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Omid E. May 30, 2017 457 views

How to get into a top school when your gonna be attending community college?

Hi my name is Omid and I am a Junior in high school. My GPA is in the range of a 3.3 and I feel that it is not good enough to get into a top school. Because of this I have been deciding a little bit of going to community college. Is this okay and is it still possible to get into a major top...

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Karen P. Sep 02, 2016 720 views

Does going to a top college actually affect the success of your future endeavors?

As a junior in high school, I am starting to prepare to apply to colleges. My school is quite small (a total of 175 students only in my grade). Although this is so, previous graduates of my high school have gone out to Columbia, Stanford, NYU, Cornell, Yale, and other elite universities. I am...

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