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Serenity yesterday 352 views

What is the work-life balance of an executive?

I'm interested in pursuing Business Management and Administration and Entrepreneurship in college. I was wondering what the work-life balance is like when you are a business executive or a manager. How do you maintain relationships? What are some factors that may affect the work-life balance?...

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Rachel yesterday 159 views

How do i get into a business administration college ?

I am eleventh grader.I am really into business, entrepreneurship and business administration .I would really like to join a college that helps me achieve my dreams

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Dee 2 days ago 199 views

What are some high paying jobs in the aviation indrusty besides from being a commercial pilot?

I really want to be part of the aviation indrustry.

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chinaka Apr 18 128 views

What is cyber security all about ?

Explain cyber security to me

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jada Apr 17 82 views

how can i be successful with this kind of mindset?

im in 9th grade and i have many hobbies and passions that i could turn into carrers but im stuck between alot of them. what advice would you give to someone whos looking to follow passion also make money ?

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Ava Apr 17 232 views

How to gain more scholarships?

As a senior in high school, how do i gain more scholarships to help pay for college?

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Dee Apr 14 190 views

I’m a 13 year old and I want to be a graphic designer. What do I do?

Hi I’m a 13 year old and I want to be a graphic designer and I don’t what to do. My school doesn’t really have that many courses on it. They have Media, 3D art and Yearbook, etc. I really want to know what to do

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Hinn Apr 14 113 views

How do i get into journalism school ?

How do i get into a journalism school?
I'm an eleventh grader and I'm really passionate about journalism and broadcast journalism. I'm active in my schools journalism club ,debate and i also participate in writing contests.
Looking forward to your reply .

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Ezekiel Apr 14 288 views

How to create website for my business ?

How to creat website for my business what can I do to create good website for business development and marketing development why all the websites I created are not working perfectly

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Ezekiel Apr 12 254 views

What is business ?

What is business

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Nancy Apr 11 270 views

What are the qualifications of pursuing accounting ?

What grade do i need yo pursue a course in counseling

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Evelyn Apr 10 334 views

Qualifications of being an architect ?

What best colleges can i apply for a course in accounting

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David Apr 10 208 views

Which professional is the best to major in as a counseling psychology student?

Hi I am 16 years old student doing counseling psychology. I would love to major in depth in psychology.i have a passion in giving back to the community. Thank you

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Daniela Apr 09 296 views

I plan to go to University to get my Bachelors of Science in Sociology, and I am currently at community college. Would graduating with my Associates of Applied Science in Mental Health and Human Service help me with the Bachelors I am trying to pursue?

I am 24 and I want to get on a fast track to finish school. If I was getting my Associates of Arts I would just need to take KINE but the community college needs me to take more classes with them in order to get my associates so that is why I am thinking of switching to AAS to then later...

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Yoryi Apr 09 464 views

How can I get started with any career? What could be the approach? What are the initial steps for a student to begin to understand how to get started with choosing a career?

How can I get started with any career? What could be the approach? What are the initial steps for a student to begin to understand how to get started with choosing a career.

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