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Career Questions tagged Laboranddelivery

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Mar 21, 2021 237 views

Hi. I’m Stephanie and I’m a up and coming junior in high school. I would like to become a labor and delivery nurse when I get out of high school. I am currently in honors classes and am taking ib courses next year. I was wondering how would college work in terms of degrees I could get straight out of high school. Could I just go straight into a bachelors program out of high school or would I have to get my associates degree first? Thank you

I’m in high school very confused about college. Councilors don’t really explain all the details needed to get into college for my understanding. #high-school #laboranddelivery

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Dec 08, 2020 546 views

OB/GYN, certified nurse midwife, or PA

I want to work with labor and delivery. I want to be there for my patients, championing them, while also helping them. I like the idea of being an ob-gyn because I'd love to perform surgical procedures, be part of high risk pregnancies, help women from conception through postpartum, and so...