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How to get into a top school when your gonna be attending community college?

Hi my name is Omid and I am a Junior in high school. My GPA is in the range of a 3.3 and I feel that it is not good enough to get into a top school. Because of this I have been deciding a little bit of going to community college. Is this okay and is it still possible to get into a major top school or Ivy if I try really hard in community college? #college #university #community #top-colleges

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2 answers

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Rose’s Answer

If you go to a California Community College, you have a good chance at being accepted at a University of California campus. Wherever your target, please research the individual school's transfer requirements and acceptance rates. You may get a guarantee of transfer acceptance if you successfully complete a specific program at a college near your target university.

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Maddie’s Answer

Hi Omid,

Starting at a community college can have many benefits! It can be a great way to explore different majors and get an understanding of college coursework. If you are looking to attend an Ivy League school after community college, I would recommend reaching out to counselors at both institutions to get a feel for the transfer process. Speaking with advisors at both the community college you are attending and the college you wish to transfer to can help you to gain more knowledge regarding applications, grades, and other procedures related to transfer admissions.

I would also recommend getting involved in activities at your community college and looking for internship opportunities in the field you would like to pursue. Experiences outside of academics can help to boost your college applications.

I hope this helps! Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors!