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College admissions are the process of requesting approval to attend whichever college was applied to. For more information, please read below.

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Priyanka G. Jan 12 24 views

I am a national level badminton player. Can that be a criteria for recruitment in stanford?

I want to apply to stanford through athletics. I play badminton, but as it is not a varsity sport, i am not sure if it will raise my chances for admission. #sports #college #athletics...


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Ila P. Dec 09, 2019 117 views

If I have an unweighted GPA less than a 4.0, will it look bad to any Ivy League schools that I apply to?

Hey! I'm Ila (pronounced ee-la). This question has been something that I've been trying to find an answer to for a while. I currently have a 4.0, but my classes are pretty hard, and I can only hope to keep my 4.0 at the end of the semester. Any advice helps- thanks! #school #college...

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Swole H. Nov 20, 2019 28 views
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diego O. Oct 30, 2019 53 views

Were and how do you get peace in school with so much people around?

Diego's been my name for the past 20 years all I'm looking for is peace in my heart I feel like I have been trough a lot in the past 20 years of age that I have this is why I ask this question like school really the answer? #college #college-major #school...


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Avonleigh Y. Sep 30, 2019 131 views

how do I get all A's?

my mom said if i got as for the whole year i could get a cat #college #accounting #college-admissions #career #scholarship #accountant...


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Raquel D. Sep 19, 2019 56 views

Does my GI bill cover for dorms?

My Family has a GI bill, but how much with that cover for my college/university expences and for how long?!?!?!?!?! #college #university #college-admissions...


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Moe A. Sep 06, 2019 96 views

Which Online Unitveristy for Cyber should I choose ?

Hello fellows, I have decided to get a bachelor's into Cybersecuirty, but I've been confusing with three (3) online universities which one of them has strong curriculum for Cyber, so I listed links of the three universities hereunder and I am looking for expertise or for anyone who has IT...

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Giovani A. Sep 03, 2019 61 views

Is it too late to study in university

I've been in administration of justice my past 3 semesters in college . I've realized that becoming a peace officer isn't for me. Now that I think of it, I want to study to become a software engineer. Since my overall GPA is very low I want to know how can I proceed. #college #software...

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Alexandra C. Aug 07, 2019 70 views

In what situation can you list a degree you're working on as your title?

For example, I'm applying to graduate school in psychology this semester. By the time I attend the graduate program, I will have completed my B.A. However, on my applications, should I list myself as "Alexandra C., B.A." or not? The only similar situation I can think of is people who have...

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Hannah K. Aug 02, 2019 89 views

Extracurricular on College Application

I am aware that you record the number of hours and weeks you were involved in an extracurricular activity. Does this number mean the number of hours you’ve spent in that club/extracurricular at school, or can the number of hours you’ve dedicated toward it also be included? For example, let’s...

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Annie M. Jul 01, 2019 459 views

Is taking 17 credits per semester worth it?

I want to finish my 4-year bachelor's degree in 2 years. I want to get enough ap credits. Right now I want to do something related to business. Is it okay if I take 8 credits the second term of the summer semester before my Freshman year of college? I am talking about the 6-week term. Is it...

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Michelle G. Jun 01, 2019 104 views
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Christian S. May 04, 2019 96 views

Do colleges take rigor into account when giving Merit/Academic Scholarships?

For Merit/Academic Scholarships, is it better to get an A in a normal class, or a B in an Honors/AP/College class? #college #scholarship #college-advice #financial-aid #money #student #ap #academic #merit #honors #act #sat #career...


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Tavon M. Mar 22, 2019 84 views
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Student K. Mar 14, 2019 104 views
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Thomas M. Mar 08, 2019 100 views

What is it like being a lawyer and what school things do you need to learn

It would be helpful to know subjects and tests and test scores. #lawyer #testing...


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michelle P. Dec 19, 2018 176 views
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Kaesin O. Nov 30, 2018 247 views

Tips for College?

I'm going to college in less than a year now, and I'm pretty nervous. What advice do you have for an incoming college freshman? #college #college-advice #college-admissions #help...


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Elizabeth G. Nov 06, 2018 229 views

I took two SAT subject tests and I'm wondering if I should send those scores to colleges that don't require them?

I got a 720 on Math 2 and 690 on Biology. Some of my schools have the option of submitting these scores. Do you think submitting them will help or hurt my application? #sat #college-admissions...