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Career Questions tagged Admissions

Ethan B.’s Avatar
Ethan B. May 05 186 views

What are some things that I can do to figure out what I want to major in?

I really do not know what I want to do and will take any pointers that you are willing to give me.

Tyler D.’s Avatar
Tyler D. Mar 13 143 views

Does anyone know of any nursing programs that aren’t impossible to get into? Anyone have any advice?

I got into nursing programs in high school. Couldn’t afford any of them, so I just went to community college. I decided to work towards an associates degree in film studies, but became an alcoholic and failed out. My grades are completely terrible. I’m now sober, and trying to turn my life...

Terrence L.’s Avatar
Terrence L. May 19, 2021 161 views

What are ways to let people know about my business?


Samruddhi P.’s Avatar
Samruddhi P. Mar 03, 2021 281 views

Can I get hospital volunteer hours virtually?

I want to be an ophthalmologist in the future, and I am currently a high school sophomore (10th grade). I know in pre-med/medical school admissions they ask a lot about what experience you have in the health care field, but I'm not sure how I can do that in the current times (the pandemic). I...

Nolan C.’s Avatar
Nolan C. Feb 26, 2021 178 views

How can I stick out on my college application?


Sydney S.’s Avatar
Sydney S. Dec 10, 2020 259 views

How can I increase my chances of getting into a doctorate of Physical therapy program?

Junior in college applying to DPT programs this summer. #physicaltherapy #admissions

Samyukta S.’s Avatar
Samyukta S. Sep 02, 2020 480 views

When should I write my SAT?

Hi, I'm confused about how the SAT works, because I'm from India. When should I take my SATs? Should I take it immediately after my 12th Final Exam? Or before it? Will it be hard for me to prepare for these two really competitive exams at the same time? Or will I have a break after my 12th...

Zemira M.’s Avatar
Zemira M. Aug 26, 2020 466 views

For college, do you suggest living in a dorm or living in an apartment not too far from the campus?

#college #universitiy #college-selection #admissions

Ruby J.’s Avatar
Ruby J. Jul 19, 2020 269 views

What should I do to get a scholarship that will cover my full tuition?#JULY 2020

#admissions #money

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Sep 16, 2019 430 views

Is it possible to complete a psychology PhD under a faculty member in a different department?

I'm looking into psychology graduate programs, particularly looking for researchers who study sexuality/relationships. People in this area vary in their actual department - for example, some are in sociology, communications, medicine, social work, etc. which vary pretty drastically from psych...

Kathryn C.’s Avatar
Kathryn C. Oct 30, 2018 393 views

Do global internships benefit you when it comes to veterinary school applications??

I'm currently an undergraduate looking to apply to vet school in a few years. I know that having relevant experience is crucial, so I've been applying for lots of internships. I fond some summer opportunities abroad, but there are steep program fees and I'm wondering if entry into these would...

Samantha Z.’s Avatar
Samantha Z. Oct 05, 2018 423 views

PT school deadline

Does anyone know how long it will be until you find out if you get accepted into graduate school, PT more specifically? #admissions #college-admissions #graduate-school #PTschool #admissiondecisions

Destney J.’s Avatar
Destney J. Sep 27, 2018 521 views

How important is staying close to home when going off to college?

#college #student #college-advice #college-selection #career #admissions #essay #collegedecisions

Destney J.’s Avatar
Destney J. Sep 27, 2018 481 views

Should I base my decision to attend college based on how much I can pay for it?

#college #college-advice #finance #money #professor #money #essays #admissions #decisions

Julia F.’s Avatar
Julia F. Aug 27, 2018 429 views

Does the high school you go to matters to colleges?

For example, does a student applying from the best high school in the state he or she lives in has a higher chance of being admitted into the college she/he wants than a student that comes from a normal high school (a school with no rankings)? #high-school #high-school-students #school #student...

Aayushya N.’s Avatar
Aayushya N. Aug 16, 2018 414 views

would applying early action be helpful? Or should i just apply regular decision?

#college #admissions #applying

Alexis Y.’s Avatar
Alexis Y. Jul 23, 2018 432 views

Does anybody know what the questions in the MCAT are about in general?

#MCAT #admissions #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #testing

Noelle M.’s Avatar
Noelle M. Jul 14, 2018 480 views

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a college?

I've managed to come up with a list of several schools that I like and would enjoy attending, but I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to which schools I should even apply to, let alone which one I should go to, one has a way better academic program, but the price is a lot higher and it's a lot...

Shelby C.’s Avatar
Shelby C. Jul 10, 2018 428 views

How do I get colleges to notice me?

#applyingtocollege #college #admissions #college-applications

Justin E.’s Avatar
Justin E. Jul 09, 2018 468 views

What are some steps I can take to increase chances of admission at Georgia Tech?

I am currently a high school senior at a public high school in Atlanta, GA. So far, my SAT scores, GPA, Transcripts, and AP scores are high. I'm also in a school acapella club, do choir, and have been doing Academic Bowl for the past 3 years. This coming school year, I am going to lead my...

Sam McInnis’s Avatar
Sam M. May 29, 2018 612 views

Who is/are the best person(s) to ask for written recommendation letters for law school admissions?

#law #law-school #school #lawyer #admissions #lawschooladmissions

Amyah H.’s Avatar
Amyah H. May 25, 2018 354 views

What is something I should expect from medical school admissions counselors when it comes to taking opportunities in my four years as an undergraduate?

What is something that medical school admissions representatives look at more, besides how well you did in your courses? #medschool #premedicine #college #medicine #admissions #counselors #admission-counselors #career-counselors

Brianna T.’s Avatar
Brianna T. May 17, 2018 577 views

What is considered a "good" SAT score to have in order to get into a ivy league?

I got an average score on the SAT but I am well rounded everywhere else. #college #admissions #college-admissions #ivyleague #sat #testing

Emily V.’s Avatar
Emily V. May 16, 2018 425 views

How much more competitive is an Ivy League degree compared to a SUNY degree?

If two candidates are applying for the same job, will the one with the Ivy League School degree get it over the SUNY degree applicant? #degrees #college #ivy-league #SUNY #admissions #college-admissions

Jade M.’s Avatar
Jade M. May 16, 2018 464 views

What kind of medical-related jobs are med schools looking for?

I hope to go to medical school after I graduate. I know there is a lot that medical schools want to see on your application even before you apply. I have heard from some other med students that you need to have some form of job experience or volunteer experience in a hospital with patients. I...

Ruth C.’s Avatar
Ruth C. May 08, 2018 526 views

Is there a way to find grants for adult women returning to college?

I am a #50yearold woman returning to college to get my Bachelor's in #HealthCare #Management. #nontraditional #nontraditional-student #college #admissions #college-admissions #grants #scholarships #financial-aid

Josie C.’s Avatar
Josie C. May 08, 2018 492 views

Does my ethnic background play a role in whether or not I get accepted?

I am asking about ethnicity because I am a white, female, however, I have Cherokee Indian on my grandfather's side of the family. I have no idea how to prove it; or what route to take. Is it even needed? Would it help getting admitted as a mixed ethnicity? #Cherokee #admitme #financial-aid...

Ashley B.’s Avatar
Ashley B. Apr 29, 2018 419 views

What makes a high school student more appealing for college admission?

I’m a high school junior, and I’ll be applying to a few colleges this summer. However, my school officials haven’t told my class about the application process, and I would like to know how to make myself more appealing to the college admissions department. #admissions #college-advice...

Shugufa M.’s Avatar
Shugufa M. Apr 28, 2018 514 views

What things can I do during pursuing my bachelor's degree to improve my chances of getting accepted into medical school?

I am asking this question because I would appreciate all the advice that I can get on this question. I don't have anyone that can really guide me in this whole process, and some advice on the route that I should take would really help. #medicine #doctor #med-school #medical-school #pre-med...

Abdirasaq A.’s Avatar
Abdirasaq A. Apr 27, 2018 520 views

What is the most important thing medical schools look for besides your GPA or MCAT?

I have all of these options and I know I need to do something to show on my application. It is nice to be involved and well rounded. #medicine #med-school -school #doctor #admissions #college-admissions