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S V.’s Avatar
S V. Jul 10 265 views

What type of careers can one do with a finance degree?

I am a senior and interested in doing finance. I want to know more about the type of careers that are both financially stable and less stressful. #finance...


Shivam S.’s Avatar
Shivam S. Sep 01 240 views

What's it like working in finance?

I'm interested in finance and i'm not sure how to figure out which specific area I want to go into. I understand IB is lucrative but i'd love to hear what the real world experience is like in any of these areas. The salary always seems solid and the hours are usually long. But what's the work...

#business #investment #finance

Mason H.’s Avatar
Mason H. Feb 09, 2016 585 views

what are some good ways to start getting money for saving up for a car?

Hi my name is Mason and I am a 6th grader and I want to know how to start making good money and fast for saving up for a car? #general #hunting #fishing...


Theresa T.’s Avatar
Theresa T. May 17, 2017 4199 views

How to become a make up artist over seas(korea)

What are the best schools to go to in Korea in that field or fields related to it? What are places I could look for jobs? #art #makeup #study #abroad #korea...


Nazib K.’s Avatar
Nazib K. Oct 02, 2017 498 views

Why do some people who have zero or some experience in programming attempt to get programming jobs?

I understand software engineers get paid around $60,000(or around that cost) in annual salary. But why? #technology #software-engineering...


Timothy O.’s Avatar
Timothy O. Jun 13, 2016 3115 views

Are Leaders born or made?

I am a high school student and I consider myself a leader. I however, want to improve my leadership skills as I will be taking on bigger leadership positions in the next school year. I know that leaders are made through learning and teaching but also, could it be true that we may be born with...

#career #finance #professional #coaching #marketing #sales #engineering #personal-development #leadership

kaela O.’s Avatar
kaela O. Mar 22, 2017 3338 views

what are some difficulties working with children

is there anything i need to know about the difficulties working with kids #teaching...


Alins A.’s Avatar
Alins A. Nov 29 22 views

How can I become a Physician Assitant?

I am a senior in high school and I am doing undergraduate in nursing #pre-med #physician . How can I take classes that will benefit...

Justin H.’s Avatar
Justin H. Jul 19, 2016 513 views

What is cad?

I was g design classes, and wanted to know what it was....


luis C.’s Avatar
luis C. Jan 17, 2018 303 views

what are good study habits to take up for political science classes?

I plan on majoring in political science and I've noticed that study habits such as using flash cards for memorizing key ideas or court cases is not as helpful as I thought. I plan on being an immigration lawyer, and I hope to find better strategies to help me prepare for exams....


Sujeid M.’s Avatar
Sujeid M. Apr 13, 2016 792 views

How to land a job as an editor at a magazine?

The reason why I'm asking this is because I love to write and my dream job is to work at a very famous magazine. #editing #editor...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 04, 2016 694 views
Ruina H.’s Avatar
Ruina H. Sep 03, 2015 796 views

What practice for college student ,whose major is hotel manegement ?

I am senior In high school , interesting in hotel management . But very confuse what job about this major and how much money can I get in the beginning . #professor #management #hospitality...


Paulina Vanessa B.’s Avatar
Paulina Vanessa B. Nov 18 54 views

What does teacher hiring look like for December graduates?

I am studying an undergraduate degree in Education, specializing in Middle School English, Language Arts & Reading with an ESL teacher certification. I will finish my degree on the Fall semester and would love to get a teaching job immediately after graduation. However, I know that there...

#english #teaching #graduation #teacher #givingiscaring #education #esl #school

Jenny G.’s Avatar
Jenny G. Nov 18 28 views

what’s the process to becoming a homocide detective?

I’m looking into becoming a homocide detective but i’m really lost and not sure where and how to start.I’m currently in my senior year and i want to start preparing. #givingiscaring #homocidedetective...


Amy Z.’s Avatar
Amy Z. Jul 04, 2016 577 views

Should I choose a college specifically because it is strong in a specific major even if I am not certain that I want to pursue that major?

I am thinking of studying business as an undergraduate and some colleges have strong business programs but are otherwise average in quality of education. If I am not confident that I will pursue this route, should I choose a college like that to attend? #college-major #college-bound...

#choosing-a-major #undergraduate

Jackson V.’s Avatar
Jackson V. Feb 09, 2017 399 views

How much does a NBA player make?

I am wondering to be a pro basketball player. #athletics #professional-sports #dribbling #passing...


Wesley H.’s Avatar
Wesley H. Oct 23, 2015 937 views

how much fun would being a engineer be?

Hi I want to know how much fun it would be for being an engineer #engineering...


Giselle V.’s Avatar
Giselle V. Jan 24, 2018 351 views

What’s a great startup to work in the film industry?

I want a little advice in starting my career In the film industry as a women, more so a director! Any recommendations or tips? #advice #film #filming #filmindustry #women...


Jesel R.’s Avatar
Jesel R. Mar 27, 2018 338 views

In a interview, how can you leave a big impression on your future employer?

Why I am asking this because I am currently looking for a job and I feel unprepared whenever they would ask me " What is my strongest quality?" or "What is my weakness?". Also, because this year I have applied to some hospitals to volunteer during the summer and I have always been rejected and...


Leah D.’s Avatar
Leah D. Aug 11, 2018 246 views

How do you know you've picked the right major?

A common question among first years at universities. I initially applied to do performing arts/theatre but I'm now an aerospace engineering major. I'm way happier now so is that an indication I'm in the right place? #general #majors...


Elaine R.’s Avatar
Elaine R. Aug 12, 2018 269 views

What are the best time management tips?

Such as how to manage studying and social life while working a part time job during college! #work...


Cooper B.’s Avatar
Cooper B. Oct 23, 2015 888 views

What is the best way to get into Microsoft software development team?

Hi my name is cooper I am in sixth grade and my dream job is Microsoft software development team and I have a few questions. What degree is the best to get into Microsoft because I know a lot of people apply, and what do I need to do to start getting ready, I have all ready been programming...

#software #microsoft

Malazzia J.’s Avatar
Malazzia J. Sep 01, 2017 365 views

How do you know which college is best for you? would you go for the college that gives you the most money or should you go for a college that you like more?

If I was to get accepted to multiple colleges should i go for the one that gives ,e the most money or the one i desire to go to more? #college #applications...


Diana G.’s Avatar
Diana G. Mar 08, 2017 451 views
Joseph Z.’s Avatar
Joseph Z. Jan 19, 2018 452 views

Whether it is best for a student to focus on completing their education during their summers away from school or to focus on working and providing income?

It has been my dream to pursue a graduate education in the liberal arts for the purpose of teaching at the university level, in order to contribute in enlightening and sharpening the minds of future generations. To accomplish this goal, I am currently a graduate student seeking a doctoral...

#graduate-school #working #summer-courses

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