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Victor G.’s Avatar
Victor G. Aug 16, 2018 105 views

What's the best way to find scholarships?

I've been applying around to different scholarships but I'm having trouble finding scholarships that fit me....


Jorge R.’s Avatar
Jorge R. Jan 16 38 views

Is there any job that I apply for that would help me when I go to college and take courses for veterinarian

Im Jorge a 17 year old a senior in high school I really want to go to college for veterinarian but I also want to make some money, I have horses of my own I have 3 horses I have 2 dogs and 10 cows and I love my lifestyle #veterinarian...


Monica G.’s Avatar
Monica G. Sep 27, 2018 191 views

Would it be more beneficial to obtain a minor or double major?

I am a currently biochemistry student and I am very indecisive in my career path. I want to ultimately research and help in the process of creating medicines and treatments to disorders, but I also want to study genetics and cancer stem research. So, I have decided to either undertake a minor...

#major #molecular #genetics #college-major #science #double-major #minor #biology #college

Timothy O.’s Avatar
Timothy O. Jun 13, 2016 1927 views

Are Leaders born or made?

I am a high school student and I consider myself a leader. I however, want to improve my leadership skills as I will be taking on bigger leadership positions in the next school year. I know that leaders are made through learning and teaching but also, could it be true that we may be born with...

#finance #leadership #engineering #marketing #career #professional #personal-development #coaching #sales

Joseph Z.’s Avatar
Joseph Z. Jan 19, 2018 277 views

Whether it is best for a student to focus on completing their education during their summers away from school or to focus on working and providing income?

It has been my dream to pursue a graduate education in the liberal arts for the purpose of teaching at the university level, in order to contribute in enlightening and sharpening the minds of future generations. To accomplish this goal, I am currently a graduate student seeking a doctoral...

#summer-courses #working #graduate-school

Elizabeth R.’s Avatar
Elizabeth R. Mar 15, 2018 221 views

Are there any double majors that go best with kinesiology?

Are there any double majors that go best with #kinesiology? As in, are there majors that employers are looking for that can be helpful in conjunction with a degree in kinesiology? #choosing-a-major...


Wesley H.’s Avatar
Wesley H. Oct 23, 2015 853 views

how much fun would being a engineer be?

Hi I want to know how much fun it would be for being an engineer #engineering...


Deana A.’s Avatar
Deana A. May 24, 2018 208 views

What specific skills do I need to be a community organizer?

Right now I am a social work major with a minor in political science at a university in Texas. I want to go into community organizing in the local area, and in the future in other areas. I have a broad idea of what a community organizer does, but I would love to get firsthand information about...

#community-organizing #social-work #community #political-science

Juan S.’s Avatar
Juan S. Mar 12, 2018 391 views

What is it like to be a computer engineer

I'm asking because I want to be one and I want to know if that is what fits me. I'm also asking so I can see what the experience is like so if I become one I already know....


Deana A.’s Avatar
Deana A. Jul 14, 2017 963 views

Clubs vs Internships Freshman year of college

I'm an incoming freshman for this fall, and the college I am attending has so many opportunities. To the professionals and former college students, I wanted to ask: is it more important to get involved in clubs and organizations my first year on campus, or should I be pursuing more professional...

#college-advice #career-decisions #college #internships

Hailey H.’s Avatar
Hailey H. May 18, 2016 435 views

What kind of jobs can a student get after acquiring their Bachelors in History?

I am asking, because I plan on getting my Bachelors in History. #jobs...


Archie C.’s Avatar
Archie C. Oct 22, 2015 673 views

are there any culinary schools

hi I'm in the 6th grade and I would like to know if there are any colleges that have culinary cooking I really like to cook and would like to do it for college #restaurant...


Abbey B.’s Avatar
Abbey B. May 18, 2018 262 views

What "unknown" jobs are there in the classical music industry?

I'm a classical pianist, and I want to be a concert pianist. However, I know competition is tough, so I wanted to know what other options I have in the classical music industry besides the usual suspects (teaching and accompanying). #music #musician #music-industry...


Stephanie A.’s Avatar
Stephanie A. Aug 19, 2019 120 views

What is you work ethic like?

My work ethic is very organized, hard worker, and I love to being on time. But most importantly I personally believe if you’re passionate about your job then your work ethic will be fantastic. #work...


Jocelyne C.’s Avatar
Jocelyne C. Jan 22, 2018 316 views

What is the best way to keep myself motivated to get my masters?

I am currently in college and I want to get my masters in clinical mental health counseling. I know it is hard and anything is possible but I don't know if I would have the money to pay for it and it's just stressful to think about but I do want to get my masters. #motivation...


Austin M.’s Avatar
Austin M. Sep 18, 2019 51 views

What can I do to build my acting career(tv and film)? Start it off

I’m ambitious and I’m excited for opportunities #acting #film-acting #actors...


Deana A.’s Avatar
Deana A. Feb 13, 2018 211 views

How can I fundraise professionally?

I was offered a scholarship to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, but it only offers tuition. I will be responsible for paying for my transportation, as well as another conference prior to this. I would appreciate advice for asking for funding from...

#fundraising #money #conference #college

Caleb H.’s Avatar
Caleb H. Nov 04, 2019 42 views

What college should I go to be a youtuber

I want to be a gaming YouTuber...


Samantha J.’s Avatar
Samantha J. Jan 16, 2018 269 views

How could you pay for college? when you are inside can you make payments?

I am asking this because I got a scholarship to ACU, but I still need more.money to pay off. #college #college-tuition #scholarships...


Nicholas S.’s Avatar
Nicholas S. Apr 13, 2016 603 views

When being a chef, what are the most hardest things you encounter everyday?

I'm interested in being a chef for my career, it's a passion that I've had for a long time. #chef #busines...


Archie C.’s Avatar
Archie C. Oct 27, 2015 1248 views

In cooking can you focus on one certain type of food?

hi I'm in the 6th grade and like to cook and I would like to know if you can focus on one traditional foods because I know more about one food then others #chef #experts #restaurant...


nicholas M.’s Avatar
nicholas M. Feb 21, 2017 626 views
Nickolas L.’s Avatar
Nickolas L. Oct 30, 2017 5337 views

Does Cyber Security require alot of math?

Lets just say I am no math buff, It has to be my worst subject. I have always had a hard time with mathematics,and I am curious is Cyber Security require alot of math or not. #cybersecurity #computer-security #computer-networking #computer-and-network-security...


Ronaldo F.’s Avatar
Ronaldo F. Jan 19, 2018 340 views

How do mortgages work?

My high school never taught me anything about mortgages, loans, debt, credit or any of that stuff that I will need in life. I am planning to move out of my parents home, but I have no idea how mortgages work and I want to get a house. #house-plans #mortgage...


Morgan E.’s Avatar
Morgan E. Oct 23, 2016 384 views

Which degree would be better for a person who wants to pursue actuarial science: a mathematics degree with a focus in actuarial science, or an actual actuarial science degree?

I went to a college fair and was presented with two different colleges, one with a mathematics degree with a focus in actuarial science, and the second having an actuarial science degree. I was just curious as to which would be the Bette option. #mathematics...


Elaine R.’s Avatar
Elaine R. Aug 12, 2018 154 views

What are your dorm life tips?

I'm sharing a bathroom with three other people and need to know some ways to bond and split chores! #any...


Daniel W.’s Avatar
Daniel W. Oct 23, 2015 2996 views

How many years in collage do you have to be a Computer Engineer?

I am asking this because i really want to be a computer engineer in the future and i'm just asking. 0: #technology #writing...


Michelle R.’s Avatar
Michelle R. Apr 13, 2016 400 views

What Type of engineering is the best to create and improve technology?

I am interested on inventing my own technology. I am a fan of technology. #engineer...


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