13, 2016 439 views

Can you get through school faster by taking summer classes?

I like having a break between years but in the med field your going to be in college for 6 six years minimum. I want to cut down on the time any way I can. #therapy...


Sahonara G.’s Avatar
Sahonara G. Sahonara G. Oct 14, 2018 354 views

Funding Graduate School

Is there a financial aid database specifically for individuals attempting to go to graduate school? #graduate-school #financial-aid...


Juliet L.’s Avatar
Juliet L. Juliet L. Apr 29, 2016 1303 views

What would a typical career path look like for a software engineer?

I'm wondering what my career path would look like if I became a software engineer. What exactly does an entry level job look like? How long would it be before I'd be able to get a better job? What is the most senior position you can have as a software engineer? #engineering #technology...


Alejandro M.’s Avatar
Alejandro M. Alejandro M. Oct 31, 2016 579 views

For any Computer Science graduate - What is the everyday life after work? Do most work at home or physically at a company? If a company, what do you work on daily as in can ya'll work independently or are there assignments/projects handed out?

I am in the top 1% in my class and I initially wanted to be an engineer, but that changed as i really loved coding in school. Writing codes and understanding them come easy to me and I really like the idea of a big open market in which a programmer can to gain attention from applications that...

#computer #computer-science #computer-games #marketing-communications #computer-software

Annalee C.’s Avatar
Annalee C. Annalee C. Oct 23, 2015 762 views
Tommy T.’s Avatar
Tommy T. Tommy T. Feb 23, 2017 700 views

How do I know what games are popular on YouTube?

I am 12 and I want to be a YouTuber. There are millions of games out there. How will I know what games to play? #gaming #youtube...


Chenaniah A.’s Avatar
Chenaniah A. Chenaniah A. Jan 16, 2018 185 views

What are the chances of college athletes becoming a professional athletes? How do you choose the right college to get you to that path?

I am soccer athlete with hopes to becoming a professional athlete, how do I choose the right college that can help me on that path?...


Edgar C.’s Avatar
Edgar C. Edgar C. Mar 08, 2017 686 views

What does it take to become a professional soccer player ?

I am asking this because its my favorite sport and is something that me and my dad have done for many years so i can become better and succeed later on when trying to go to professional soccer. #manager #coach...


Adam T.’s Avatar
Adam T. Adam T. Nov 18, 2015 891 views

What degrees do you need to be a bsketball coach?

I am wondering because I want to be a coach when I am older and I am in the sixth grade. Any help is appreciated. #sports...


Ezaan A.’s Avatar
Ezaan A. Ezaan A. Oct 26, 2015 735 views

backup careers

I am in 6th grade and I want to know what is the best back up job if your first one does not work out? if your first one was sports #career...


Madison G.’s Avatar
Madison G. Madison G. Oct 25, 2016 540 views

Is learning a second language useful for a STEM career? Why or why not?

I am currently learning Spanish but I am wondering if I should focus on my science more instead. #degree...


Timothy O.’s Avatar
Timothy O. Timothy O. Jun 07, 2016 1468 views

Should I minor in Marketing/Sales?

I want to become a Sales Engineer and the odds would definitely be in my favor if I majored in an engineering field. However, several people have told me that marketing/sales skills and abilities can be picked up about anywhere in life (be it online or at a community college). Could my minor be...

#career #engineering #college #marketing #sales #professional

Peyton F.’s Avatar
Peyton F. Peyton F. Oct 27, 2015 842 views

Do you have to play college baseball to go to MLB ?

I love baseball I play it spring and fall thx for help...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Amy Z. Jul 22, 2016 1379 views

What are important characteristics of a lawyer?

I was curious about the desirable traits of a lawyer. #law #lawyer #law-enforcement...


Yordanos  K.’s Avatar
Yordanos K. Yordanos K. May 19, 2016 521 views

Would studying Global Health help me work at the UN?

I'm interested in both medicine and global affairs, and my dream is to work at the UN. Is that possible? #international-affairs...


Mahlaqua I.’s Avatar
Mahlaqua I. Mahlaqua I. Sep 21, 2016 579 views

What should you tell professionals when networking?

I need to get an internship as a graduation requirement and know that networking is very important but I'm not exactly sure what to say...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Amy Z. Jun 02, 2016 469 views

What different career paths can an economics major pursue?

I am interested in majoring in economics because I am interested in the field of business and was wondering what potential careers could build off of this degree. #business #career #economics...


Sophia P.’s Avatar
Sophia P. Sophia P. May 23, 2018 224 views

Why a reputable college over a state college?

There's always distinctions and rankings among colleges....


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