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Career Questions tagged Labor And Delivery

lariah’s Avatar
lariah Oct 31 114 views

What it like being an labor and delivery nurse ?

like what are the pros and cons of it

Serenity’s Avatar
Serenity Oct 27, 2021 194 views

What are the values of your company, are looking for in a person?

I'm looking into #nursing and #midwifery and I'd like to know what values a #nurse and #midwife must have, in order to have a #healthcare position and profession. #nursing #medical #neonatal #labor-and-delivery

Sequoia’s Avatar
Sequoia Oct 19, 2020 391 views

What are the hours like of a labor and delivery nurse?

I love kids and helping other people.#Labor-and-delivery #nursing

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 18, 2019 390 views

what is it like in the day of a labor and delivery nurse?

i'm interested in becoming a labor and delivery nurse

#medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #nurse #nursing #labor-and-delivery #registered-nurses #midwife #delivery

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 22, 2018 1262 views

What is the most challenging part about becoming a midwife?

Nursing school is required but what is the most challenging part of midwifery more pacifically? #student-midwife #midwife #obgyn #labor-and-delivery #nurse #nursing

Calissa’s Avatar
Calissa Apr 09, 2018 364 views

what do labor delivery nurses mostly do?

i would like to know more about the things they have to deal with and what they do for their career. #labor-and-delivery

Calissa’s Avatar
Calissa Apr 06, 2018 518 views

what is a very well paid job to chose?

i want to make sure that i have a good amount of money and am enjoying it as well. #job-search #labor-and-delivery

Kelli’s Avatar
Kelli Jan 16, 2018 404 views

What are the best ways to stand out as a new grad nurse?

I am curious what employers want to see as far as experience, community service, and past work experiences from a new grad nurse. Also are there any clubs that really stand out that can help me land a position on a labor and delivery unit.

#nursing #labor-and-delivery