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Career Questions tagged University

A college provides the bedrock of education after high school. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of Arts (A.A) or Associate of...

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Nada A. Jan 10 52 views

Any good ideas for what to mojor or minor with journalism? It's my dream to study it but I want to have have something to fall back on.

I'm not really good at math or sciences but I would like to be able to find something that is somehow interlinked with english or journalism so I can maybe use both of them together to help me get a job since i've heard its hard to find one. Thanks in advance and any ideas are appreciated....

university journalism career english college job

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Nada A. Jan 09 48 views

I want to go into journalism but its not that encouraging from the things ive seen. Any advice on how to start from grade 11 to try and make that happen?

I love writing more than anything and I've always wanted to go into something that has to do with it. I have always liked spreading the word on recent events or social issues and I think journalism is the best way to do this. I would really like to pursue it in university but I've heard its...

writing university journalism english job

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hermione C. Dec 17, 2021 103 views

I'm not sure what sector of work to go into, or what type of jobs to apply to

I'm currently in third year studying economics, which i love however i dont want to go down the path most do with economics because i dont enjoy the maths side as much, which leads me confused on where i should go next university...


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Aiden A. Dec 09, 2021 107 views

What is the difference between college and university?

I'm wondering if it would matter on a resume if you went to a university or not or something college university...


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John M. Dec 01, 2021 124 views

Following Up With Sample of Relevant Academic Work

Hello, I have drafted an e-mail to send my psychology professor but I am nervous to send it. The professor researches a topic that is significant to me, and what I hope to research in my career. I have good rapport with this professor, and we speak with each other on a first name basis as per...

university research psychology professor email

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Yasmine M. Nov 16, 2021 215 views

What to write on my personal statement, for marketing?

I am writing my personal statement, therefore I would like some tips on how to properly write it. marketing business university personalstatement write college...


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ashanti B. Nov 08, 2021 121 views

How to become an LPN?

i want to be an LPN but i don't know how many years i have to go to school for college college-selection medicine student university licensed-practitioner-nurse healthcare...


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nicola V. Nov 05, 2021 99 views
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Alex H. Nov 04, 2021 117 views
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justin S. Oct 19, 2021 117 views

what are some good colleges that arent hard to get into for architecture that are around my area or not too far?

i want to persue in architecture for college but i dont want to go to a big school that is hard to get into. architecture college...


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Laury-Layne Amanda M. Oct 09, 2021 139 views

Can someone who are not citizen get a scholarship ?

university college-admissions university college-admissions university Hi , I'm Haitian, but now I'm in USA and I'm taking the GED Class. I have to pass my exams while the n'est months. I would like to apply have a scholarship if possible to go go college or university. Because of the...

college money financial-aid scholarship

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Dalton D. Oct 08, 2021 102 views

What skills are needed for career and colleges for an orthodontist?

I go to Cane Bay high school. I was born in Georgia. I am interested in becoming an orthodontist. I want to get into University of South Carolina. I want to learn how how and what it takes for others to become an orthodontist. I want to become an orthodontist as I get older because I want to...

college university college-major career

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Erkhes M. Oct 07, 2021 131 views
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Frankie L. Oct 06, 2021 129 views

How do I get into a prestigious university

I take AP classes and volunteering. I hope I do sports in the future....


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Fakaiha Z. Oct 03, 2021 201 views

How should I independently prepare for a future degree and career in computer science while still in high school?

I'm currently a junior in high school, doing IB. Most of my IB subjects are irrelevant to CS (English, French, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology) except for math. In math, I am learning algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. So aside...

data-science math technology high-school university-prep university roadmap science cybersecurity software computer-science online-resources

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Jordan L. Sep 21, 2021 178 views
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Jordan L. Sep 21, 2021 127 views

What type of person would be a good fit for architecture? How did you know this field was right for you?

I am a 16 year old girl. I am a junior in high-school. I am currently interested in the architecture field. architecture architect career college university...