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Career Questions tagged College Admissions

College admissions are the process of requesting approval to attend whichever college was applied to. For more information, please read below.

Hanah’s Avatar
Hanah 10 hours ago 22 views

I would like to apply for a scholarship, or get a fully covered one for wrestling, when do I do this?

I am in 9th grade, i am a writer and I know I have a few years before I need to start applying, but I just thought it is better to be prepared then not prepared.

Mugisha’s Avatar
Mugisha May 30 43 views

How do I get accepted into Howard?

I want to get into Howard for law!

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Rhyian May 23 51 views

Can you put a taking care of a hospice family member on applications?

I haven't did a passion project and I'm in the summer before my senior year, I have an idea (maybe) on one but it's too late to show time commitment and stuff like that on it right? That's what I was told. But my mother got extremely sick last year and was on hospice for almost half of my...

Lourdes’s Avatar
Lourdes May 23 75 views

Are you supposed to create a resume for College Applications?

Are you supposed to create a formal sheet of all your work/ volunteer experiences, extra-curricular, etc and submit alongside your college app.?

C’s Avatar
C May 22 51 views

What classes should you take in high school to become an orthopedic surgeon?

I'm a Freshman, I want to save money, I do band, and I play two sports, I'm wanting to know what stem classes I should take to make colleges want to accept me into their school.

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Eva May 20 44 views

How do I know what college I want to go to??

For example I think I want to go to Stanford but I'm not really sure I want to be an engineer or something to do with engineering maybe biology too like an environmental engineer I've always thought the Stanford is an amazing place and somewhere where I would love to go one day for college but...

Alix’s Avatar
Alix May 20 32 views

How do you apply for colleges and/or scholarships?

And can you apply while still in high school. I just graduated as a junior and I’m moving onto my senior year so I was wondering you could talk classes while still in high school and transfer immediately after graduation.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia May 17 46 views

How do you maximize your college admissions chances?

I’m a rising senior and I’m going to start college applications soon. What can I do as a senior to maximize my admissions chances?

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Fidel May 16 36 views

1: Did you do any jobs during college and university related to your career? 2: What college/training program did you go to and what influenced your choice?

9th grade interview assignment

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Jim May 12 62 views

Where can I go to get a better grip on what to major in college?

I'm a junior in high school just trying to understand what I like to do after high school and that is probably college but many things come up when I think about college such as where would I be attending, what major fits me, etc.

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 12 48 views

What should I look for in internships regarding my intended college major (biotech)?

I know the experience alone is pretty good but I wonder if there's something else I should keep an eye on.

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selena May 12 60 views



Shana’s Avatar
Shana May 11 41 views

How can I make my PIQ responses stand out?

I'm thinking about college essays and I'm unsure of how to respond to the prompts in a creative and unique manner. Are there any repetitive and predictable responses I should avoid?

phong’s Avatar
phong May 10 25 views

How can you start graduating?

well not just graduating for college, but how can you graduate high school early when you're 11th grade or purposely learn english for 4 years (mine is 3 years)

Luis’s Avatar
Luis May 09 58 views

Where is the best school located for an electrical engineering bachelors degree?

close to metro area sunnyvale , san jose, santa clara

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Apr 28 97 views

What are the best ways to show colleges your interest in accounting?

I have wanted to be an account for around 5 years, I want to show my interest in accounting to colleges through extracurriculars, essays, and interviews. How can I achieve this?

Valentina’s Avatar
Valentina Apr 27 99 views

What are some really important things I can do in high school, that colleges are interested in?

(clubs, community service, etc.)

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Apr 25 165 views

As a junior in the 11th grade, what can I do to increase my chances of a great school?

I know I'm supposed to do good in my essays, but how, what exactly screams "We got to take this applicant in"? Also, what am I supposed to do during the summer? I'm already doing a college mentoring program during the summer but I have no idea if that helps my resume.

kenny’s Avatar
kenny Apr 23 118 views

When should I start applying for internships as a junior??

You should start as early as possible since some internships are due earlier in the year and it's always good to get a head start.

yeso’s Avatar
yeso Apr 19 106 views

How Do I get into College?

How do I get into college? What do I need? How much does it typically cost in state? What can I do to prepare for college as a junior in high school? Is it possible to take care of my kid while doing schooling?

Geraldine’s Avatar
Geraldine Apr 17 110 views

How to email colleges for admissions help?

How can I email colleges to ask about their programs as I heard it helps admissions officers recognize you which gives you a better chance of getting in.

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Chika Apr 11 63 views

Where do I do volunteer work online as a high school student as being international?

I ve searched a lot but most of them require for me to be a American or Indian or most are not free

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Apr 11 81 views

How hard is it to get into a college after taking a gap year?

I want to go to a good school but I'm not prepared (mentally or financially) to go this year. I want to go into journalism/communications if that helps :)

Markus’s Avatar
Markus Apr 09 132 views

How do you know which college is the one?

I’m a sophomore in high school and I feel as if all colleges are the same. I am curious if I am the only one like this. Hoping for some insight from people who have been in the same situation.

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Apr 09 101 views

How hard is it to get into a top college without having taken any AP classes?

I'm a High school junior who hasn't taken any AP classes but I'm planning on taking them as a senior.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 08 90 views

How can I get into Duke?

Duke is my dream school, and I want to apply and major in something related to biology or technology. My extracurriculars are not strong, but I got a 1530 on the SAT, and I have a 4.0 GPA. My extracurriculars are: Colors for Coats Co-president, Tech Journal Secretary, NEHS Tutoring Chair,...

Leticia’s Avatar
Leticia Apr 06 134 views

How can I get a college scholarship if I'm from another country?

I'm from Spain but I'm currently an international student in Vermont.

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Mar 30 141 views

After receiving my decision from the university, would I be able to see the amount of financial aid they are offering??

I am exploring the college application process particularly in Texas. I want to know whether we would be able to compare my financial aid offers of all the universities that accepted me?

Ainsley’s Avatar
Ainsley Mar 24 129 views

What classes do you have to take in a library science masters program? And what does the daily life of a librarian look like?

I'm currently in my senior year of high school, so I know I have a while before I'll get to graduate school, but I want to be prepared! I want to be a public librarian, specifically a children's librarian if possible.

dikshita’s Avatar
dikshita Mar 22 96 views

question regarding JEE Mains?

I have my Jee mains in about 10 days and i haven't prepared for it and i don't know where to start I'm genuinely terrified what i'm going to do!! At this point my life is on stacks for that exam and i need really need to clear jee mains!!