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Career Questions tagged Schools

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Nadia Apr 12 126 views

Colleges to Consider

I am a sophomore in high school and I was wondering what schools would be great if you want to take the Pediatric route and which schools should I avoid?

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Tracey Apr 16, 2021 452 views

Advice about colleges?

#high-school #schools #college

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Jacob Apr 16, 2021 254 views

How can i do community service hours here for school?

#schools #community service

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Nicholas Mar 18, 2021 256 views

What supplies should i have to attend marketing school?

#school #schools #Supplies

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JWILLY Mar 17, 2021 282 views

What are the best classes to take to become a broadcast news analyst.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said I should be a broadcast news analyst. #broadcast-journalism #sports-journalism #broadcast #schools

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Braden Mar 10, 2021 282 views

About how long does it take you to become an animator?

#graduate-school I need this for a school assignment. #school #schools #high-school-classes

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Sienna Dec 21, 2020 428 views

What is a good school to go to for veterinary classes?

I am am a sophomore at box elder high school. I have always loved working with animals and i want to continue working with them. I want to know what is a good collage to go to. #veterinary #vet #collage #schools

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Weixuan Nov 28, 2020 279 views

What is the word limit for UC personal insight questions?

#schools #college # real life # college life # apply # AVID # SAT

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Kayden Nov 05, 2020 207 views

change school in college

If we go to a college that you assumed that you liked can you switch to a different school or do you have to go through the year to switch #schools

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daniel Oct 28, 2020 277 views

What is the best school to attend to?

#schools # jobs
#classes #graduate-school #fireman

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jay Oct 27, 2020 216 views

is being a school principal something hard to do. Also is the job worth it? how much do you get paid? #school principal

#School Principle #schools

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Mason Oct 26, 2020 263 views

how hard do you have to try at school to be a dentist

#school #college #schools #high-school-classes

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Jazmine Oct 19, 2020 234 views

How long do you have to be in school

#schools #high-school-classes

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Devon Oct 12, 2020 391 views

What are the top rated PsyD programs in the USA

What are the top APA accredited PsyD programs in the US. #PsyD #psychology #psychologist #schools #apa #doctoral #programs #clinicalpsychology


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Dylan Oct 07, 2020 249 views

what trade school should I go into?

#schools #school

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Daniela Aug 21, 2020 318 views

What was your favorite part of being in medical school?

#medical-school #graduate-school #schools #high-school-classes #school

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Daniela Aug 21, 2020 336 views

Whats the most important thing you have learned from medical school?

#high-school #school #schools #medicine #medical #medicalfield

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Catherine Jul 31, 2020 564 views

What the key differences between undergraduate and graduate school?

I'm a current undergraduate student who will be graduating in the spring (if things go according to plan), and while graduate school wasn't originally part of my plan, it's something I've begun considering. I've found that there seems to be less advice out there regarding grad school as opposed...

Aleena’s Avatar
Aleena Jul 29, 2020 512 views

Should I dual enroll in a community college in high school to receive an Associate's degree?

#high-school #high-school-students #high-school-classes #JULY20 #advice #schools #summer

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Jessica Jul 28, 2020 288 views

Is sonography school competitive?

#sonogram #schools

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olive Jul 27, 2020 490 views

What is the best thing a sophomore in high school can do to start preparing for college?

I’m going into my second year of high school and want to make sure I do everything I can to have a solid application for colleges. I have a 4.3, I do service every week, I am also a dancer and run cross country. What would you recommend? #high-school #college #sophmore #schools...

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Karoline Jul 22, 2020 266 views

how many years of school do you need to be a PA?

im a junior in highschool #school #schools

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Chloe Jul 17, 2020 418 views

What can I do virtually to build up my OT grad school application?

Hi! I hoping to study OT in the future for grad school. However, due to COVID-19, I am not planning to volunteer at the hospital or old folks home. May I know what other things I can do virtually to build up a stronger OT grad school application? Thank you and I hope you are all staying safe!...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 03, 2019 389 views

What’s different ways to better gain funding for school

#jobs #career #schools

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Kaylyn Aug 14, 2018 374 views

How do I know which school is for me ?

I visited many schools over the summer to prep pare for graduations and I’m not sure how I’ll know which school is the best for me ? #schools

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Aug 01, 2018 533 views

Are there any schools that have a merge program from occupational therapy to prosthetic?

Are there any schools that have a merge program from occupational therapy to prosthetic or undergraduate to a master program in prosthetic. #programs #schools #therapy #occupational-therapy #prosthetics

Noemi’s Avatar
Noemi Jul 19, 2018 387 views

What schools in California are known for their psychology program?

I want to attend undergraduate school in California and am considering majoring in psychology. What schools (private and/or public) have amazing psychology programs? #school #psychology #schools

Ritu’s Avatar
Ritu Jun 12, 2018 471 views

What majors are accepted for Medical School?

When applying to Medical School, there is tons of majors one could have. For example, you could major in human anatomy, or biochemistry, or bio medicine. Which type of major best assures you with the knowledge needed for the MCAT?
#schools #majors #college #classes #medicalschool

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle May 18, 2016 581 views

What's the best interning program to be involved in if you're interested in a biology/medical major at the high school level?

I'm just wondering what is best as I know high school years are vital. #internships #schools

Krista’s Avatar
Krista May 17, 2016 696 views

What are some important things to remember trying to stay motivated through many years of schooling?

I am an undergraduate student hoping to attend optometry school after graduation. All together, I will be in school for 8 years. Sometimes I find it difficult to stay motivated, as I feel I still have so much more to go through before I finally reach my career path. #college #schools