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Career Questions tagged College Admissions

College admissions are the process of requesting approval to attend whichever college was applied to. For more information, please read below.

Laury-Layne Amanda M.’s Avatar
Laury-Layne Amanda M. Oct 09 71 views

Can someone who are not citizen get a scholarship ?

university college-admissions university college-admissions university Hi , I'm Haitian, but now I'm in USA and I'm taking the GED Class. I have to pass my exams while the n'est months. I would like to apply have a scholarship if possible to go go college or university. Because of the...

financial-aid college money scholarship

stephanie L.’s Avatar
stephanie L. Oct 06 78 views

How do you stay motivated or make yourself do something?

I'm a senior in high school, and applying for colleges and writing responses for PIQs has been a struggle. Everyday, I know I need to do them but I can't find myself to get up and actually do them. I try to have a positive outlook on them, but I still feel the dread and pressure of doing it. It...

college student college-advice writing college-admissions

Misbah K.’s Avatar
Misbah K. Oct 05 52 views

How I Get admission in Mbbs

I want to get private admission in Mbbs . So please let me know about MBBS . college...


Allen T.’s Avatar
Allen T. Sep 28 55 views

How to I get experience to be an orthodontist?

I am in the 9th grade and planning to be an an orthodontist. How do I get experience? medicine college college-admissions...


Vidhi K.’s Avatar
Vidhi K. Sep 26 60 views

Is this a good idea? Transferring from Oregon state university to cal State Monterey bay

I am an undergrad at Oregon state university majoring in computer science. After finishing 90 quarter credits or 60-semester credits, I want to transfer to Cal State Monterey Bay for the last two years. I am planning for the online program. Is this a good idea? transfer college computersci...

computer-science college-admissions

Amanda W.’s Avatar
Amanda W. Sep 06 165 views

As a High School Sophomore, what should I be doing for my future?

I feel a little stuck where I am now. I know I have to do well in my academics and extracurriculars, but it feels like there aren't any real motives or goals during my high school journey. What should I be doing at this stage right now? college college-admissions college-selection...

college-advice helpless career

when winter falls
when winter falls ". Aug 10 95 views

What should I choose? A good environment, top university but in the countryside and doesn't have the course I wanna pursue or college school in the city and having a scholarship?

What keeps holding my thoughts back is if I choose to study in the countryside but I'm afraid that my city scholarship will remove because in the meantime there's still a covid-19 in my country so the classes are held online. If I choose the university in the countryside, I'm still in the city...

financial-aid college university scholarship nature topuniversity college-admissions

shana S.’s Avatar
shana S. Aug 09 184 views

Do 4 Dual Enrollment courses senior year of high school look bad?

Since my school was only offering AP classes in person, and due to covid I could not risk going, I decided to opt out and instead take 4 dual enrollment classes (since all DE classes are completely online.) Would this look bad on my college application / not look academically "rigorous"?...

college student college-advice ap de dual college-admissions

jessica P.’s Avatar
jessica P. Jul 28 156 views

What did you do to get a high SAT score?

Not really a career question, but I'm wondering how long you studied and HOW you actually studied to get a 1450+ score. college sat...


shaymaa S.’s Avatar
shaymaa S. Jul 28 151 views

what is your setting goal?

I'm 18 and a college student I want to be a pharmacist and graduate with a bachelors degree. I am very sensitive at times but will do my best to go very far in life. college financial-planning education college-admissions...


Mia S.’s Avatar
Mia S. Jul 27 120 views

How do I build up my my application as a junior in high school?

I’m a rising junior and really want to get into Columbia or Harvard for their medical programs and so I’m trying to pave the way for that acceptance. I’ll be taking my first Ap classes this junior year and they do relate to my field of interest. The only thing is how can I be recognized with my...

college medicine sat college-admissions

Amonte B.’s Avatar
Amonte B. Jul 27 99 views

Is it ok to choose 2 career goals and take college classes for both at the same time and start whichever goal you complete first

I am 17yrs old about to start 12th grade when school begins i am a honor student who has made honor roll every report card since 1st grade and i want to graduate with honors and accept my full scholarship with University of Michigan but I’m not quite sure which career goal i really want to...

college college-advice scholarship college-admissions

DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jul 25 123 views

University feedback

May I know about the University of Michigan in all facets please? university...


Rimi T.’s Avatar
Rimi T. Jul 21 157 views

AP scores - what do colleges see?

I am a rising Junior. During my sophomore year, I studied AP CSA from an online school and took AP CSA exam this June. I would like to study computer science, however, I did not do very well in AP CSA exam even though my class grade is an A in this subject. I am not sure what we should do...

college college-admissions

Jam B.’s Avatar
Jam B. Jul 09 168 views

Any advice on writing personal statements for college applications?

I am an incoming senior in high school and I am looking to apply to some colleges. How should I get started on my essays? Any advice or no-no's I should avoid? college-advice college-admissions college-bound...


Jakaila B.’s Avatar
Jakaila B. Jun 26 126 views

How can I figure this mess out?

Nobody in my family has gone to college and finished it. Talking to them about college is like talking to a wall. Google is a good substitute, but the information I've been able to glean is not satisfactory. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for a living. college college-major...

student college-advice college-admissions

Ashley B.’s Avatar
Ashley B. Jun 17 116 views

What are some good resources for scholarship searches?

I'm a rising senior and will be working on my college applications this summer. I would like to keep scholarships in mind as well as apply to as many as I can. college scholarship college-admissions...

Hanan M.’s Avatar
Hanan M. Nov 19, 2020 269 views

Is the new COVID college grading policy beneficial or harmful?

As a pre med student, I was wondering if the new grading policy (pass/fail versus A,B,C) would be beneficial for me or harmful? pre-med college-admissions undergraduate...